January 2011 New Titles


B 105 .V33 K44 2000
Theories of vagueness / Rosanna Keefe.
BD 436 .C593 2008
Eros in Plato, Rousseau, and Nietzsche : the politics of infinity / Laurence D. Cooper.
BF 637 .L4 A88 2001
The servant leader : how to build a creative team, develop great morale, and improve bottom line performance / James A. Autry.
BF 724.55 .C63 A47 2009
Aging and cognition : research methodologies and empirical advances / edited by Hayden B. Bosworth and Christopher Hertzog.
BR 65 .A313 D4615 1981
Il giardino piantato a Oriente : De paradiso / S. Ambrogio ; introduzione e note di Umberto Mattioli ; traduzione e note di Carlo Mazza.
BR 65 .A313 M37 2006
La maschera della tolleranza : Ambrogio: Epistole 17 e 18; Simmaco: Terza relazione / introduzione di Ivano Dionigi ; traduzione di Alfonso Traina ; con un saggio di Massimo Cacciari.
BX 4705 .M542 A4 2008
Survival or prophecy? : the correspondence of Jean Leclercq & Thomas Merton / edited with an introduction by Patrick Hart ; foreword by Rembert G. Weakland ; afterword by Michael Casey.


D 16 .S864 2009
Writing history : a guide for students / William Kelleher Storey.
DS 113.7 .D57 2010
Displaced at home : ethnicity and gender among Palestinians in Israel / edited by Rhoda Ann Kanaaneh and Isis Nusair.
DS 318.9 .A57 2007
Iran under Ahmadinejad : the politics of confrontation / Ali M. Ansari.
DS 486 .V74 V54 1987
Vignettes of Vrindavan / edited by Anna McDowall and Arvind Sharma ; foreword by Karan Singh.


E 457.2 .L226 2010
Lincoln & Darwin : shared visions of race, science, and religion / James Lander.
E 83.876 .L45 2010
Bloodshed at Little Bighorn : Sitting Bull, Custer, and the destinies of nations / Tim Lehman.


G 155 .A1 W364 2010
Tourist cultures : identity, place and the traveller / Stephen Wearing, Deborah Stevenson and Tamara Young.
GF 71 .H48 2010
The climate connection : climate change and modern human evolution / Renée Hetherington, Robert G.B. Reid.
GV 361 .T47 2011
Research methods in physical activity / Jerry R. Thomas, Jack K. Nelson, Stephen J. Silverman.


H 33 .W3613 2009
From Max Weber : essays in sociology / translated, edited, with an introduction by H.H. Gerth and C. Wright Mills with a new preface by Bryan S. Turner.
H 61 .S4475 2010
Making the social world : the structure of human civilization / John R. Searle.
HB 615 .H57 2010
Historical foundations of entrepreneurial research / edited by Hans Landström and Franz Lohrke.
HD 58.7 .C6437 2011
Corporate reputation and the news media : agenda setting within business news coverage in developed, emerging, and frontier markets / edited by Craig E. Carroll.
HD 59 .M354 2009
Applied public relations : cases in stakeholder management / Kathy Brittain McKee, Larry F. Lamb.
HD 59.2 .A95 2008
Strategic reputation management : towards a company of good / Pekka Aula and Saku Mantere.
HD 62.5 .L54 2010
The life cycle of new ventures : emergence, newness and growth / editors, Candida G. Brush … [et al.].
HF 6146 .I58 S68 2007
Advertising and new media / Christina Spurgeon.
HM 1221 .P7844 2011
Public relations in global cultural contexts : multi paradigmatic perspectives / edited by Nilanjana Bardhan, C. Kay Weaver.
HM 1221 .S63 2009
Public relations and social theory : key figures and concepts / edited by Øyvind Ihlen, Betteke van Ruler, Magnus Fredriksson.
HM 1221 .S77 2009
Strategic planning for public relations / Ronald D. Smith.
HM 876 .G87 2010
Why men rebel / Ted Robert Gurr. 40th anniversary ed.
HQ 1064 .U5 S265 2009
Gray Panthers / Roger Sanjek.
HQ 1180 .S436 2010
Secrecy and silence in the research process : feminist reflections / edited by Róisín Ryan-Flood and Rosalind Gill.
HQ 1421 .P56 2010
Jewish feminists : complex identities and activist lives / Dina Pinsky.
HQ 734 .A44 2010
All-in-one marriage prep : 75 experts share tips & wisdom to help you get ready now / Susanne M. Alexander.
HV 41 .G945 2010
Guidebook for international field placements and student exchanges : planning, implementation, and sustainability / Patricia B. Lager … [et al.].
HV 5292 .A386 2011
Alcoholism and substance abuse in diverse populations / edited by Gary W. Lawson and Ann W. Lawson.
HV 6250.4 .W65 R465 2010
Restorative justice and violence against women / edited by James Ptacek.
HV 9950 .B34 2010
Class, race, gender, and crime : the social realities of justice in America / Gregg Barak, Paul Leighton, and Jeanne Flavin.


