November 2009 New Books


BF 432.3 .C43 2009
Multiple intelligences around the world / Jie-Qi Chen, Seana Moran, Howard Gardner, editors.
BJ 1249 .M195 2008
Introducing moral theology : true happiness and the virtues / William C. Mattison III
BJ 255 .T5 R95 2009
Perfecting human actions : St. Thomas Aquinas on human participation in eternal law / John Rziha.
BL 1900 .L26 E513 2009
Lao tzu : Tao te ching : a book about the way and the power of the way : a new English version / by Ursula K. Le Guin with the collaboration of J.P. Seaton
BM 487 .C57 1995
The scepter and the star : the messiahs of the Dead Sea scrolls and other ancient literature / by John J. Collins.
BR 115 .J8 R315 2006
Great mystics and social justice : walking on the two feet of love / Susan Rakoczy.
BR 1720 .A5 P297 1997
Ambrogio di Milano : azione e pensiero di un vescovo / Cesare Pasini.
BT 235 .F58 2007
The One who is to come / by Joseph A. Fitzmyer.
BT 304.912 .D68 1994
The Black Christ / Kelly Brown Douglas.
BT 83.55 .W55 1993
Sisters in the wilderness : the challenge of womanist God talk / Delores S. Williams.
BV 4526.2 .N675 1998
The quotidian mysteries : laundry, liturgy, and “women’s work” / Kathleen Norris.
BV 639 .I4 H23 2008
Migration miracle : faith, hope, and meaning on the undocumented journey / Jacqueline Hagan.
BV 835 .C62 2008
Companion to marital spirituality / edited by Thomas Knieps-Port le Roi, Monica Sandor.


CC 175 .C63 2009
Cognitive archaeology and human evolution / edited by Sophie A. de Beaune, Frederick L. Coolidge, Thomas Wynn.


DG 266 .H64 2005
Rubicon : the last years of the Roman Republic / Tom Holland.
DS 146 .R6 O38 2009
Inventing the Jew : antisemitic stereotypes in Romanian and other Central East European cultures / Andrei Oisteanu ; foreword by Moshe Idel ; translated from Romanian by Mirela Adăscăliţei.
DS 281 .H65 2007
Persian fire : the first world empire and the battle for the west / Tom Holland.
DS 550 .R6213 2002
The battle of Dienbienphu / Jules Roy ; foreword by Ralph Wetterhahn ; introduction by Neil Sheehan.


GN 281.4 .I82 2009
The fruit, the tree, and the serpent : why we see so well / Lynne A. Isbell.
GN 476.73 .E86 2009
Ethnobotany of Pohnpei : plants, people, and island culture / compiled and edited by Michael J. Balick.
GV 423 .W38 2010
Let’s play! : promoting active playgrounds / Jane Watkinson.
GV 742 .S673 2008
Sports mania : essays on fandom and the media in the 21st century / edited by Lawrence W. Hugenberg, Paul M. Haridakis, and Adam C. Earnheardt.
GV 865 .A1 B645 2007
Jews and baseball / Burton A. Boxerman and Benita W. Boxerman ; foreword by Martin Abramowitz.
GV 867 .C67 2008
Understanding sabermetrics : an introduction to the science of baseball statistics / Gabriel B. Costa, Michael R. Huber and John T. Saccoman.


