November 2010 New Titles


B 775 .P4513 2010
Philosophers of the Renaissance / edited by Paul Richard Blum ; translated by Brian McNeil.
B 805 .H45 2010
The material of knowledge : feminist disclosures / Susan Hekman.
BF 575 .B3 A59 2008
Social anxiety disorder / Martin M. Antony, Karen Rowa.
BJ1475 .O26 2009
Compassion : loving our neighbor in an age of globalization / Maureen H. O’Connell.
BJ 37 .Z49 2008
Living with uncertainty : the moral significance of ignorance / by Michael J. Zimmerman.
BL 65 .M4 W67 2010
World religions for healthcare professionals / edited by Siroj Sorajjakool, Mark F. Carr, and Julius J. Nam.
BP 161.3 .K49 2010
Key themes for the study of Islam / edited by Jamal J. Elias.
BP 172 .H43 2009
Common ground : Islam, Christianity, and religious pluralism / Paul L. Heck.
BP 42 .B46 2010
Studying Islam / Clinton Bennett.
BP 55 .D66 2010
Muhammad and the believers : at the origins of Islam / Fred M. Donner.
BR 127 .G69 2000
A great commission : Christian hope and religious diversity : papers in honour of Kenneth Cracknell on his 65th birthday / Martin Forward, Stephen Plant, Susan White, eds.
BR 128 .A8 F87 2008
The future of Atheism : Alister McGrath & Daniel Dennett in dialogue / edited by Robert B. Stewart.
BR 1720 .A5 C748 1997
Aurelio Ambrogio : un magistrato vescovo a Milano / Luigi Crivelli.
BR 517 .D32 2009
Trails of hope and terror : testimonies on immigration / Miguel A. De La Torre.
BR 65 .A313 D4615 1981
Il giardino piantato a Oriente : De paradiso / S. Ambrogio ; introduzione e note di Umberto Mattioli ; traduzione e note di Carlo Mazza.
BR 65 .A316 P38 1997
Dieci discorsi su Sant’Ambrogio / G.B. Montini ; a cura di Angelo Majo e Giorgio Rumi.
BR 67 .S664 2009
Egesippo-Ambrogio : formazione scolastica e cristiana a Roma alla metà del IV secolo / Chiara Somenzi.
BT 153 .S8 G38 2004
The suffering of the impassible God : the dialectics of patristic thought / Paul L. Gavrilyuk.
BT 25 .J46 2010
Jesus wars : how four patriarchs, three queens, and two emperors decided what Christians would believe for the next 1,500 years / Philip Jenkins.
BT 28 .K44 2010
Twentieth-century theologians : a new introduction to modern Christian thought / Philip Kennedy.
BT 304.9 .J46 2010
Jesus beyond Christianity : the classic texts / edited by Gregory A. Barker & Stephen E. Gregg ; foreword by Desmond M. Tutu.
BT 708 .G45 2008
Gender and Christianity in medieval Europe : new perspectives / edited by Lisa M. Bitel and Felice Lifshitz.
BT 738.25 .C76 2008
The paradox of power : from control to compassion / Michael Crosby.
BV 639 .W7 W592 2010
Women and Christianity / Cheryl A. Kirk-Duggan and Karen Jo Torjesen, editors.
BX 2347.7 .G66 2009
The spirituality of community / Adele J. Gonzalez.
BX 4667 .W66 2009
Women and the shaping of Catholicism : women through the ages / edited by Richard Miller ; a symposium with Richard W. Miller … [et al.].
BX 4705 .N5 C67 2010
Newman’s unquiet grave : the reluctant saint / by John Cornwell.
BX 922 .R38 2010
Educating for faith and justice : Catholic higher education today / Thomas P. Rausch.


DS 353 .B36 2008
The monuments of Afghanistan : history, archaeology and architecture / Warwick Ball.
DT 159.6 .N83 J45 2009
Nubian women of West Aswan : negotiating tradition and change / Anne M. Jennings.


