October 2009 New Books

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B 765 .T54 C4613 2005
A short history of Thomism / Romanus Cessario.
B 804 .R68 2008
The Routledge companion to twentieth-century philosophy / edited by Dermot Moran.
BF 1031 .P325 2009
The paranormal / edited by Kenneth Partridge.
BF 327 .A84 2008
Attitudes and attitude change / edited by William D. Crano and Radmila Prislin.
BF 561 .H35 2008
Handbook of emotions / edited by Michael Lewis, Jeannette M. Haviland-Jones, and Lisa Feldman Barrett. 3rd ed.
BF 575 .L7 C23 2009
Loneliness : human nature and the need for social connection / John T. Cacioppo and William Patrick.
BF 637 .N46 K39 2009
Understanding NLP : strategies for better workplace communication– without the jargon / Frances Kay and Neilson Kite.
BF 719 .E95 2009
Evidence-based practice in infant and early childhood psychology / edited by Barbara A. Mowder, Florence Rubinson, Anastasia E. Yasik.
BJ 1249 .C78 2008
Catholic moral theology in the United States : a history / Charles E. Curran.
BJ 1401 .S82 2006
Overcoming our evil : human nature and spiritual exercises in Xunzi and Augustine / Aaron Stalnaker.
BR 115 .H6 G67 2006
Queering Christ : beyond Jesus acted up / Robert E. Goss. Eugene, OR : Resource Publications, c2006.
BR 165 .C48 1993
The early church / Henry Chadwick. Rev. ed.
BR 563 .H57 I83 2006
Hispanic women–prophetic voice in the church = Mujer hispana–voz profética en la iglesia / Ada María Isasi-Díaz, Yolanda Tarango.
BS 192.2 .A1 1964 .G3 V. 24F 2009
Nahum : a new translation with introduction and commentary / Duane L. Christensen.
BS 476 .R42 1993
Reading from this place / Fernando F. Segovia and Mary Ann Tolbert, editors. .
BS 575 .G35 1994
Images of faith : spirituality of women in the Old Testament / Judette A. Gallares.
BS 680 .P64 R87 2007
Prayer / Joyce Rupp.
BT 198 .G67 1989
White women’s Christ and Black women’s Jesus : feminist Christology and womanist response / Jacquelyn Grant.
BT 203 .T55 2008
The disciples’ Jesus : christology as reconciling practice / Terrence W. Tilley
BT 30 .A35 O76 2008
Theology brewed in an African pot / Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator.
BT 732.7 .T76 1993
A Troubling in my soul : womanist perspectives on evil and suffering / edited by Emilie M. Townes.
BT 83.55 .R6713 2006
Through her eyes : women’s theology from Latin America / edited by Elsa Tamez.
BV 5075 .M45 1994
Meister Eckhart and the Beguine mystics : Hadewijch of Brabant, Mechthild of Magdeburg, and Marguerite Porete / edited by Bernard McGinn.
BV 5075 .S83 2000
Mystics of the Renaissance and their relation to modern thought : including Meister Eckhart, Tauler, Paracelsus, Jacob Boehme, Giordano Bruno, and others / by Rudolf Steiner … authorized translation from the German by Bertram Keightley.
BX 1397 .P76 2009
Prophetic witness : Catholic women’s strategies for reform / Colleen M. Griffith, editor.
BX 1536 .S65 2008
Hitler’s priests : Catholic clergy and national socialism / Kevin P. Spicer.
BX 1793 .K73 2009
The public order and the sacred order : contemporary issues, Catholic social thought, and the western and American traditions / Stephen M. Krason.
BX 1968 .M37 2008
The nature, tasks and scope of the Catechetical Ministry : a digest of recent church documents / Rev. Berard L. Marthaler, with a foreword by Most Reverend Donald W. Wuerl.
BX 2215.3 .B37 2008
Eucharist / Robert Barron.
BX 2350.65 .O43 2008
Holiness / William J. O’Malley.
BX 2350.7 .M47 1987
Spiritual direction & meditation / by Thomas Merton.
BX 4705 .N5 S83 2008
Newman 101 : an introduction to the life and philosophy of John Cardinal Newman / Roderick Strange.
BX 830 1962 .V3725 2008
Vatican II : renewal within tradition / edited by Matthew L. Lamb and Matthew Levering.
BX 830 1962 .W47 2007
Vatican II : a sociological analysis of religious change / Melissa J. Wilde.
BX 8611 .L3 2009
The foundations of Mormonism : a study of the fundamental facts in the history and doctrines of the Mormons from original sources / by William Earl La Rue ; with introd. by Alfred Williams Anthony.


