May 2011 New Titles


B 2779 .C25 2010
The Cambridge companion to Kant’s Critique of pure reason / edited by Paul Guyer
B 395 .M3875 2010
Plato / Andrew Mason.
BF 1779 .F4 H6 2010
Grace Ho’s one minute feng shui for prosperity / Grace Ho.
BF 636 .A597 2011
Applied positive psychology : improving everyday life, health, schools, work, and society / edited by Stewart I. Donaldson, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Jeanne Nakamura.
BF 724.3 .B55 G39 2009
Body image and appearance : the ultimate teen guide / Kathlyn Gay.
BJ 1249 .S56 2009
Catholic social teaching and economic globalization : the quest for alternatives / John Sniegocki.
BL 2525 .H57 2009
Hispanic American religious cultures / Miguel A. De La Torre, editor.
BR 1285 .P56 2010
Pioneer Chinese Christian women : gender, Christianity, and social mobility / edited by Jessie G. Lutz.
BR 333.5 .S65 L88 2007
Luther’s spirituality / edited and translated by Philip D.W. Krey and Peter D.S. Krey ; preface by Timothy J. Wengert.
BS 646 .G72 2003
Knowing the end from the beginning : the prophetic, the apocalyptic, and their relationships / Lester L. Grabbe & Robert D. Haak.
BS 651 .R37 2009
Reading Genesis after Darwin / edited by Stephen C. Barton, David Wilkinson.
BX 1378.6 .B49 2010
Benedict XVI : essays and reflections on his papacy / editor, Mary Ann Walsh ; greeting from the Vatican, Tarcisio Bertone ; foreword, King Abdullah II ; foreword, Shimon Peres ; preface, Francis George ; “Pope Benedict XVI: first five years of his papacy,” [by] John Travis.
BX 1426.3 .S39 2011
The history of the Catholic Church in Latin America : from conquest to revolution and beyond / John Frederick Schwaller.
BX 1753 .B435 2011
Church, state, and society : an introduction to Catholic social doctrine / J. Brian Benestad.
BX 2320.5 .E85 E53 2010
Encyclopedia of medieval pilgrimage / edited by Larissa J. Taylor … [et al.].


D 258 .W55 2009
The Thirty Years War : Europe’s tragedy / Peter H. Wilson.
D 799 .U6 S45 2006
Broadcasts from the Blitz : how Edward R. Murrow helped lead America into war / Philip Seib.
D 804.3 .B773 2004
The origins of the Final Solution : the evolution of Nazi Jewish policy, September 1939-March 1942 / Christopher R. Browning ; with contributions by Jürgen Matthäus.
D 804.48 .S588 2011
Smuggled in potato sacks : fifty stories of the hidden children of the Kaunas Ghetto / edited by S. Abramovich and Y. Zilberg.
DC 61 .F584 2002
France in the later Middle Ages / edited by David Potter.
DS 117 .B7213 2010
A short history of the Jews / Michael Brenner ; translated by Jeremiah Riemer.
DS 436 .S23 2008
India : the definitive history / D.R. SarDesai.
DS 62.8 .G68 2011
The government and politics of the Middle East and North Africa / edited by David E. Long, Bernard Reich, Mark Gasiorowski.
DS 775.2 .F86 2010
The intellectual foundations of Chinese modernity : cultural and political thought in the Republican era / Edmund S.K. Fung.
DT 83 .W658 2010
The rise and fall of ancient Egypt / Toby Wilkinson.


E 160 .R78 2010
National parks : the American experience / Alfred Runte.
E 184 .I6 T85 2010
Ireland and Irish Americans, 1932-1945 : the search for identity / John Day Tully.
E 837.7 .C38 2009
The making of a Catholic president : Kennedy vs. Nixon 1960 / Shaun A. Casey.
E 909 .D86 S36 2011
A singular woman : the untold story of Barack Obama’s mother / Janny Scott.
F 1219.76 .C35 A98 2010
The Aztec Calendar Stone / edited by Khristaan D. Villela and Mary Ellen Miller ; introduction by Khristaan D. Villela, Matthew H. Robb, and Mary Ellen Miller.
F 1435 .W425 2002
The fall of the ancient Maya : solving the mystery of the Maya collapse / David Webster.
F 1435.3 .C14 R47 2011
2012 and the end of the world : the Western roots of the Maya apocalypse / Matthew Restall and Amara Solari.
F 204 .W5 L87 2011
The Black history of the White House / Clarence Lusane.


