July 2009 New Books

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BF 173 .L14413 2008
My teaching / Jacques Lacan. 
BJ 1251 .S38 2007
Love that does justice / Thomas L. Schubeck.    
BJ 1533 .P5 P39 2008
Understanding philanthropy : its meaning and mission / Robert L. Payton and Michael P. Moody.  
BL 240.3 .R63 2008
Evangelicals and science / Michael Roberts.  
BL 600 .R5775 2008
Ritual and its consequences : an essay on the limits of sincerity / Adam B.  Seligman … [et al.].  
BQ 4570 .N48 W35 2007
Contemplative science : where Buddhism and neuroscience converge / B. Alan Wallace.     
BQ 7935 .B774 U56 2006
The universe in a single atom : the convergence of science and spirituality / His  Holiness the Dalai Lama.  
BQ 882 .K47 2008
Wake up : a life of the Buddha / prepared by Jack Kerouac ; introduction by Robert A. F. Thurman.  
BR 145.3 .H57 2007
A history of Christianity in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, 1450-1990 : a documentary sourcebook / edited by Klaus Koschorke.
BR 65 .C952 E5 2009
Festal letters 1-12 / St. Cyril of Alexandria ; translated by Philip R. Amidon.
BT 695.5 .H34 2008
Towards a theology of the environment / Paul Haffner.  
BT 732 .E453 2007
Radical grace : how belief in a benevolent God benefits our health / J. Harold Ellens.  
BT 887 .O47 2003
Will Catholics be “left behind”? : a Catholic critique of the rapture and today’s prophecy preachers / Carl E. Olson.  
BV 4817 .B45213 1996
On the love of God and other selected writings / St. Bernard of Clairvaux.
BX 2350.65 .S749 2008
Common sense spirituality : the essential wisdom of David Steindl-Rast / David Steindl-Rast.  
BX 4700 .B5 E89 2000
Bernard of Clairvaux / G.R. Evans.    
BX 4705 .D283 A3 2008
The duty of delight : the diaries of Dorothy Day / edited by Robert Ellsberg.   


DS 79.76 .A584 2008
Antiquities under siege : cultural heritage protection after the Iraq war / edited by Lawrence Rothfield.  

E 184 .I6 C34 2008
Ireland’s New Worlds : immigrants, politics, and society in the United States and Australia, 1815-1922 / Malcolm Campbell. 

E 185.86 .W438689 2008
Ain’t I a feminist? : African American men speak out on fatherhood, friendship, forgiveness, and freedom / Aaronette M. White.  


F 1408.3 .C44 2007
Reframing Latin America : a cultural theory reading of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries / Erik Ching, Christina Buckley, and Angélica Lozano-Alonso.  
F 3429 .L17 2008
Domination without dominance : Inca-Spanish encounters in early colonial Peru / Gonzalo Lamana.  


GB 5014 .D48 2008
The end : natural disasters, manmade catastrophes, and the future of human survival / Marq de Villiers.  
GE 197 .N38 2009
Natural protest : essays on the history of American environmentalism / edited by Michael Egan and Jeff Crane.  
GE 42 .B465 2007
Ecological ethics and the human soul : Aquinas, Whitehead, and the metaphysics of value / Francisco J. Benzoni.  
GF 13 .H48 2007
Encountering nature : toward an environmental culture / Thomas Heyd.    
GF 41 .D42 2009
The power of place : geography, destiny, and globalization’s rough landscape / Harm de Blij.  
GN 659 .K4 W34 2007
Female circumcision : the interplay of religion, culture, and gender in Kenya / Mary Nyangweso Wangila.  
GV 706.5 .Q85 2009
Sports and their fans : the history, economics and culture of the relationship between spectator and sport / Kevin G. Quinn.  