D 790.252 322nd .F73 2008
The Tuskegee airmen : the men who changed a nation / by Charles E. Francis ; edited, revised, up-dated and enlarged by Adolph Caso. 5th commemorative ed. with class pictures.
DA 910 .J3 1971
Ireland her own : an outline history of the Irish struggle for national freedom and independence / by T.A. Jackson. [1st ed. reprinted] ; edited and with an epilogue by C. Desmond Greaves.
DS 35.63 .I87 2008
The Islamic world / [edited by] Andrew Rippin.
DS 63.1 .N373 2009
Forces of fortune : the rise of the new Muslim middle class and what it will mean for our world / Vali Nasr.
DT 2990 .F85 2003
Don’t let’s go to the dogs tonight : an African childhood / Alexandra Fuller.
DT 948 .C3 1967
Civil War in Rhodesia : abduction, torture, and death in the counter insurgency campaign, a report / compiled by the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Rhodesia.


E 184 .A1 H415 2010
Race, ethnicity, gender, and class : the sociology of group conflict and change / Joseph F. Healey. 5th ed., election update.
E 185.86 .R537 2007
Black masculinity and the U.S. South : from Uncle Tom to gangsta / Riché Richardson.
E 99 .H79 C73 2009
At Standing Rock and Wounded Knee : the journals and papers of Father Francis M. Craft, 1888-1890 / edited and annotated by Thomas W. Foley ; foreword by Michael F. Steltenkamp.
F 1124 .A85 K46 2009
The slender thread : Irish women on the southern Avalon, 1750-1860 / Willeen Keough.


GF 656 .E48 2004
The retreat of the elephants : an environmental history of China / Mark Elvin.
GN 345.6 .T48 2006
Barnga : a simulation game on culture clashes / Sivasailam “Thiagi” Thiagarajan with Raja Thiagarajan. 25th anniversary ed., Rev. and enhanced.
GV 413 .T78 2007
The new cathedrals : politics and media in the history of stadium construction / Robert C. Trumpbour.
GV 706.35 .G46 2006
The athletic crusade : sport and American cultural imperialism / Gerald R. Gems.
GV 863 .A1 J69 2008
Baseball in crisis : spiraling costs, bad behavior, uncertain future / Frank P. Jozsa, Jr.
GV 865 .A1 C66 2002
Blackball, the Black Sox, and the Babe : baseball’s crucial 1920 season / Robert C. Cottrell.
GV 865 .J29 F54 2001
Shoeless : the life and times of Joe Jackson / by David L. Fleitz.