H 97 .L68 2009
Arenas of power / Theodore J. Lowi ; edited and introduced by Norman K. Nicholson.
HA 31.3 .M46 2010
Logistic regression : from introductory to advanced concepts and applications / Scott Menard.
HB 501 .F7 2002
Capitalism and freedom / Milton Friedman ; with the assistance of Rose D. Friedman ; with a new preface by the author. 40th anniversary ed.
HB 615 .H347 2010
Immigrant, Inc. : why immigrant entrepreneurs are driving the new economy (and how they will save the American worker) / Richard T. Herman, Robert L. Smith.
HB 871 .L476 2009
Demography, education, and the workforce / Robert I. Lerman and Stephanie Riegg Cellini.
HD 57.7 .S6925 2010
Leading the virtual workforce : how great leaders transform organizations in the 21st century / Karen Sobel Lojeski with Richard R. Reilly.
HD 9502 .U52 D828 2009
Energy / Joseph M. Dukert.
HD 9992 .U52 L56 2006
The sporting goods industry : history, practices and products / Richard A. Lipsey ; with a foreword by Thomas B. Doyle.
HF 5415.2 .K245 2009
MORE guerrilla marketing research : asking the right people, the right questions, the right way and effectively using the answers to make more money / Robert J. Kaden, Gerald Linda and Jay Conrad Levinson.
HG 4636 .S55 2009
Asset pricing theory / Costis Skiadas.
HN 59.2 .F58 2008
Where have all the liberals gone? : race, class, and ideals in America / James R. Flynn.
HQ 1236.5 .D44 K75 2009
Half the sky : turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide / Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.
HQ 799.97 .U5 C45 2005
Leaving home : the art of separating from your difficult family / David P. Celani.
HT 867 .B38 2005
Understanding global slavery : a reader / Kevin Bales.
HV 1431 .S74 2006
Runaways : how the sixties counterculture shaped today’s practices and policies / Karen M. Staller.
HV 1568 .O45 2009
Understanding disability : from theory to practice / Michael Oliver. 2nd ed.
HV 4506 .I8 F76 2009
From a growing community : Iowa’s homeless youth / edited by Danny Heggen ; with a foreword by Mary Oliver.
HV 553 .S59 2009
A paradise built in hell : the extraordinary communities that arise in disaster / Rebecca Solnit.
HV 6452 .N7 C75 2009
The origin of organized crime in America : the New York City mafia, 1891-1931 / David Critchley.
HV 6553 .E48 2008
Molecules of murder : criminal molecules and classic cases / John Emsley.
HV 6715 .B37 2000
Jokers wild : legalized gambling in the twenty first century / Thomas Barker and Marjie Britz.
HV 6789 .G32 2009
Race and crime / Shaun L. Gabbidon, Helen Taylor Greene. 2nd ed.
HV 689 .I57 2004
Social work and global mental health : research and practice perspectives / edited by Myreille St-Onge and Serge Dumont.
HV 741 .R26 2005
Race matters in child welfare : the overrepresentation of African American children in the system / edited by Dennette Derezotes, John Poertner, and Mark F. Testa.
HV 7436 .P65 2009
Guns, violence, and criminal behavior : the offender’s perspective / Mark R. Pogrebin, Paul B. Stretesky, N. Prabha Unnithan.
HV 874 .R56 A3 2009
Three little words : a memoir / Ashley Rhodes-Courter.
HV 875.55 .H365 2006
An unlit path : one family’s journey toward the light of truth / Deborah L. Hannah.
HV 9475 .I3 D64 2002
“Whores and thieves of the worst kind” : a study of women, crime, and prisons, 1835-2000 / L. Mara Dodge.
HV 9950 .B357 2009
The politics of imprisonment : how the democratic process shapes the way America punishes offenders / Vanessa Barker.
HV 9950 .R46 2010
The rich get richer and the poor get prison : ideology, class, and criminal justice / Jeffrey Reiman, Paul Leighton. 9th ed.


JZ 1480 .S77 2009
One nation under contract : the outsourcing of American power and the future of foreign policy / Allison Stanger.
JZ 6045 .P736 2004
Ending civil war : Rhodesia and Lebanon in perspective / Matthew Preston.


KF 2750 .A7 M66 2008
Media law and ethics / Roy L. Moore, Michael D. Murray. 3rd ed.
KF 385 .A727 2009
Reflections on life, death, and the constitution / George Anastaplo.
KF 4528 .A53 1989
The Constitution of 1787 : a commentary / George Anastaplo.
KF 4550 .A7297 2006
Reflections on constitutional law / George Anastaplo.
KF 4557 .A53 1995
The amendments to the Constitution : a commentary / George Anastaplo.


LB 2366.2 .B36 2009
Designing effective assessment : principles and profiles of good practice / Trudy W. Banta, Elizabeth A. Jones, Karen E. Black.


N 6537 .R58 A4 2003
James Rosenquist : a retrospective.
ND 588 .S2847 A4 2008
Hover : David Schnell / edited by Galerie EIGEN +ART ; texts by Dieter Daniels, Cheryl D. Hartup, Bettina Ruhrberg].
NX 652 .M64 L57 2009
Feminist art and the maternal / Andrea Liss.