HB 139 .K45 2008
A guide to econometrics / Peter Kennedy.   6th ed.  
HB 1531 .M34 2009
The age of aging : how demographics are changing the global economy and our world / George Magnus.  
HB 715 .E46 2008
Transmitting inequality : wealth and the American family / Yuval Elmelech.  
HB 801 .D86 2008
Identifying consumption : subjects and objects in consumer society / Robert G. Dunn.     
HC 110 .P6 E24 2008
The poverty of “the poverty rate” : measure and mismeasure of want in modern America / by Nicholas Eberstadt.  
HC 125 .B52 2008
Fair growth : economic policies for Latin America’s poor and middle income majority / Nancy Birdsall, Augusto de la Torre, Rachel Menezes.  
HC 430 .I5 I54 2008
Inequality and public policy in China / edited by Björn A. Gustafsson, Li Shi, Terry Sicular.  
HC 79 .W4 G67 2009
Global poverty and individual responsibility / Abigail Gosselin.  
HD 30.19 .R67 2007
The halo effect– and the eight other business delusions that deceive managers / Phil Rosenzweig.  
HD 31 .A4118 2008
Complete MBA for dummies.   2nd ed. / by Kathleen Allen and Peter Economy.    
HD 3616 .U47 R47 2008
Retooling for growth : building a 21st century economy in America’s older industrial areas / Richard M. McGahey, Jennifer S. Vey, editors.  
HD 3850 .P737 2008
Privatization : successes and failures / edited by Gérard Roland ; foreword by Joseph E. Stiglitz.     
HD 5325 .M63 1913 C736 2008
Killing for coal : America’s deadliest labor war / Thomas G. Andrews.  
HD 57.7 .G87 2008
Leadership and the sexes : using gender science to create success in business / Michael Gurian, with Barbara Annis.  
HD 57.7 C354 2008
Positive leadership : strategies for extraordinary performance / Kim Cameron.  
HD 58.8 .M349 2006
Organization development : principles, processes, performance / Gary N. McLean.  
HD 60 .Y86 2007
Creating a world without poverty : social business and the future of capitalism / Muhammad Yunus with Karl Weber.  
HD 6658.5 .E76 2008
European unions : labor’s quest for a transnational democracy / Roland Erne.  
HD 6971 .V64 2008
An introduction to the sociology of work and occupations / Rudi Volti.  
HD 7091 .O62 2008
Privatizing pensions : the transnational campaign for social security reform / Mitchell A. Orenstein.  
HD 9502 .U52 M395 2008
Caribou and Conoco : rethinking environmental politics in Alaska’s ANWR and beyond / Robert J. McMonagle.  
HD 9685 .U5 K46 2009
Deregulation, innovation and market liberalization : electricity regulation in a continually evolving environment / L. Lynne Kiesling.  
HE 9713 .H36 2008
Handbook of mobile communication studies / edited by James E. Katz.  
HF 5381 .M2785 2009
Maintaining focus, energy, and options over the career / edited by S. Gayle Baugh and Sherry E. Sullivan.   Charlotte, NC : IAP, c2009.  
HF 5415.5 .H585 2009
Tactical transparency : how leaders can leverage social media to maximize value and build their brand / Shel Holtz, John C. Havens.
HG 181 .M283 2008
Mindful economics : how the U.S. economy works, why it matters, and how it could be different / Joel Magnuson.  
HG 3290.6 .A8 G73 2008
Small loans, big dreams : how Nobel peace prize winner Muhammad Yunus and microfinance are changing the world / Alex Counts.  
HQ 1410 .L378 2009
Living with history/making social change / Gerda Lerner.  
HQ 536 .C718 2008
Gender and families / Scott Coltrane and Michele Adams.  
HQ 759.915 .C65 2009
The best kept secret : single Black fathers / Roberta L. Coles.  
HQ 799.97 .U6 P75 2007
The price of independence : the economics of early adulthood / Sheldon Danziger and Cecilia Elena Rouse, editors.  
HT 153 .M316 2008
Pathways through crisis : urban risk and public culture / Carl A. Maida.  
HT 241 .G76 2008
Growing greener cities : urban sustainability in the twenty first century / edited by Eugenie L. Birch and Susan M. Wachter.  
HV 636 2005 .N4 S44 2008
Seeking higher ground : the Hurricane Katrina crisis, race, and public policy reader / edited by Manning Marable and Kristen Clarke.  
HV 8694 .M327 2008
Capital punishment / Alan Marzilli.  