E 183 .R27 2010
The two faces of American freedom / Aziz Rana.
E 183.7 .C656 2008
The history of American foreign policy / Jerald A. Combs.
E 184 .I6 I6845 2010
The Irish in the Atlantic world / edited by David T. Gleeson.
E 185.615 .W328 2009
Want to start a revolution? : radical women in the Black freedom struggle / edited by Dayo F. Gore, Jeanne Theoharis, and Komozi Woodard.
E 507.9 .B53 2010
Profiles of valor : Iowa’s Medal of Honor recipients of the Civil War / by Dennis H. Black.


GF 41 .G53 2010
A reenchanted world : the quest for a new kinship with nature / James William Gibson.
GF 50 .D69 2009
Conservation refugees : the hundred year conflict between global conservation and native peoples / Mark Dowie.
GF 514 .P53 2008
Placing Latin America : contemporary themes in human geography / edited by Edward L. Jackiewicz and Fernando J. Bosco.
GV 944 .A4 A45 2010
African soccerscapes : how a continent changed the world’s game / Peter Alegi.


HB 171 .M84 2010
Redeeming economics : rediscovering the missing element / John D. Mueller.
HB 615 .E58 2010
Entrepreneurship and public policy / edited by David Smallbone..
HB 615 .K3665 2010
Nascent entrepreneurship and learning / Mine Karatas-Özkan, Elizabeth Chell.
HC 110 .D4 M483 2010
The military-industrial complex and American society / Sterling Michael Pavelec, editor.
HD 62.6 .G64 2011
Strategic leadership and management in nonprofit organizations : theory and practice / Martha Golensky.
HF 5549.5 .M63 M667 2003
Motivation and work behavior / [compiled by] Lyman W. Porter, Gregory A. Bigley, Richard M. Steers.
HM 1101 .W553 2010
Risk, vulnerability and everyday life / Iain Wilkinson.
HM 1261 .P76 2010
Servant leadership : more philosophy, less theory / Stephen Prosser.
HQ 1155 .E83 2010
Making feminist sense of the global justice movement / Catherine Eschle and Bice Maiguashca.
HQ 1180 .F424 2010
Feminism and women’s rights worldwide / Michele A. Paludi, editor.
HQ 1190 .F46315 2010
Feminist technology / edited by Linda L. Layne, Sharra L. Vostral, and Kate Boyer.
HQ 1236.5 .U6 F532 2009
Our bodies, our crimes : the policing of women’s reproduction in America / Jeanne Flavin.
HQ 1439 .N6 G84 2010
Living the revolution : Italian women’s resistance and radicalism in New York City, 1880-1945 / Jennifer Guglielmo.
HQ 1728.5 .S525 2009
Militarization and violence against women in conflict zones in the Middle East : a Palestinian case study / by Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian.
HQ 1800.5 .L44 2009
African women and apartheid : migration and settlement in urban South Africa / Rebekah Lee.
HQ 755.8 .N453 2010
Parenting out of control : anxious parents in uncertain times / Margaret K. Nelson.
HQ 759 .J65 2010
Mothers’ work and children’s lives : low income families after welfare reform / Rucker C. Johnson, Ariel Kalil, Rachel E. Dunifon ; with Barbara Ray.
HQ 773 .A97 2010
A non-violent resistance approach with children in distress : a guide for parents and professionals / Carmelite Avraham-Krehwinkel and David Aldridge.
HQ 798 .G5255 2010
Girlhood : a global history / edited by Jennifer Helgren and Colleen A. Vasconcellos ; with a foreword by Miriam Forman Brunell.
HQ 971.5 .C6 M38 2010
Droppers : America’s first hippie commune, Drop City / Mark Matthews.
HT 123 .I434 2010
Urban America reconsidered : alternatives for governance and policy / David Imbroscio.
HT 206 .H273 2010
Living the drama : community, conflict, and culture among inner city boys / David J. Harding.
HV 1569.5 .R63 2010
The illustrated guide to assistive technology and devices : tools and gadgets for living independently / Suzanne Robitaille.
HV 4505 .H367 2010
Hard lives, mean streets : violence in the lives of homeless women / Jana L. Jasinski … [et al.].
HV 530 .F87 2010
Religion, belief and social work : making a difference / Sheila Furness and Philip Gilligan.
HV 6432 .M647 2010
Surveillance in the time of insecurity / Torin Monahan.
HV 6439 .U5 G384 2010
Who you claim : performing gang identity in school and on the streets / Robert Garot.
HV 6561 .S74 2010
Denial : a memoir of terror / Jessica Stern.
HV 6789 .P48 2010
Divergent social worlds : neighborhood crime and the racial spatial divide / Ruth D. Peterson and Lauren J. Krivo.
HV 91 .W375 2009
The new welfare bureaucrats : entanglements of race, class, and policy reform / Celeste Watkins-Hayes.
HV 9475 .C2 T74 2009
The prisoners’ world : portraits of convicts caught in the incarceration binge / William Tregea and Marjorie Larmour.
HX 158.5 .C85 2004
Cuban socialism in a new century : adversity, survival, and renewal / edited by Max Azicri and Elsie Deal.