GV 1132 .L6 R63 2010
Joe Louis : hard times man / Randy Roberts.
GV 697 .T5 B84 2010
Native American son : the life and sporting legend of Jim Thorpe / Kate Buford.
GV 994 .K56 W37 2011
Game, set, match : Billie Jean King and the revolution in women’s sports / Susan Ware.


HB 171 .A19 2010
21st century economics : a reference handbook / edited by Rhona C. Free.
HB 615 .H26598 2011
Handbook of research on innovation and entrepreneurship / edited by David B. Audretsch … [et al.].
HB 95 .S33 2010
Why some things should not be for sale : the moral limits of markets / Debra Satz.
HC79 .E5 H86 2011
Force of nature / Edward Hume.
HC 106.84 .S36 2010
Destined for failure : American prosperity in the age of bailouts / Nicolás Sánchez, Christopher Kopp, Francis Sanzari.
HC 121 .L27168
Latin American economic outlook.
HC 447 .D87 2009
Surviving against the odds : village industry in Indonesia / S. Ann Dunham ; edited and with a preface by Alice G. Dewey and Nancy I. Cooper ; with a foreword by Maya Soetoro-Ng and an afterword by Robert W. Hefner.
HC 79 .E5 P515 2010
Breaking the poverty cycle : the human basis for sustainable development / by Susan Pick, Jenna Sirkin.
HD 2336.3 .C66 2010
Communication, relationships and practices in virtual work / [edited by] Shawn D. Long.
HD 2341 .A94 2009
Going global : an information sourcebook for small and medium sized businesses / Susan C. Awe.
HD 30.37 .S49 2011
The facebook era : tapping online social networks to market, sell, and innovate / Clara Shih.
HD 45 .D36 2010
The innovator’s way : essential practices for successful innovation / Peter J. Denning and Robert Dunham.
HD 57.7 .L439 2011
Discovering the leader in you : how to realize your leadership potential / Sara N. King, David G. Altman, Robert J. Lee.
HD 58.9 .L473 2010
Closing the execution gap : how great leaders and their companies get results / Richard Lepsinger.
HD 62.4 .S735 2010
Management across cultures : challenges and strategies / Richard M. Steers, Carlos J. Sanchez-Runde, Luciara Nardon.
HD 6231 .R54 2010
Rights and wrongs of children’s work / Michael Bourdillon … [et al.].
HD 69 .S8 B88 2009
How to succeed in business using LinkedIn : making connections and capturing opportunities on the Web’s # [number] 1 business networking site / Eric Butow and Kathleen Taylor.
HD 70 .I4 Z83 2010
Inside the Indian business mind : a tactical guide for managers / Katherine C. Zubko and Raj R. Sahay.
HD 7293 .H238 2011
The great American housing bubble : the road to collapse / Robert M. Hardaway.
HD 8039 .C6 A74 2010
The Ashgate companion to the history of textile workers, 1650-2000 / edited by Lex Heerma van Voss, Els Hiemstra-Kuperus, Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk.
HD 9000.6 .S33 2010
The politics of food : the global conflict between food security and food sovereignty / William D. Schanbacher.
HE 7581.5 .S86 2010
Internet policy in China : a field study of internet cafés / Helen Sun.
HF 5381 .P492 2010
Impressive first impressions : a guide to the most important 30 seconds (and 30 years) of your career / Vu H. Pham and Lisa Miyake.
HF 5382.7 .B595 2010
101 best ways to land a job in troubled times / Jay A. Block.
HF 5383 .S725 2010
Fearless résumés : the proven method for getting a great job fast / Marky Stein.
HF 54.56 .S28 2011
Find a job through social networking : use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and more to advance your career / Diane Crompton and Ellen Sautter.
HF 5415.1265 .F86 2011
Social media playbook for business : reaching your online community with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and more / Tom Funk.
HF 5415.13 .S8573 2010
Creating a successful marketing strategy for your small new business / Stanley F. Stasch.
HF 5415.32 .R47 2010