JF 1525 .E8 E8567 2005
Ethics in public management / H. George Frederickson and Richard K. Ghere, editors.
JF 1525 .I6 S49 2002
Silent warfare : understanding the world of intelligence / Abram N. Shulsky, Gary J. Schmitt.
JK 31 .C43 2011
Designing a polity : America’s Constitution in theory and practice / James W. Ceaser.
JQ 1879 .A15 B3713 2009
The state in Africa : the politics of the belly / Jean-François Bayart.


KF 801 .A7 F824 2006
Basic contract law / by Lon L. Fuller, Melvin Aron Eisenberg.
KF 9672 .E938 2009
Expert testimony on the psychology of eyewitness identification / edited by Brian L. Cutler.


ML 128 .J4 J35 2011
Solo vocal works on Jewish themes : a bibliography of Jewish composers / Kenneth Jaffe.
ML 82 .H42 2010
Songs in Black and lavender : race, sexual politics, and women’s music / Eileen M. Hayes ; foreword by Linda Tillery.
MT 41 .C67 2005
Computer models of musical creativity / David Cope.


N 7952 .A1 S23 2011
Sacred possessions : collecting Italian religious art, 1500-1900 / edited by Gail Feigenbaum and Sybille Ebert-Schifferer ; with the assistance of Galina Tirnanić.


P 91 .I558 2009
An integrated approach to communication theory and research / edited by Don W. Stacks, Michael B. Salwen.
PN 1992.3 .U5 B85 2010
Invasion of the mind snatchers : television’s conquest of America in the fifties / Eric Burns.
PN 1992.5 .M55 2010
Television studies : the basics / Toby Miller.
PN 1993.5 .U65 C66 2009
The contemporary Hollywood reader / edited by Toby Miller.
PN 1995.9 .S68 M55 2003
Spyscreen : espionage on film and TV from the 1930s to the 1960s / Toby Miller.
PQ 145.6 .S38 M55 2008
The French Atlantic triangle : literature and culture of the slave trade / Christopher L. Miller.
PR 4453 .C4 Z73 2009
G.K. Chesterton, theologian / Aidan Nichols.
PR 851 .W3 2001
The rise of the novel : studies in Defoe, Richardson, and Fielding / by Ian Watt.
PS 3554 .I3 Z64 2010
The search for Philip K. Dick / Anne R. Dick.


QA 19 .M87 L69 2006
Musimathics : the mathematical foundations of music / Gareth Loy.
QA 76.6 .A255 1996
Structure and interpretation of computer programs / Harold Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman, with Julie Sussman ; foreword by Alan J. Perlis.
QA 76.6 .V36 2004
Concepts, techniques, and models of computer programming / Peter Van Roy, Seif Haridi.
QA 76.7 .T845 2008
Design concepts in programming languages / Franklyn Turbak and David Gifford ; with Mark A. Sheldon.
QA 76.73 .S34 D93 2009
The Scheme programming language / R. Kent Dybvig ; illustrations by Jean-Pierre Hébert.
QB 36 .G2 H45 2010
Galileo / J. L. Heilbron.
QB 461 .C535 2010
Astrophysics for physicists / Arnab Rai Choudhuri.
QB 472 .C46 2010
Exploring the X-ray universe / Frederick D. Seward, Philip A. Charles.
QB 820 .V39 2010
The Earth as a distant planet : a Rosetta Stone for the search of Earth like worlds / M. Vázquez, E. Pallé, P. Montañés Rodríguez.
QB 853 .S736 2010
Observing and cataloguing nebulae and star clusters : from Herschel to Dreyer’s new general catalogue / Wolfgang Steinicke.
QD 561 .F744 2010
An introduction to ionic liquids / Michael Freemantle.
QD 8.5 .A25 2006
The ACS style guide : effective communication of scientific information / Anne M. Coghill, Lorrin R. Garson, editors.
QH 104.5 .M47 H45 2010
The ecology and management of prairies in the central United States / Chris Helzer ; with photos by the author.
QH 331 .B477 2010
Biology and ideology from Descartes to Dawkins / edited by Denis R. Alexander and Ronald L. Numbers.
QH 331 .P56 2010
Evolutionary worlds without end / Henry Plotkin.
QH 541.2 .C63 2010
Big ecology : the emergence of ecosystem science / David C. Coleman.
QH 541.5 .S3 M278 2010
Marine ecosystems and global change / edited by Manuel Barange … [et al.].
QH 83 .B49 2010
Beyond cladistics : the branching of a paradigm / edited by David M. Williams and Sandra Knapp.
QK 661 .B49 1994
Seeds : physiology of development and germination / J. Derek Bewley and Michael Black.
QR 56 .M26 2011
Allies and enemies : how the world depends on bacteria / Anne E. Maczulak.


