February 2011 New Titles


BP 172 .L355 2010
Images of Jesus Christ in Islam / Oddbjørn Leirvik.
BR 60 .F3 J4713 2010
Commentary on Galatians / St. Jerome ; translated by Andrew Cain.


DA 990 .U46 M487 2009
Northern Ireland : a triumph of politics : interviews and analysis, 1988-2008 / Frank Millar.
DC 111 .R43 2002
Renaissance and Reformation France, 1500-1648 / edited by Mack P. Holt.
DC 127.6 .L86 1999
The wars of Louis XIV, 1667-1714 / John A. Lynn.
DC 138 .B23 1990
Inventing the French Revolution : essays on French political culture in the eighteenth century / Keith Michael Baker.
DC 202.5 .G74 2003
Napoleon and the transformation of Europe / Alexander Grab.
DC 33.2 .D7513 1993
France in the Middle Ages 987-1460 : from Hugh Capet to Joan of Arc / Georges Duby ; translated by Juliet Vale.
DC 35 .H35 2000
The history of France / W. Scott Haine.
DJK 49 .S69 2010
Bloodlands : Europe between Hitler and Stalin / Timothy Snyder.
DR 565 .P456 2011
Biography of an empire : governing Ottomans in an age of revolution / Christine M. Philliou.
DS 113.7 .P36513 2010
The rise and fall of a Palestinian dynasty : The Husaynis, 1700-1948 / Ilan Pappe.
DT 92.7 .S35 2010
Cleopatra : a life / by Stacy Schiff.


E 338 .L36 2010
Driven West : Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears to the Civil War / A.J. Langguth.
E 757 .M8825 2010
Colonel Roosevelt / Edmund Morris.
E 841 .B68 2010
Framing the sixties : the use and abuse of a decade from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush / Bernard von Bothmer.
E 856 .F45 2010
Poisoning the press : Richard Nixon, Jack Anderson, and the rise of Washington’s scandal culture / Mark Feldstein.


GE 170 .A82 2010
Knowledge and environmental policy : re imagining the boundaries of science and politics / William Ascher, Toddi Steelman, and Robert Healy.
GE 195.7 .L56 2006
Challenged Earth : an overview of humanity’s stewardship of Earth / Stephen F. Lincoln.
GF 49 .E47 2009
Becoming good ancestors : how we balance nature, community, and technology / David Ehrenfeld.
GN 281.4 .B45 2010
Evolution, creationism, and the battle to control America’s classrooms / Michael Berkman, Eric Plutzer.


HC 106 .N64 2010
Who cares? : public ambivalence and government activism from the New Deal to the second gilded age / Katherine S. Newman and Elisabeth S. Jacobs.
HC 79 .E5 M669 2010
Sustainability : a biological perspective / Stephen Morse.
HD 643 .B613 1966
French rural history : an essay on its basic characteristics / Marc Bloch ; foreword by Bryce Lyon ; translated from the French by Janet Sondheimer.
HD 66 .W34 2009
Power of 2 : how to make the most of your partnerships at work and in life / Rodd Wagner and Gale Muller.
HD 4828 .C72 2009
Shop class as soulcraft / Matthew B. Crawford
HD 9685 .U5 S697 2008
The dirty energy dilemma : what’s blocking clean power in the United States / Benjamin K. Sovacool ; foreword by Marilyn A. Brown.
HG 6024 .A3 B478 2011
The compleat day trader : trading systems, strategies, timing indicators, and analytical methods / Jake Bernstein.
HM 851 .S774 2010
Watching YouTube : extraordinary videos by ordinary people / Michael Strangelove.
HQ 518 .Y46 2011
Family politics : the idea of marriage in modern political thought / Scott Yenor.
HV 553 .D555 2010
Disaster concepts and issues : a guide for social work education and practice / edited by David Gillespie and Kofi Danso.


JC 229 .T8 A425 2011
Alexis de Tocqueville and the art of democratic statesmanship / edited by Brian Danoff and L. Joseph Hebert, Jr..
JK 1411 .G74 2010
The speaker of the House : a study of leadership / Matthew N. Green.
JZ 1480 .A57 K6 2010
Getting to yes in Korea / Walter C. Clemens, Jr. ; with a foreword by Bill Richardson.


K 3927 .W35 2011
Eco crime and genetically modified food / Reece Walters.
KF 3821 .L36 2010
Landmark : the inside story of America’s new health care law and what it means for us all / the staff of the Washington Post.
KF 4754.5 .A53 B35 2010
From the closet to the courtroom : five LGBT rights lawsuits that have changed our nation / Carlos A. Ball.
KF 4905 .B85 2010
Redistricting : the most political activity in America / Charles S. Bullock III.
KF 8744 .F45 2010
Scorpions : the battles and triumphs of FDR’s great Supreme Court justices / Noah Feldman.
KF 8745 .B68 S74 2010
Justice Brennan : liberal champion / Seth Stern and Stephen Wermiel.


LB 1029 .A22 W63 2010
Teaching intensive and accelerated courses : instruction that motivates learning / Raymond J. Wlodkowski, and Margery B. Ginsberg.
LB 2822.8 .C74 2006
Creating sustainable environments in our schools / edited by Tony Shallcross … [et al.].


ML 336.5 .M45 2004
Rhapsody in red : how western classical music became Chinese / Sheila Melvin and Jindong Cai.
ML 420 .H387 A3 2010
Rat girl / Kristin Hersh.


NA 9072 .M5 P534 2009
Piazza Duomo prima del Duomo : Piazza Duomo before the Duomo / a cura di Silvia Lusuardi Siena.