K 5278 .W47 2004

Ecoviolence and the law : supranational normative foundations of ecocrime / by Laura Westra.  
KF 480 .H365 2008
Rights of the disabled / David M. Haugen, with Susan Musser and Andrea DeMott.    
KF 9685 .H83 2009
Sentencing sex offenders / David L. Hudson Jr.  

L —  EDUCATION                                 

LB 1027.5 .W29 2009
Helping at-risk students : a group counseling approach for grades 6-9 / Jill Waterman, Elizabeth Walker. 
LB 1028.43 .L563 2007
Preparing for blended e-learning / Allison Littlejohn and Chris Pegler.  
LB 1050.5 .C536 2007
Children’s comprehension problems in oral and written language : a cognitive perspective / edited by Kate Cain and Jane Oakhill.  
LB 1137 .F76 2009
From children to red hatters : diverse images and issues of play / edited by David Kuschner.    
LB 1775 .S72 2002
Stories of the courage to teach : honoring the teacher’s heart / [edited by] Sam M. Intrator ; foreword by Parker J. Palmer.  
LB 2361 .I488 2009
Interdisciplinary learning and teaching in higher education : theory and practice / edited by Balasubramanyam Chandramohan and Steve Fallows.  
LB 2368 .R47 2007
Rethinking assessment in higher education : learning for the longer term / edited by David Boud and Nancy Falchikov.  
LB 2825 .O25 2009
The Obama education plan : an Education week guide.  
LB 3060.83 .F65 2009
Teaching for intellectual and emotional learning (TIEL) : a model for creating powerful curriculum / Christy Folsom.  
LC 1039 .C43 2009
Challenging boundaries : managing the integration of post secondary education / edited by Neil Garrod and Bruce Macfarlane.  
LC 1090 .S74 2009
Educating global citizens in colleges and universities : challenges and opportunities / Peter N. Stearns. 
LC 148.15 .C76 2008
Improving student retention in higher education : the role of teaching and learning / edited by Glenda Crosling, Liz Thomas and Margaret Heagney.  
LC 191.94 .D58 2008
The diversity challenge : social identity and intergroup relations on the college campus / Jim Sidanius … [et al.].  
LC 3715 .L47 2009
The foundations of dual language instruction / Judith Lessow-Hurley.   5th ed.  
LC 3731 .C3429 2006
7 steps to success in dual language immersion : a brief guide for teachers and administrators / Lore Carrera-Carrillo & Annette Rickert Smith.   Portsmouth, NH : Heinemann, c2006.  
LC 3969 .G65 2009
Never too old to teach : how middle aged wisdom can transform young minds in the classroom / Neil M. Goldman.  
LC 4019 .I49 2005
Individualized supports for students with problem behaviors : designing positive behavior plans / [edited by] Linda M. Bambara, Lee Kern.  
LC 4704.5 .G74 2009
Adolescents and adults with learning disabilities and ADHD : assessment and accommodation / Noël Gregg ; foreword by Donald D. Deshler.  
LC 5800 .E28 2008
Economics of distance and online learning : theory, practice, and research / edited by William J. Bramble and Santosh Panda.     
LC 67.6 .G68 2007
Higher education and sustainable development : paradox and possibility / Stephen Gough and William Scott.  


M 1630.18 .B457 1981

The big bands songbook / compilation and text by George T. Simon.  

NK 3600 .M3913 1996
Calligraphy : from calligraphy to abstract painting / Claude Mediavilla
NX 584 .C36 2008
The Japanese arts and self-cultivation / Robert E. Carter.


PC 4115 .F55 1988
First Spanish reader : a beginner’s dual language book / edited by Angel Flores.   