R 727.4 .H425 2011
Health professional as educator : principles of teaching and learning / Susan B. Bastable … [et al.].
RA 440.5 .M435 2009
Media messages and public health : a decisions approach to content analysis / edited by Amy B. Jordan … [et al.].
RA 971.3 .B353 2011
Health care finance : basic tools for nonfinancial managers / Judith J. Baker, R.W. Baker.
RM 315 .W46 2010
Your brain on food : how chemicals control your thoughts and feelings / Gary L. Wenk.
RM 725 .R38 2009
Functional testing in human performance / Michael P. Reiman, Robert C. Manske.
RM 735.4 .O23 2009
Occupational therapy in home health care / [edited by] Catherine Verrier Piersol and Phyllis L. Ehrlich.


TA 403 .M53 2011
The essence of materials for engineers / Robert W. Messler, Jr.
TK 5105.8883 .C44 2011
Microsoft Expression Web 4 in depth / Jim Cheshire.
TK 5105.8883 .L44 2010
Microsoft Expression Web 4 step by step / by Chris Leeds.
TK 5105.8883 .R363 2011
Sams teach yourself Microsoft Expression web 4 in 24 hours / Morten Rand-Hendriksen.
TK 7888.3 .N57 2005
The elements of computing systems : building a modern computer from first principles / Noam Nisan and Shimon Schocken.
TS 213 .V25 2010
Applied metal forming : including FEM analysis / Henry S. Valberg.


UB 418 .W65 I85 2010
Women in the United States armed forces : a guide to the issues / Darlene M. Iskra ; foreword by Vincent W. Patton III.


Z 678 .M33 2011
Organizational storytelling for librarians : using stories for effective leadership / Kate Marek.
Z 682.2 .U5 M48 2011
Coaching in the library : a management strategy for achieving excellence / Ruth F. Metz.
Z 711.25 .C65 C75 2010
Critical library instruction : theories and methods / edited by Maria T. Accardi, Emily Drabinski, and Alana Kumbier.
Z 720 .W67 S48 2010
She was a booklegger : remembering Celeste West / edited by Toni Samek, K.R. Roberto, and Moyra Lang.


AUDIO M 2154.6 .A45 A43 1998
Ambrogio e gregorio [sound recording] : l’antico canto della Chiesa = the ancient chant of the Church.
AUDIO M 2154.6 .A45 C36 1994
Canto ambrosiano IV-VIII secolo [sound recording] : melodie dell’antica liturgia milanese.
AUDIO M 2154.6 .A45 C74 1996
La Creazione [sound recording] : La Verginità ; La Pace / [Saint Ambrose, Bishop of Milan].


REF PL 1455 .O88 2010
The Oxford Chinese dictionary : English-Chinese – Chinese English = [Niujin Ying Han, Han Ying ci dian] / [chief editors: Julie Kleeman, Harry Yu].
REF SB 117 .E46 2006
The encyclopedia of seeds : science, technology and uses / edited by Michael Black, J. Derek Bewley, Peter Halmer.
REF TA 9 .E54 2010
The engineering language : a consolidation of the words and their definitions / [edited by] Ronald E. Hanifan.


MEDIA RC 560 .R36 L85 2008
Lumo [videorecording] / directed and produced by Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt, Nelson Walker III ; written by Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt .

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