P 116 .F58 2010
The evolution of language / W. Tecumseh Fitch.
P 211.3 .E3 B34 2011
Everyday writing in the Graeco-Roman East / Roger S. Bagnall.
P 96 .T42 G35 2008
New media / Nicholas Gane and David Beer.
PN 1992.77 .E35 N33 2009
Right here on our stage tonight! : Ed Sullivan’s America / Gerald Nachman.
PQ 2617 .O6 R5 1960
Rhinoceros, and other plays / by Eugène Ionesco ; translated by Derek Prouse.


QB 500 .N48 2010
Beyond the atmosphere : early years of space science / Homer E. Newell ; introduction to the Dover edition by Paul Dickson.
QB 500.26 .I58 F3 2010
The fair and responsible use of space : an international perspective / Wolfgang Rathgeber, Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Ray A. Williamson (eds.).
QC 168 .R38 2010
Applied gas dynamics / Ethirajan Rathakrishnan.
QD 381 .E53 2010
Encyclopedia of polymer blends / edited by Avraam I. Isayev.
QH 326 .T35 2010
Talking about life : conversations on astrobiology / [edited by] Chris Impey.
QH 360.5 .G58 2010
What about Darwin? : all species of opinion from scientists, sages, friends, and enemies who met, read, and discussed the naturalist who changed the world / Thomas F. Glick.
QH 541 .B2715 2010
Aboveground-belowground linkages : biotic interactions, ecosystem processes, and global change / Richard D. Bardgett, David A. Wardle.
QH 77 .A4 C56 2010
Community rights, conservation and contested land : the politics of natural resource governance in Africa / edited by Fred Nelson.
QK 46.5 .H85 E84 2010
Ethnobotany in the new Europe : people, health, and wild plant resources / edited by Manuel Pardo-de-Santayana, Andrea Pieroni and Rajindra K. Puri.
QK 477.2 .A6 S64 2010
Fundamentals of tree-ring research / James H. Speer.
QL 758 .T76 2010
Trophic cascades : predators, prey, and the changing dynamics of nature / edited by John Terborgh and James A. Estes.
QL 876 .E96 2010
The evolution of primary sexual characters in animals / edited by Janet L. Leonard, Alex Córdoba-Aguilar.
QL 955 .G48 2010
Developmental biology / Scott F. Gilbert.
QM 23.2 .M675 2010
Rapid review gross and developmental anatomy / N. Anthony Moore, William A. Roy.
QR 69 .D35 W45 2010
Data-handling in biomedical science / Peter White.


RC 495 .H34 1986
Uncommon therapy : the psychiatric techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. / Jay Haley.
RC 628 .P65 2009
The evolution of obesity / Michael L. Power and Jay Schulkin.
RC 815.2 .D97 2006
Dysphagia : foundation, theory and practice / edited by Julie A.Y. Cichero, Bruce E. Murdoch.
RJ 496 .C4 E74 1994
Developmental hand dysfunction / Rhoda Erhardt.
RJ 506 .A9 M95 2011
Asperger syndrome and high-functioning autism : a guide for effective practice / Richard L. Simpson, Brenda Smith Myles.
RM 735 .K56 2004
A practitioner’s guide to clinical occupational therapy / Moya Kinnealey, Donna Weiss, Marlene J. Morgan.
RT 89.3 .M46 2010
The nurse executive’s coaching manual / Kimberly A. McNally and Liz Cunningham.


SB 117 .H27 2004
Handbook of seed physiology : applications to agriculture / Roberto L. Benech-Arnold, Rodolfo A. Sanchez, editors.
SB 612 .A2 Z56 2010
A history of weed science in the United States / Robert L. Zimdahl.


TD 196 .A77 R38 2009
Arsenic pollution : a global synthesis / Peter Ravenscroft, Hugh Brammer and Keith Richards.
TL 789.8 .U6 A52433 2010
Moon men return : USS Hornet and the recovery of the Apollo 11 astronauts / Scott W. Carmichael.
TL 789.8 .U6 A53334 2010
Footprints in the dust : the epic voyages of Apollo, 1969-1975 / edited by Colin Burgess ; foreword by Richard F. Gordon.
TP 248.215 .P43 2010
Biotechnology and genetic engineering / Kathy Wilson Peacock ; foreword by Charles Hagedorn.


UB 803 .D689 2010
The enemy in our hands : America’s treatment of enemy prisoners of war, from the Revolution to the War on Terror / Robert C. Doyle.


MEDIA GE 140 .G74 2000
Green [videorecording].
MEDIA HV 6626.2 .D44 1994
Defending our lives [videorecording].


CHILD LIT ML3930 .H45 G65 2010
Jimi : sounds like a rainbow / Gary Golio.
CHILD LIT PQ 2662 .O5773 Ti 2010
A time of miracles / Anne-Laure Bondoux.
CHILD LIT PS 3558 .O35582 Tu 2010
Turtle in paradise / Jennifer L. Holm.
CHILD LIT PS 3568 .Y3926 Ne 2010
The dreamer / Pam Munoz Ryan.
CHILD LIT PS 3563 .Y48 Lo 2010
Lockdown / Walter Dean Myers.
CHILD LIT PS 3545 .I5473 On 2010
One crazy summer / Rita Williams-Garcia.
CHILD LIT PZ 7 .P28393 Mo 2010
Moon over Manifest / Clare Vanderpool.
CHILD LIT PZ 7 .M43542 De 2009
Departure time / Truus Matti.
CHILD LIT F 548.9 .N4 N47 2010
Yummy : the last days / Greg Neri.
CHILD LIT PZ 7 .S8084 Si 2010
A sick day for Amos McGee / Philip Christian Stead.

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