HA 31.2 .I565 2008
International handbook of survey methodology / [edited by] Edith D. de Leeuw, Joop J. Hox, Don A. Dillman.
HD 30.3 .C52 2010
Communicating for managerial effectiveness : problems, strategies, solutions / Phillip G. Clampitt. 4th ed.
HD 57.7 .B4577 2009
The essential Bennis / Warren Bennis ; with Patricia Ward Biederman .
HD 57.7 .K6818 2006
The leadership challenge workshop : participant’s workbook / James M. Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner. 3rd ed, rev.
HD 7269 .P4 F85 2009
The legend of Colton H. Bryant / Alexandra Fuller.
HD 9696.8 .U64 G6665 2008
Google / Virginia Scott.
HD 9710 .U52 H39 2009
The automobile and American life / John A. Heitmann.
HD 992 .Z63 L35 2007
House of stone : the true story of a family divided in war torn Zimbabwe / Christina Lamb.
HF 5415.13 .M369159 2009
Marketing accountability : how to measure marketing effectiveness / Malcolm McDonald and Peter Mouncey.
HF 5415.32 .S596 2009
Social psychology of consumer behavior / edited by Michaela Wänke.
HF 5415.33 .U6 C23 2009
Longing and belonging : parents, children, and consumer culture / Allison J. Pugh.
HF 5438.25 .D46 2009
Successful selling skills / Richard Denny.
HF 5549.5 .M5 K63 2009
Corporate tribalism : white men/white women and cultural diversity at work / Thomas Kochman and Jean Mavrelis.
HF 5616 .U5 C575 2009
Called to account : fourteen financial frauds that shaped the American accounting profession / Paul M. Clikeman.
HG 3881 .D3287 2009
How the global financial markets really work : the definitive guide to understanding international investment and money flows / Alexander Davidson.
HM 1106 .S67 2008
Handbook of relationship initiation / Susan Sprecher, Amy Wenzel, and John Harvey.
HM 1116 .R36 2006
Argumentative and aggressive communication : theory, research, and application / Andrew S. Rancer, Theodore A. Avtgis.
HM 1221 .L47 2008
Public relations : concepts, practice and critique / Jacquie L’Etang.
HM 1221 .N47 2007
New media and public relations / Sandra C. Duhé, editor. New York : Peter Lang, c2007.
HM 48 .K9 2009
InterViews : learning the craft of qualitative research interviewing / Steinar Kvale, Svend Brinkmann. 2nd ed.
HM 646 .G56 2008
Globalizing the streets : cross cultural perspectives on youth, social control, and empowerment / Michael Flynn and David C. Brotherton, editors.
HM 821 .O67 2004
Oppression, privilege, and resistance : theoretical perspectives on racism, sexism, and heterosexism / [edited by] Lisa Heldke, Peg O’Connor.
HN 90 .M3 C76 2003
Media society : industries, images, and audiences / David Croteau, William Hoynes. 3rd ed.
HQ 1075 .B73 2007
Gender / Harriet Bradley.
HQ 12 .T3 1973
Sex in history / G. Rattray Taylor.
HQ 1421 .Y588 2009
You’ve come a long way, baby : women, politics, and popular culture / edited by Lilly J. Goren
HQ 1784 .S18 2007
The hidden face of Eve : women in the Arab world / Nawal el Saadawi ; translated and edited by Sherif Hetata
HQ 27 .S67 1973
Adolescent sexuality in contemporary America: personal values and sexual behavior, ages, thirteen to nineteen / Robert C. Sorensen.
HQ 734 .M3872 2009
Marriage and family : perspectives and complexities / edited by H. Elizabeth Peters and Claire M. Kamp Dush.
HQ 766.5 .D44 G65 2009
The means of reproduction : sex, power, and the future of the world / Michelle Goldberg.
HQ 799.7 .L45 2009
Daughters of Aquarius : women of the sixties counterculture / Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo.
HS 2330 .A6 D5 2009
The A.P.A. movement / Humphrey Joseph Desmond.
HV 45 .S84 2009
Strength and diversity in social work with groups : Think Group / edited by Carol S. Cohen, Michael H. Phillips and Meredith Hanson.
HV 4915 .M65 2009
Animal experimentation : a guide to the issues / Vaughan Monamy. 2nd ed.
HV 555 .A3 W47 2001
Agents of altruism : the expansion of humanitarian NGOs in Rwanda and Afghanistan / Katarina West.
HV 6024.5 .B32 2008
Fundamentals of research in criminology and criminal justice / Ronet Bachman, Russell K. Schutt.
HV 6025 .F47 2008
Cultural criminology : an invitation / Jeff Ferrell, Keith Hayward, Jock Young.
HV 6047 .R334 2008
The criminal brain : understanding biological theories of crime / Nicole Rafter.
HV 6191 .G33 2007
Criminological perspectives on race and crime / Shaun L. Gabbidon.
HV 6250.4 .W65 W6616 2009
Women, violence, and the media : readings in feminist criminology / edited by Drew Humphries.
HV 6477 .A38 2007
Race, space, and riots in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles / Janet L. Abu-Lughod.
HV 6626.3 .D35 2004
Elder abuse prevention : evidence-based practice guideline / Jeanette M. Daly.
HV 741 .R415 2008
Teens in crisis : how the industry serving struggling teens helps and hurts our kids / Frederic G. Reamer and Deborah H. Siegel.
HV 873 .B76 2009
Growing up in the care of strangers : the experiences, insights and recommendations of eleven former foster kids/ compiled and edited by Waln K. Brown and John R. Seita.
HV 875.5 .J33 2008
Culture keeping : white mothers, international adoption, and the negotiation of family difference / Heather Jacobson.
HV 875.55 .H47 2008
Kinship by design : a history of adoption in the modern United States / Ellen Herman.
HV 875.64 .S5578 2009
In their siblings’ voices : white non adopted siblings talk about their experiences being raised with black and biracial brothers and sisters / Rita J. Simon and Rhonda M. Roorda.
HV 8836.5 .L46 2009
Substance-abusing offenders : bringing the family into focus / Catherine Lemieux.
HV 9950 .M87 2009
Visions for change : crime and justice in the twenty first century / Roslyn Muraskin and Albert R. Roberts. 5th ed.
HV 9960 .G7 P83 2009
Public opinion and criminal justice / edited by Jane Wood and Theresa Gannon.