PE 1128 .A2 L384 2007
Undergraduates in a second language : challenges and complexities of academic literacy development / Ilona Leki.  
PE 1404 .C68 2008
Creative approaches to writing center work / edited by Kevin Dvorak, Shanti Bruce.  
PN 849 .B462 A68 2007
An anthology of Belizean literature : English, Creole, Spanish, Garifuna / edited by Víctor Manuel Durán.  
PQ 1842 .A435 1984
Moliere’s Tartuffe, or, The impostor / translated by Christopher Hampton.  
PQ 2678 .E955 A88135 1997
Art’ / Yasmina Reza ; translated by Christopher Hampton.  
PQ 6177 .A64 2009
An anthology of nineteenth-century women’s poetry from Spain : in English translation, with original text / introduction by Susan Kirkpatrick.
PQ 6623 .A3 C313 2007
Fields of castile = Campos de castilla : a dual language book / Antonio Machado ; edited and translated by Stanley Appelbaum.  
PQ 7082 .N7 T36 2008
The inner life of mestizo nationalism / Estelle Tarica.   Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2008.  
PR 1583 .C48 2006
Beowulf. English & English (Old English).   Beowulf : a dual language edition
PR 5818 .I2 1999
An ideal husband / Oscar Wilde.   
PR 6005 .R694 B64 1967
Boeing-Boeing : a farce in two acts / by Marc Camoletti.
PR 6037 .H23 A8 2001
Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus : a play / with an introduction by the director Sir Peter Hall and a wholly new preface by the author.  
PR 6037 .H23 E6 1973b
Equus : a play in two acts / by Peter Shaffer.   New York : Samuel French, c1973.  
PR 9333.9 .K38 L37 2001
The Laramie project / by Moisés Kaufman and the members of Tectonic Theater Project.  
PS 1861 .A1 2007
The house of the seven gables / Nathaniel Hawthorne
PS 3521 .E735 O5 2008
On the road : the original scroll / Jack Kerouac.
PS 3537 .I663 R8 1990
Rumors : a farce / by Neil Simon.  
PS 3551 .U28 P7 2001
Proof : a play / by David Auburn.  
PS 3554 .E535 P73 2001
Practical gods / Carl Dennis.     
PS 3558 .E63 G6 2008
God Emperor of Dune / Frank Herbert ; with a new introduction by Brian Herbert.  
PS 3563 .A4345 S4 1978
Sexual perversity in Chicago ; and, The duck variations : two plays / by David Mamet.  
PS 3566 .L27 B4 2006
The bell jar / Sylvia Plath.
PS 3569 .H3324 F6 1997
For colored girls who have considered suicide, when the rainbow is enuf : a choreopoem / Ntozake Shange.  
PS 3569 .H394 T75 1981
True west / by Sam Shepard.  
PS 3612 .A28 R43 2008
Reasons to be pretty : a play / by Neil Labute.  
PS 3618 .U48 C57 2006
The clean house and other plays / Sarah Ruhl.  
PS 3618 .U48 D43 2008
Dead man’s cell phone / Sarah Ruhl.  
PT 8868 .A334 2000
Hedda Gabler / by Henrik Ibsen


Q 180.55 .D57 C64 2008
Cathedrals of science : the personalities and rivalries that made modern chemistry / Patrick Coffey.  
Q 180.55 .M67 M327 2009
Researching with integrity : the ethics of academic enquiry / Bruce Macfarlane.  
QA 402 .M425 2008
Thinking in systems : a primer / Donella H. Meadows.
QC 16 .O62 W65 2008
A life in twilight : the final years of J. Robert Oppenheimer / Mark Wolverton.    
QH 102 .A75 2008
Aridland springs in North America : ecology and conservation / edited by Lawrence E. Stevens and Vicky J. Meretsky.
QH 326 .M45 2008
Amino acids and the asymmetry of life : caught in the act of formation / Uwe Meierhenrich.
QH 588 .S83 P48 2008
Sacred cells? : why Christians should support stem cell research / Ted Peters, Karen Lebacqz, and Gaymon Bennett.  
QH 81 .K5 1941
John Kieran’s Nature notes / illustrated by Fritz Kredel.  
QK 31 .H26 S56 2008
On Harper’s trail : Roland McMillan Harper, pioneering botanist of the southern coastal plain / Elizabeth Findley Shores.
QK 717 .L35 2008
Lambers, H.   Plant physiological ecology / Hans Lambers, F. Stuart Chapin III, Thijs L. Pons.  
QL 737 .C424 B67 2008
Wild blue : a natural history of the world’s largest animal / Dan Bortolotti. 
QL 756.55 .S38 2008
Dark banquet : blood and the curious lives of blood feeding creatures / Bill Schutt.