P 91.3 .P75 2010
Doing media research : an introduction / Susanna Hornig Priest. 2nd ed.
P 91.3 .R68 2009
Routledge handbook of applied communication research / edited by Lawrence R. Frey, Kenneth N. Cissna.
P 96 .P75 H37 2009
A cognitive psychology of mass communication / Richard Jackson Harris. 5th ed.
PN 1995.9 .B28 R44 2003
Reel baseball : essays and interviews on the national pastime, Hollywood, and American culture / edited by Stephen C. Wood and J. David Pincus ; forewords by Dale Petroskey and Alvin L. Hall.
PN 4783 .C58 2007
The language of the news / Martin Conboy.
PN 4815.2 .C43 2009
The changing faces of journalism : tabloidization, technology and truthiness / edited by Barbie Zelizer.
PQ 155 .P47 K45 2009
The hero’s place : medieval literary traditions of space and belonging / Molly Robinson Kelly.
PR 3581 .S39 2009
Milton and maternal mortality / Louis Schwartz.
PR 6039 .O32 L44 2009
The legend of Sigurd and Gudrún / J.R.R. Tolkien ; edited by Christopher Tolkien.
PR 6063 .I265 C58 2009
The city & the city / China Miéville.
PS 3507 .A6659 Z48 2009
Out of my bone : the letters of Joy Davidman / edited and introduced by Don W. King.
PS 3537 .E58 H3 1970
Harper Lee’s To kill a mockingbird / dramatized by Christopher Sergel.
PS 3566 .Y55 Z55 2008
Approaches to teaching Pynchon’s The crying of lot 49 and other works / edited by Thomas H. Schaub.


Q 127 .G4 H65 2008
The age of wonder : how the romantic generation discovered the beauty and terror of science / Richard Holmes.
Q 175 .M345 2008
The mangle in practice : science, society, and becoming / Andrew Pickering and Keith Guzik, editors.
Q 175 .S6395 2008
Beyond the hoax : science, philosophy, and culture / Alan Sokal.
QA 13 .H68 2009
How to think like a mathematician : a companion to undergraduate mathematics / Kevin Houston.
QA 164 .K86 2009
Combinatorics : the Rota way / Joseph P.S. Kung, Gian-Carlo Rota, Catherine H. Yan.
QA 322.4 .C46 2009
Graph groupoids and partial isometries : connection between Hilbert space operators and graphs / Ilwood Cho.
QA 372 .J58 2007
Nonlinear ordinary differential equations ; an introduction for scientists and engineers / D.W. Jordan and P. Smith. 4th ed.
QA 372 .J6484 2007
Nonlinear ordinary differential equations : problems and solutions : a sourcebook for scientists and engineers / D.W. Jordan and P. Smith.
QA 614.86 .C46 2009
Fractals on graphs : graph fractaloids / Ilwoo Cho.
QB 464 .M45 2009
High-energy astrophysics / Fulvio Melia.
QB 601.9 .S3513 2009
The hunt for planet X : new worlds and the fate of Pluto / Govert Schilling.
QC 173.7 .K37 2007
Statistical physics of fields / Mehran Kardar.
QC 174.8 .K37 2007
Statistical physics of particles / Mehran Kardar.
QC 451 .C67 2006
Atomic and laser spectroscopy / Alan Corney.
QC 611.92 .B58 2009
Superconductivity : a very short introduction / Stephen Blundell.
QC 791.775 .P44 A89 2004
The physics of inertial fusion : beam plasma interaction, hydrodynamics, hot dense matter / Stefano Atzeni, Jürgen Meyer-ter-Vehn.
QC 973.4 .I6 A526 2009
Wireless and empire : geopolitics, radio industry, and ionosphere in the British Empire, 1918-1939 / Aitor Anduaga.
QC 981.8 .G56 G6735 2009
Our choice : a plan to solve the climate crisis / Al Gore.
QC 981.8 .G56 W43 2008
The discovery of global warming / Spencer R. Weart. Rev. and expanded ed.
QE 653 .B736 2009
Darwin’s lost world : the hidden history of animal life / Martin Brasier.
QE 721.2 .E97 W375 2009
The medea hypothesis : is life on earth ultimately self destructive? / Peter Ward.
QH 104.5 .G73 M36 2009
Rewilding the West : restoration in a prairie landscape / Richard Manning.
QH 315 .J64 2009
Study and communication skills for the biosciences / Stuart Johnson and Jon Scott.
QH 541.5 .W3 A565 2010
Analytical measurements in aquatic environments / edited by Jacek Namieśnik, Piotr Szefer.
QH 588 .S83 G68 2009
The global politics of human embryonic stem cell science : regenerative medicine in transition / by Herbert Gottweis, Brian Salter and Catherine Waldby.
QL 677.5 .M96 2009
Birdscapes : birds in our imagination and experience / Jeremy Mynott.
QL 761 .R68 2009
The genial gene : deconstructing Darwinian selfishness / Joan Roughgarden.