JA 85 .M433 2008
Media power, media politics / edited by Mark J. Rozell and Jeremy D. Mayer. 2nd ed.
JK 1968 2008 .A54 2009
The American elections of 2008 / edited by Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier and Steven E. Schier.
JK 2281 .M365 2009
Going dirty : the art of negative campaigning / David Mark. Updated ed.
JK 276 2008 .A19 2009
The 2008 presidential campaign : a communication perspective / edited by Robert E. Denton
JK 468 .I6 G663 2008
Failure of intelligence : the decline and fall of the CIA / Melvin A. Goodman.
JK 516 .S435 2009
Madison’s nightmare : how executive power threatens American democracy / Peter M. Shane.
JK 526 2008 .C43 2009
Epic journey : the 2008 elections and American politics / James W. Ceaser, Andrew E. Busch, and John J. Pitney, Jr.
JV 6465 .I4755 2009
Immigration in the United States / edited by William Dvorak.
JZ 5538 .S747 2005
Subcontracting peace : the challenges of the NGO peacebuilding / edited by Oliver P. Richmond, Henry F. Carey.


KF 228 .G78 P47 2007
The Michigan affirmative action cases / Barbara A. Perry.
KF 4550 .K65 2010
American constitutional law : essays, cases, and comparative notes / Donald P. Kommers, John E. Finn, Gary J. Jacobsohn. 3rd ed.
KF 9223 .K43 1998
Race, crime, and the law / Randall Kennedy.


LB 1028.5 .F35 2009
Delivering e-learning : a complete strategy for design, application and assessment / Kenneth Fee.
LB 1029 .S53 A425 2009
Learning online with games, simulations, and virtual worlds : strategies for online instruction / Clark Aldrich.
LC 1059 .A73 1974
Theory in practice : increasing professional effectiveness / Chris Argyris, Donald A. Schön.
LC 191 .A654 2009
Theory and educational research : toward critical social explanation / Jean Anyon with Michael J. Dumas … [et al.].
LC 4091 .B66 2004
Poverty and schooling in the U.S. : contexts and consequences / Sue Books.
LC 501 .H355 2009
Where is knowing going? : the horizons of the knowing subject / John C. Haughey.


P 94 .H355 2009
The handbook of mass media ethics / edited by Lee Wilkins and Clifford G. Christians.
P 94.5 .A37 R66 2004
Black demons : the media’s depiction of the African American male criminal stereotype / Dennis Rome.
P 96 .C74 M37 2009
Crime, justice and the media / Ian Marsh and Gaynor Melville.
PN 2595.13 .E97 G73 2009
The Frantic Assembly book of devising theatre / Scott Graham and Steven Hoggett.
PN 4784 .R2 S73 2009
Radio journalism / Guy Starkey and Andrew Crisell.
PN 6727 .M2476 A77 2009
Asterios Polyp / David Mazzucchelli.
PR 2751 .A15 2001
The Applause first folio of Shakespeare in modern type / designed, prepared, annotated by Neil Freeman.
PR 6056 .L4 Z57 1987
Bond and beyond : the political career of a popular hero / Tony Bennett and Janet Woollacott.
PR 6056 .R5 T7 2000
Translations / Brian Friel..
PR 8868 .B7 1960
Three Irish plays : the moon in the Yellow River [by] Denis Johnston ; The iron harp [by] Joseph O’Conor ; Step in the hollow [by] Donagh MacDonagh / introduced and edited by R. Martin Browne.
PS 2956 .S86 2009
Stowe in her own time : a biographical chronicle of her life, drawn from recollections, interviews, and memoirs by family, friends, and associates / edited by Susan Belasco.
PS 3572 .O5 W45 2006
Welcome to the monkey house : a collection of short works / by Kurt Vonnegut.
PS 3604 .O27 L58 2008
Little brother / Cory Doctorow.