Research in consumer behavior. Vol. 12 / edited by Russell W. Belk.
HF 5548.32 .E84 2010
Ethical issues in e-business : models and frameworks / Daniel E. Palmer, editor.
HF 5548.8 .A684 2011
APA handbook of industrial and organizational psychology / Sheldon Zedeck, editor-in-chief.
HF 5549 .G624 2010
Going global : practical applications and recommendations for HR and OD professionals in the global workplace / edited by Kyle Lundby with Jeffrey Jolton ; foreword by Allen I. Kraut.
HF 5549.5 .I6 M3178 2010
201 knockout answers to tough interview questions : the ultimate guide to handling the new competency based interview style / Linda Matias.
HF 5549.5 .J63 P77 2010
Happiness at work : maximizing your psychological capital for success / Jessica Pryce-Jones.
HF 5726 .W55 2010
The AMA handbook of business writing : the ultimate guide to style, grammar, usage, punctuation, construction, and formatting / Kevin Wilson and Jennifer Wauson.
HM 435 .P69 2010
Making sense of social theory : a practical introduction / Charles H. Powers.
HM 636 .B653 2010
The body reader : essential social and cultural readings / edited by Lisa Jean Moore and Mary Kosut.
HM 743 .T95 M37 2010
Twitter tips, tricks, and tweets / Paul McFedries.
HM 851 .A254 2010
Access controlled : the shaping of power, rights, and rule in cyberspace / Ronald Deibert, John Palfrey, Rafal Rohozinski, and Jonathan Zittrain, editors.
HN 18.3 .E47 2010
Humanity on a tightrope : thoughts on empathy, family, and big changes for a viable future / Paul R. Ehrlich and Robert E. Ornstein.
HQ 1170 .C665 2010
Nazira Zeineddine : a pioneer of Islamic feminism / Miriam Cooke.
HQ 1767 .Y38 2009
Women in China from earliest times to the present : a bibliography of studies in Western languages / by Robin D.S. Yates.
HQ 759 .C7245 2010
The time use of mothers in the United States at the beginning of the 21st century / Rachel Connelly and Jean Kimmel.
HQ 76 .M87 2010
Not in this family : gays and the meaning of kinship in postwar North America / Heather Murray.
HQ 767.5 .U5 O27 2010
The Church and abortion : a Catholic dissent / George Dennis O’Brien.
HQ 777 .O74 2011
Cinderella ate my daughter : dispatches from the front lines of the new girlie girl culture / Peggy Orenstein.
HV 1568.5 .R93 2011
Job search handbook for people with disabilities / Daniel J. Ryan.
HV 27 .S533 2010
Women and philanthropy : boldly shaping a better world / Sondra Shaw-Hardy and Martha A. Taylor, with Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz ; foreword by Debra Mesch and Andrea Pactor.
HV 6018 .B367 2010
Explaining crime : a primer in criminological theory / Hugh D. Barlow and David Kauzlarich.
HV 6025 .B255 2009
Criminology : an integrated approach / Gregg Barak.
HV 6326 .S74 2011
Tangled webs : how false statements are undermining America : from Martha Stewart to Bernie Madoff / James B. Stewart.
HV 636 2005 .N4 K38 2010
Katrina’s imprint : race and vulnerability in America / edited by Keith Wailoo … [et al.].
HV 6430 .A1 M53 2011
The terrorist list / Edward F. Mickolus and Susan L. Simmons.
HV 6431 .K84 2010
A foreigner carrying in the crook of his arm a tiny bomb / Amitava Kumar.
HV 6431 .N3815 2010
Terrorism and the ethics of war / Stephen Nathanson.
HV 6773 .I573 2010
Internet fraud casebook : the World Wide Web of deceit / edited by Joseph T. Wells.
HV 7936 .P75 H36 2011
Handbook of police psychology / edited by Jack Kitaeff.
HV 8699 .U5 L366 2010
Stay of execution : saving the death penalty from itself / Charles Lane.
HV 875 .U55 2009
Child adoption : trends and policies / Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division.
HV 9304 .H38 2010
Prisoner reentry and social capital : the long road to reintegration / Angela Hattery and Earl Smith.