R 724 .S455 2009
An introduction to bioethics / Thomas A. Shannon and Nicholas J. Kockler. 4th ed., rev. and updated.
RA 1160 .H36 2005
Handbook of forensic drug analysis / editor, Frederick P. Smith ; with contributions by Sotiris A. Athanaselis … [et al.].
RA 1225 .M667 2009
Children and pollution : why scientists disagree / Colleen F. Moore.
RA 395 .A3 M3525 2008
Making Americans healthier : social and economic policy as health policy / [edited by] Robert F. Schoeni … [et al.].
RC 423 .H43 2008
Health plan coding and claims guide / produced by ASHA’s Health Care Economics Team, Janet P. McCarty, Steven C. White. Rev. ed.
RC 425 .P63 2003
What is aphasia : an interactive resource for adults with aphasia, their families and their caregivers / Lorraine Podolsky, Bea Bindman, Rochelle Cohen-Schneider ; illustrations and design Carmela Simone. 2nd ed.


T 57.6 .C378 2009
Probability models in operations research / C. Richard Cassady, Joel A. Nachlas.
TJ 163.2 .A54 2007
Energy science : principles, technologies, and impacts / John Andrews and Nick Jelley.
TK 5103.4815 .D69 2009
Essentials of cognitive radio / by Linda Doyle.
TK 7871.2 .A28 2009
Design of RF and microwave amplifiers and oscillators / Pieter L.D. Abrie. 2nd ed.
TR 820.5 .D3587 2009
Dorothea Lange : the crucial years, 1930-1946 / [in collaboration with PHotoEspaña ; curator, Oliva María Rubio].
TX 361 .A8 B66 2009
Sport nutrition for coaches / Leslie Bonci.
TX 361 .A8 K595 2007
Power eating / Susan M. Kleiner, with Maggie Greenwood-Robinson. 3rd ed.
TX 651 .T36813 2009
Building a meal : from molecular gastronomy to culinary constructivism / Hervé This ; translated by Malcolm DeBevoise.

Z 471 .S83 2009
The late age of print : everyday book culture from consumerism to control / Ted Striphas.
Z 682.4 .L49 T86 2010
Hiring, training, and supervising library shelvers / Patricia Tunstall.


MEDIA HV 4075 .R53 F38 2007
Favela rising [videorecording].
MEDIA QL 362 .L54 2006
Life in the undergrowth [videorecording].
MEDIA RC 425 .L66 1997
Lookin’ for me [videorecording].
MEDIA RC 425 .S87 1996
Supported conversation for aphasia adults [videorecording] : “I know you know”.
MEDIA RC 523 .A497 2009
The Alzheimer’s project [videorecording].
MEDIA RC 568 .M4 M48 2006
Methadonia [videorecording].
MEDIA RJ 506 .A9 A92468 2008
Autism, the musical [videorecording].


REF HV 6245 .N49 2006
The encyclopedia of serial killers / Michael Newton. 2nd ed. .
REF JK 1411 .G767 2009
Speakers of the House of Representatives / Mark Grossman.
REF PS 153 .N5 A3444 2009
Encyclopedia of African-American writing : five centuries of contribution : trials & triumphs of writers, poets, publications and organizations / Shari Dorantes Hatch, editor. 2nd ed.
REF PS 374 .S35 W63 2009
Women in science fiction and fantasy / edited by Robin Anne Reid.
REF QL 673 .N283 2009
National Geographic complete birds of the world / edited by Tim Harris ; [foreword by Jonathan Alderfer].
REF QL 696 .S8 K657 2008
Owls of the world / Claus König & Friedhelm Weick ; with a contribution on molecular evolution by Michael Wink et al. 2nd ed.


SPEC. COLL. PS 3513 .L35 C43 1920
Chains of dew [microform] : a comedy in three acts / by Susan Glaspell. [1920?].

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