JC 323 .B6665 2010
Borderlines and borderlands : political oddities at the edge of the nation state / edited by Alexander C. Diener and Joshua Hagen.
JK 2316 .D86 2010
Roosevelt’s purge : how FDR fought to change the Democratic Party / Susan Dunn.


K 3593 .C57 2009
Climate law and developing countries : legal and policy challenges for the world economy / edited by Benjamin J. Richardson … [et al.].
KF 4575 .B73 2010
Making our democracy work : a judge’s view / Stephen Breyer.
KF 8968.7 .F67 2009
Forensic social work : psychosocial and legal issues in diverse practice settings / editors, Tina Maschi, Carolyn Bradley, Kelly Ward.


LA 227.1 .C56 2010
Creating the college man : American mass magazines and middle class manhood, 1890-1915 / Daniel A. Clark.
LB 1060.2 .L4 2006
Cognitive behavioral training : a how to guide for successful behavior / Mark Le Messurier.
LB 2395.7 .K67 2010
Teaching online : a practical guide / Susan Ko, Steve Rossen.
LB 3063 .S74 2005
Introduction to rubrics : an assessment tool to save grading time, convey effective feedback, and promote student learning / Dannelle D. Stevens, Antonia Levi.
LC 213.2 .H67 2010
Why race and culture matter in schools : closing the achievement gap in America’s classrooms / Tyrone C. Howard ; foreword by Geneva Gay.
LC 4031 .T732 2010
Transition of secondary students with emotional or behavioral disorders : current approaches for positive outcomes / edited by Douglas Cheney.


ML 3790 .C88 2010
The savvy musician : building a career, earning a living and making a difference / David Cutler.
ML 3790 .K57 2010
Appetite for self-destruction : the spectacular crash of the record industry in the digital age / Steve Knopper.
ML 3797 .W54 2009
Writing about music : an introductory guide / Richard J. Wingell.


N 7433.3 .R83 2010
Beyond the text : artists’ books from the collection of Robert J. Ruben / an exhibition at the Grolier Club by Yvonne Korshak and Robert J. Ruben.
NC 975.7 .D93 A4 2004
Drawings by Marcel Dzama from the Bernardi Collection / [James Patten, Wayne Baerwaldt].
NC 998.4 .R47 2008
Reproduce y rébelate = Reproduce & revolt / [edited by Josh MacPhee and Favianna Rodriguez].
ND 1351.5 .M53 1993
The empire of the eye : landscape representation and American cultural politics, 1825-1875 / Angela Miller.
ND 1460 .A7 R56 2010
Redefining gender in American Impressionist studio paintings : work place/domestic space / Kirstin Ringelberg.
ND 1630 .B66 2009
A closer look : conservation of paintings / David Bomford, with Jill Dunkerton and Martin Wyld.
ND 1650 .W65 2000
Cleaning painted surfaces : aqueous methods / Richard Wolbers.
NE 850 .L36 2006
Papermaking for printmakers / Elspeth Lamb.
NE 962 .P64 P36 2009
Paper politics : socially engaged printmaking today / [edited by] Josh MacPhee ; with essays by Deborah Caplow and Eric Triantafillou.
NX 653 .S66 F67 2008
Washed with sun : landscape and the making of white South Africa / Jeremy Foster.