JC 571 .F233 2010
The atlas of human rights : mapping violations of freedom around the globe / Andrew Fagan.
JC 571 .M88 2010
The last utopia : human rights in history / Samuel Moyn.
JF 1005 .A6 2009
Am Gov 2011.
JK 765 .H33 2010
Handbook of human resource management in government / Stephen E. Condrey, editor.
JV 6465 .K54 2011
Immigration : the ultimate teen guide / Tatyana Kleyn.


KF 4552 .S86 2009
A Constitution of many minds : why the founding document doesn’t mean what it meant before / Cass R. Sunstein.
KFM 2478.8 .W5 R43 2009
Records of the Salem witch-hunt / general editor, Bernard Rosenthal ; associate editors, Gretchen A. Adams … [et al.] ; project manager, Margo Burns.
KL 75 .C48 2010
Writing, law, and kingship in Old Babylonian Mesopotamia / Dominique Charpin ; translated by Jane Marie Todd.


LB 1028.5 .L4336 2009
Making the move to eLearning : putting your course online / Kay Lehmann and Lisa Chamberlin.
LB 1762 .P37 2009
CliffsNotes Praxis II : elementary education test prep / by Jocelyn L. Paris and Judy L. Paris.
LB 1762 .P375 2009
CliffsNotes Praxis II : fundamental subjects content knowledge / by Jocelyn L. Paris, Judy L. Paris.
LB 1768 .P35 2010
Cliffsnotes Praxis II : educational leadership, administration and supervision / Judy L. Paris.
LB 2351.2 .H356 2011
The myths of standardized tests : why they don’t tell you what you think they do / Phillip Harris, Bruce M. Smith, and Joan Harris.
LB 2367.75 .P375 2008
CliffsNotes Praxis II : education of exceptional students  test prep / by Judy L. Paris.


ML 1711.8 .N3 S73 2010
Showtime : a history of the Broadway musical theater / Larry Stempel.
ML 270.2 .G67 2011
Music and the language of love : seventeenth century French airs / Catherine Gordon-Seifert.
ML 3799 .N38 2010
Nettl’s elephant : on the history of ethnomusicology / Bruno Nettl ; foreword by Anthony Seeger.
ML 424 .S8 P65 2010
Stradivari / Stewart Pollens.


N 5205.7 .C6 L5 2010
Empresses, art, & agency in Song dynasty China / Hui-shu Lee.
N 576 .H68 A95 2010
Art and activism : projects of John and Dominique de Menil / edited by Josef Helfenstein and Laureen Schipsi ; [essays by] Suzanne Deal Booth … [et al.].
N 6512 .B276 2010
American paintings and works on paper in the Barnes Foundation / Richard J. Wattenmaker.
N 6537 .C33 Z33 2011
Calder’s portraits : a new language / Barbara Zabel.
N 6603.2 .W45 2011
To and from utopia in the new Cuban art / Rachel Weiss.
N 7265 .E44 2010
Art of the Middle East : modern and contemporary art of the Arab world and Iran / Saeb Eigner ; foreword by Zaha Hadid ; with the assistance of Isabelle Caussé and Christopher Masters.
N 7433.3 .A72 2011
The book as instrument : Stéphane Mallarmé, the artist’s book, and the transformation of print culture / Anna Sigrídur Arnar.
NA 200 .C493 2011
A global history of architecture / Francis D.K. Ching, Mark Jarzombek, Vikramaditya Prakash.
NA 2500 .R42 2010
Architecture and beauty : conversations with architects about a troubled relationship / Yael Reisner with Fleur Watson.
NA 2543 .S6 C35 2010
Architecture as revolution : episodes in the history of modern Mexico / by Luis E. Carranza ; foreword by Jorge Francisco Liernur.
NA 3790 .P6313 2010
Italian mosaics, 300-1300 / Joachim Poeschke ; translated from the German by Russell Stockman.
NA 735 .L55 H56 2010
Architecture of the sun : Los Angeles modernism, 1900-1970 / Thomas S. Hines.
NB 237 .C28 W37 2010
Alexander Calder and contemporary art : form, balance, joy / Lynne Warren ; with essays by George Baker … [et al.].
NC 997 .G565 2009
Graphic design, referenced : a visual guide to the language, applications, and history of graphic design / Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit.
NC 998 .C72 2010
The story of graphic design : from the invention of writing to the birth of digital design / Patrick Cramsie.
ND 547.5 .I4 B57 2010
Birth of Impressionism : masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay / project curated by Guy Cogeval, Stéphane Guégan, and Alice Thomine-Berrada ; additional contributions by Krista Brugnara … [et al.]. [
ND 623 .L5 A4 2008
Notebooks / Leonardo da Vinci ; selected by Irma A. Richter ; edited with an introduction and notes by Thereza Wells ; preface by Martin Kemp.
NK 9112 .S425 2009
American quilts : the democratic art, 1780-2007 / Robert Shaw.