R 726.7 .M43 2009
Medical illness and positive life change : can crisis lead to personal transformation? / edited by Crystal L. Park … [et al.].  
R 727.36 .L96 2008
Conflicts of conscience in health care : an institutional compromise / by Holly Fernandez Lynch.  
RA 395 .A3 L82 2008
Total cure : the antidote to the health care crisis / Harold S. Luft.  
RA 412.3 .A27 2008
Reforming Medicare : options, tradeoffs, and opportunities / Henry J. Aaron, Jeanne M. Lambrew.
RC 424 .E83 2004
Evidence-based treatment of stuttering : empirical bases and clinical applications / edited by Anne K. Bothe.   
RC 443 .T67 2008
The insanity offense : how America’s failure to treat the seriously mentally ill endangers its citizens / E. Fuller Torrey.  
RC 641 .B37 2008
Pale faces : the masks of anemia / Charles L. Bardes ; drawings by Barbara Kilpatrick.  
RD 559 .W42 2009
Acute management of hand injuries / Andrew J. Weiland, Rachel S. Rohde.     
RD 97 .S833 2003
Orthopedic and athletic injury evaluation handbook / Chad Starkey, Jeffrey L. Ryan.  
RJ 496 .L35 B73 2008
Brain, behavior, and learning in language and reading disorders / edited by Maria Mody and Elaine R. Silliman.   
RM 950 .E56 2008
The engineering handbook of smart technology for aging, disability, and independence / edited by Abdelsalam (Sumi) Helal, Mounir Mokhtari, Bessam Abdulrazak.  


SF 538.3 .U6 J33 2008

Fruitless fall : the collapse of the honey bee and the coming agricultural crisis / Rowan Jacobsen.  


TH 880 .C35 2009

Materials for sustainable sites : a complete guide to the evaluation, selection, and use of sustainable construction materials / by Meg Calkins.  
TJ 808 .B56 2008
Biofuels, solar and wind as renewable energy systems : benefits and risks / David Pimentel, editor.  
TX 531 .W688 2008
Swindled : the dark history of food fraud, from poisoned candy to counterfeit coffee / Bee Wilson.   


Z 43 .G697 1989
Calligraphy tips / Bill Gray.         
Z 653.7 .H37 2009
Harris, Lesley Ellen.   Licensing digital content : a practical guide for librarians / Lesley Ellen Harris.     
Z 679.7 .T63 2009
Emergency preparedness for libraries / Julie Todaro.  
Z 695 .Z8 L52375 2009
Magic search : getting the best results from your catalog and beyond / Rebecca S. Kornegay, Heidi E. Buchanan, and Hildegard B. Morgan.  


MEDIA N 6537 .H58 W56 2007

Winslow Homer [videorecording] : society and solitude
MEDIA PN 1995.9 .D6 B3335 2005
Babbleonia [videorecording] : a documentary.  
MEDIA PN 1995.9 .D6 H43 2007
Hearts of darkness [videorecording] : a filmmaker’s apocalypse.                                   
MEDIA PN 1995.9 .M45 C456474 2005
Chinese coffee [videorecording]
MEDIA PN 1995.9 .M45 L6335 2005
The local stigmatic [videorecording]
MEDIA PN 1997 .S6468 2004
Smooth talk [videorecording]
MEDIA PR 2821 .A23 P3335 2005
Looking for Richard [videorecording]
MEDIA TR 654 .H86 2000
The hungry eye [videorecording] : Walker Evans.  


CTE LB 2324 .C49 2006
Encouraging authenticity and spirituality in higher education / Arthur W. Chickering, Jon C. Dalton and Liesa Stamm.
CTE LC 196 .V46 2008
On teaching and learning : putting the principles and practices of dialogue education into action / Jane Vella.


REF Z 731 .A47 2009
Library and book trade almanac.

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