P 93.53 .M534 K67 2007
Clear and to the point : 8 psychological principles for compelling PowerPoint presentations / Stephen M. Kosslyn.
PE 1404 .D3887 2010
Facing the center : toward an identity politics of one to one mentoring / Harry C. Denny.
PN 1590 .W64 C63 2009
From winning the vote to directing on Broadway : the emergence of women on the New York stage, 1880-1927 / Pamela Cobrin.
PN 2051 .Z56 2009
Scandal on stage : European theater as moral trial / Theodore Ziolkowski.
PQ 2637 .A82 Z645 2010
Jean-Paul Sartre / by Christine Daigle.
PQ 2672 .E25 P713 2009
The interrogation / J.M.G. Le Clézio ; translated from the French by Daphne Woodward.
PQ 3949 .C493 A813 2009
Love, anger, madness : a Haitian trilogy / Marie Vieux-Chauvet ; a new translation by Rose-Myriam Réjouis and Val Vinokur ; introduction by Edwidge Danticat.
PR 6039 .O32 Z649 2009
The ring of words : Tolkien and the Oxford English dictionary / Peter Gilliver, Jeremy Marshall, Edmund Weiner.
PR 778 .R56 S36 2009
British periodicals and Romantic identity : the “literary lower empire” / Mark Schoenfield.
PR 8722 .P75 I75 2009
Irish modernism and the global primitive / edited by Maria McGarrity and Claire A. Culleton.
PS 153 .H56 H57 2010
Hispanic Caribbean literature of migration : narratives of displacement / edited by Vanessa Pérez Rosario.
PS 3537 .T6817 I54 2002
In the next galaxy / Ruth Stone.
PS 3551 .L25 Z885 2010
Albee in performance / Rakesh H. Solomon ; [foreword by Edward Albee].
PS 3551 .R455 V47 2009
Versed / Rae Armantrout.
PS 3554 .I43 H37 2000
Harry Gold: a novel / Millicent Dillon.
PS 3561 .A416524 P8 1999
Pu-239 and other Russian fantasies / Ken Kalfus.
PS 3562 .O4472 R43 2009
Red / John Logan.
PS 3563 .A31157 P67 2010
Possum trot / J. Harley McIlrath.
PS 3563 .E8134 S56 2002
The hunters : two novellas / Claire Messud.
PS 3563 .U787 C36 2007
The caprices / Sabina Murray.
PS 3569 .A4622 L37 2006
Last night / James Salter.
PS 3573 .I45677 Z78 1994
May all your fences have gates : essays on the drama of August Wilson / edited by Alan Nadel.
PS 3612 .O635 H66 2009
Homicide survivors picnic : and other stories / Lorraine M. López.


Q 147 .O74 2010
Merchants of doubt : how a handful of scientists obscured the truth on issues from tobacco smoke to global warming / Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway.
QA 443.5 .O44 2010
Revolutions of geometry / Michael O’Leary.
QA 565 .L4313 2009
Lectures on curves, surfaces and projective varieties : a classical view of algebraic geometry / Mauro C. Beltrametti … [et al.] ; translated from the Italian by Francis Sullivan.
QA 63 .M34 2010
Street-fighting mathematics : the art of educated guessing and opportunistic problem solving / Sanjoy Mahajan ; foreword by Carver A. Mead.
QC 16 .H45 C37 2010
Heisenberg in the atomic age : science and the public sphere / Cathryn Carson.
QC 6 .H3187 2010
From atoms to galaxies : a conceptual physics approach to scientific awareness / Sadri Hassani.
QC 903 .A73 2010
The climate crisis : an introductory guide to climate change / David Archer, Stefan Rahmstorf.
QC 981.8 .C5 M3895 2010
Eaarth : making a life on a tough new planet / Bill McKibben.
QC 981.8 .C5 O77 2009
Down to the wire : confronting climate collapse / David W. Orr.
QC 981.8 .C5 S3556 2009
Climate change : picturing the science / Gavin Schmidt and Joshua Wolfe.
QC 981.8 .G56 H365 2009
Storms of my grandchildren : the truth about the coming climate catastrophe and our last chance to save humanity / James Hansen ; illustrations by Makiko Sato.
QC 992 .A1 A93 2009
Australia’s biodiversity and climate change / Will Steffen … [et al.].
QH 112 .A435 2010
Amazonia–landscape and species evolution : a look into the past / edited by C. Hoorn, F.P. Wesselingh ; editorial advisors, H.B. Vohnof, S.B. Kroonenberg, H. Hooghiemstra.
QR 177 .S64 2009
Rising plague : the global threat from deadly bacteria and our dwindling arsenal to fight them / by Brad Spellberg ; foreword by David Gilbert.