PA 3161 .B57 2011
The birth of comedy : texts, documents, and art from Athenian comic competitions, 486-280 / edited by Jeffrey Rusten ; translated by Jeffrey Henderson … [et al.].
PA 3948 .C9 P43513 2010
Ctesias’ History of Persia : tales of the Orient / [translated with commentaries by] Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones and James Robson.
PJ 1557 .J68 2010
Journey through the afterlife : ancient Egyptian Book of the dead / edited by John H. Taylor.
PL 1125 .E6 C69 2008
One minute Mandarin : a beginner’s guide to spoken Chinese for professionals / Peter Coyne.
PL 248 .P34 Z46 2010
The naive and the sentimental novelist / Orhan Pamuk ; translated by Nazim Dikbaş.
PN 1997.85 .E39 2002
Eighteenth-century fiction on screen / edited by Robert Mayer.
PN 2071 .P49 S68 2010
The philosophical actor : a practical meditation for practicing theatre artists / Donna Soto-Morettini.
PN 4784 .T4 S44 2008
The Al Jazeera effect : how the new global media are reshaping world politics / Philip Seib.
PR 438 .E39 B67 2011
Ecocriticism and early modern English literature : green pastures / Todd A. Borlik.
PR 878 .C59 A56 2010
Dress and identity in British literary culture, 1870-1914 / Rosy Aindow.
PS 1541 .A6 2010
Dickinson : selected poems and commentaries / Helen Vendler.
PS 3545 .I5365 S83 1958
Suddenly last summer / by Tennessee Williams.
PS 634 .H86 2010
Humana Festival 2010 : the complete plays / edited by Adrien-Alice Hansel and Amy Wegener.
PT 2681 .U74 P313 2001
Perfume : the story of a murderer / Patrick Süskind ; translated from the German by John E. Woods.


Q 172.5 .C45 B35 2009 v.2-3
Nature’s patterns / Philip Ball
Q 180.55 .D57 A463 2010
Pathfinders : the golden age of Arabic science / Jim al-Khalili.
QA 267.7 .G652 2010
P, NP, and NP-completeness : the basics of computational complexity / Oded Goldreich.
QA 43 .M374 2009
CliffsNotes Praxis II : middle school mathematics test prep / by Sandra Luna McCune, E. Donice. McCune.
QA 76.25 .M45 2010
Computers and programming / Lisa McCoy.
QC 718 .I435 2011
Principles of plasma physics for engineers and scientists / Umran Inan and Marek Gołkowski.
QD 544.3 .S39 2010
The aqueous chemistry of the elements / George K. Schweitzer, Lester L. Pesterfield.
QE 721.2 .E85 L54 2010
Prehistoric life : evolution and the fossil record / Bruce S. Lieberman and Roger Kaesler.
QH 366.2 .A968 2010
Am I a monkey? : six big questions about evolution / Francisco J. Ayala.
QH 545 .P4 C38 2002
Silent spring / Rachel Carson ; introduction by Linda Lear ; afterword by Edward O. Wilson ; [drawings by Lois and Louis Darling].
QL 473 .E37 2010
Tracks & sign of insects & other invertebrates : a guide to North American species / Charley Eiseman & Noah Charney, with John Carlson.
QL 85 .H47 2010
Some we love, some we hate, some we eat : why it’s so hard to think straight about animals / Hal Herzog.


R 726 .L49 2011
Assisted death in Europe and America : four regimes and their lessons / Guenter Lewy.
RA 1148 .F557 2010
Forensic psychology : concepts, debates, and practice / edited by Joanna R. Adler and Jacqueline M. Gray.
RA 424.8 .P83 2011
Public health in the 21st century / Madelon L. Finkel, editor ; foreword by David J. Skorton.
RA 576.7 .G3 U3413 2009
The age of smoke : environmental policy in Germany and the United States, 1880-1970 / Frank Uekoetter.
RA 781.8 .C356 2010
Chinese medical qigong / editor in chief, Tianjun Liu ; associate editor in chief, Kevin W. Chen ; foreword by Marc Micozzi.
RA 784 .B73 2010
Food choices : the ultimate teen guide / Robin F. Brancato.
RB 113 .P3637 2012
Pathophysiology made incredibly visual!.
RC 281 .C4 T56 2011
Living with cancer : the ultimate teen guide / Denise Thornton.
RC 423 .R66 2010
An advanced review of speech-language pathology : preparation for the PRAXIS and comprehensive examination / Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin and M.N. Hegde.
RC 451.4 .W6 P83 2010
A public health perspective of women’s mental health / Bruce Lubotsky Levin, Marion Ann Becker, editors ; foreword by Rosalynn Carter.
RC 553 .R66 2009
Obsessive-compulsive disorder : the ultimate teen guide / Natalie Rompella.
RD 120.6 .S34 2010
The origins of organ transplantation : surgery and laboratory science, 1880-1930 / Thomas Schlich.
RT 31 .H567 2011
History as evidence : nursing interventions through time / [edited by] Patricia D’Antonio, Sandra B. Lewenson.