QA 76.6 .C662 2009
Introduction to algorithms / Thomas H. Cormen … [et al.]. 3rd ed.
QA 99 .B188 2009
100 essential things you didn’t know you didn’t know : math explains your world / John D. Barrow.
QH 102 .N53 2009
Paradise found : nature in America at the time of discovery / Steve Nicholls.
QH 325 .L357 2009
Biocentrism : how life and consciousness are the keys to understanding the true nature of the universe / Robert Lanza with Bob Berman.


RA 418 .C885 2006
Social epidemiology : strategies for public health activism / Julie G. Cwikel.
RC 451.4 .B57 B43 2007
Becoming visible : counseling bisexuals across the lifespan / [edited by] Beth A. Firestein.
RC 514 .C564 2008
Clinical handbook of schizophrenia / edited by Kim T. Mueser, Dilip V. Jeste.
RC 537 .H3376 2009
Handbook of depression / edited by Ian H. Gotlib, Constance L. Hammen. 2nd ed.
RC 952 .C53 2009
Reichel’s care of the elderly : clinical aspects of aging. 6th ed. / edited by Christine Arenson … [et al.].
RJ 496 .L35 H334 2009
Handbook of child language disorders / edited by Richard G. Schwartz.
RT 47 .E88 2005
The essential concepts of nursing : building blocks for practice / editors, John R. Cutcliffe, Hugh P. McKenna .
RT 73 .B365 2009
Expertise in nursing practice : caring, clinical judgment & ethics / Patricia Benner, Christine A. Tanner, Catherine A. Chesla. 2nd ed.


T 385 .A47 2009
Why most PowerPoint presentations suck : and how you can make them better / Rick Altman. 2nd ed.
TK 5105.59 .B366 2008
Computer security and penetration testing / Alfred Basta and Wolf Halton.
TK 6560 .H34 2009
Radio-frequency electronics : circuits and applications / Jon B. Hagen. 2nd ed.
TK 7874 .C746 2009
Silicon Earth : introduction to the microelectronics and nanotechnology revolution / John D. Cressler.


UB 363 .P55 2009
The wounded warrior handbook : a resource guide for returning veterans / Don Philpott and Janelle Hill


Z 721 .M885 2009
The library : an illustrated history / Stuart A.P. Murray.
Z 733 .R634 S66 2009
Working together : collaborative information practices for organizational learning / Mary M. Somerville.


MEDIA BF 441 .I58 2008
Introduction to critical thinking [videorecording] .
MEDIA DT 636.5 .P739 2008
Pray the Devil back to hell [videorecording]
MEDIA HQ 1219 .W65 2009
Naomi Wolf [videorecording] : the beauty myth.
MEDIA HT 1521 .R32 2003
Race [videorecording] : the power of an illusion.
MEDIA HV 10.5 .R43 2008
Real life 101. Social work [videorecording].
MEDIA HV 636 2005 .N4 T76 2009
Trouble the water [videorecording] .
MEDIA HV 8699 .U5 R28 2006
Race to execution [videorecording] .
MEDIA HV 985 .O7759 2006
The orphan trains [videorecording.
MEDIA PN 1992.77 .C67 2005
Cora unashamed [videorecording] .
MEDIA RC 455.2 .E8 L44 2008
Legal and ethical issues for mental health professionals [videorecording] : understanding confidentiality, privilege, reporting, and duty to warn .


OPERA M 1500 .B47 W69 2001
Wozzeck [videorecording] : opera in 3 acts and 15 scenes .
OPERA M 1500 .B47 W69 2007
Wozzeck [videorecording] : an opera in three acts and fifteen scenes .


REF BS 425 .L96 2009
The Catholic Bible concordance : Revised Standard version / compiled by C.W. Lyons with Thomas Deliduka.
REF HC 79 .C6 B47 2008
Best customers : demographics of consumer demand / 5th ed.
REF HN 90 .P8 G35 2008
The Gallup poll.
REF P 87.5 .E496 2009
Encyclopedia of communication theory / Stephen W. Littlejohn, Karen A. Foss, editors.

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