R 724 .E8211115 2009
Ethics and the business of biomedicine / edited by Denis G. Arnold.
R 726 .P39 2008
Assisted suicide and euthanasia : a natural law ethics approach / Craig Paterson.
RA 1148 .F5566 2010
Forensic psychology / edited by Graham J. Towl and David A. Crighton.
RA 427.9 .H64 2010
Practice under pressure : primary care physicians and their medicine in the twenty first century / Timothy Hoff.
RA 784 .C235 2006
The China study : the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted and the startling implications for diet, weight loss and long term health / T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell II.
RC 489 .C63 B43 1995
Cognitive therapy : basics and beyond / Judith S. Beck ; foreword by Aaron T. Beck.
RC 489 .C63 H36 2010
Handbook of cognitive-behavioral therapies / edited by Keith S. Dobson.
RC 552 .S4 G73 2009
Freedom from self-harm : overcoming self injury with skills from DBT and other treatments / Kim L. Gratz, Alexander L. Chapman ; [foreword by Barent Walsh].
RD 129.5 .T395 2005
Stakes and kidneys : why markets in human body parts are morally imperative / James Stacey Taylor.
RM 315 .W44 2004
From chocolate to morphine : everything you need to know about mind altering drugs / Andrew Weil and Winifred Rosen.
RT 4 .N815 2009
Nursing and globalization in the Americas : a critical perspective / edited by Karen Lucas Breda.
RT 84.5 .N9 2010
Nursing theorists and their work / [edited by] Martha Raile Alligood, Ann Marriner Tomey.


SB 470.55 .E85 E87 2006
Experiencing the garden in the eighteenth century / Martin Calder (Ed.).


Z 246 .D485 2007 
Designing magazines : inside periodical design, redesign, and branding / edited by Jandos Rothstein.
Z 675 .U5 E95 2010
The expert library : staffing, sustaining, and advancing the academic library in the 21st century / Scott Walter and Karen Williams, editors.
Z 711 .R64 2009
Conducting the reference interview : a how to do it manual for librarians / Catherine Sheldrick Ross, Kirsti Nilsen, and Marie L. Radford.
ZA 4065 .W43 2010
Web research in academic libraries / compiled by Rebecca Sullivan.
ZA 4460 .K36 2010
Numerical algorithms for personalized search in self-organizing information networks / Sep Kamvar.


MEDIA BL 65 .E36 R45 2007
Renewal [videorecording] .
MEDIA BX 4705 .R669 R6518 2009
Romero [videorecording] .
MEDIA HD 62.5 .B87 2009
Business studies [videorecording] : enterprise and entrepreneurs.
MEDIA HF 5415 .F68 2010
The four P’s [videorecording] : marketing strategies.
MEDIA LB 3051 .M43 2010
Measuring up [videorecording] : a guide to formative assessment.
MEDIA NA 4830 .B85 2010
Building the great cathedrals [videorecording] .
MEDIA RC 552 .S4 E46 2006
Emotional scars [videorecording].


REF HM 585 .A43 2011
ALA guide to sociology & psychology reference / American Library Association.

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