T 57.85 .N523 2011
Networks : an introduction / M.E.J. Newman. Repr. with corr.
TH 2449 .A76 2008
Fabric architecture : creative resources for shade, signage, and shelter / Samuel J. Armijos.
TH 7900 .B68 2010
Brilliant : the evolution of artificial light / Jane Brox.
TJ 163.2 .C73 2010
A cubic mile of oil : realities and options for averting the looming global energy crisis / Hewitt D. Crane, Edwin M. Kinderman, Ripudaman Malhotra.
TK 5105.74 .G55 H648 2011
Sams teach yourself Gmail in 10 minutes / Steven Holzner.
TK 5105.885 .G66 H65 2009
Google Docs 4 everyone / Steven Holzner and Nancy Holzner.
TK 7871.85 .L4167 2010
Makers of the microchip : a documentary history of Fairchild Semiconductor / Christophe Lécuyer, David C. Brock.
TL 540 .E3 W57 2010
Amelia Earhart : the turbulent life of an American icon / Kathleen C. Winters.
TP 659 .G54 2010
Bottled and sold : the story behind our obsession with bottled water / Peter H. Gleick.
TR 139 .R67 2010
A history of women photographers / Naomi Rosenblum.
TR 786 .P43 2010
Earth then and now : amazing images of our changing world / Fred Pearce ; foreword, James Lovelock.


UD 395 .A16 C47 2010
The gun / C.J. Chivers.


Z 668.5 .R44 2011
Workplace learning & leadership : a handbook for library and nonprofit trainers / Lori Reed and Paul Signorelli.
Z 682.35 .V62 W66 2011
A librarian’s guide to an uncertain job market / Jeannette Woodward.
Z 718.5 .T43 2009
Teaching Generation M : a handbook for librarians and educators / edited by Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic and Robert J. Lackie.


REF B 802 .E53 2003
Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment / Alan Charles Kors, editor in chief.
REF E 184.6 .M55 2010
Milestone documents in African American history : exploring the essential primary sources / Paul Finkelman, editor in chief.
REF GT 3925 .H64 2010
Holidays, festivals, and celebrations of the world dictionary : detailing more than 3,000 observances from all 50 states and more than 100 nations : a compendious reference guide to popular, ethnic, religious, national, and ancient holidays…. / edited by Cherie D. Abbey.
REF HA 29 .E525 2010
Encyclopedia of research design / edited by Neil J. Salkind.
REF HB 61 .N49 2008
The new Palgrave dictionary of economics / edited by Steven N. Durlauf and Lawrence E. Blume.
REF HC 102 .A66 2011
The American economy : a historical encyclopedia / Cynthia L. Clark, editor.
REF HV 5017 .G65 2010
The encyclopedia of alcoholism and alcohol abuse / Mark S. Gold and Christine Adamec.
REF HV 5825 .E494 2011
Encyclopedia of drug policy / editors, Mark A.R. Kleiman, James E. Hawdon.
REF KF 4557 .V555 2010
Encyclopedia of constitutional amendments, proposed amendments, and amending issues, 1789-2010 / John R. Vile.
REF LA 226 .A65 2010
American universities and colleges.
REF PN 6328 .L3 L37 2010
Last words of notable people : final words of more than 3500 noteworthy people throughout history / compiled by William B. Brahms.
REF QA 276.14 .E84 2010
The Cambridge dictionary of statistics / B.S. Everitt, A. Skrondal.
REF QH 360.2 .G65 2011
Grzimek’s animal life encyclopedia. Evolution / Michael Hutchins, series editor ; Valerius Geist and Eric Pianka, advisory editors ; in association with The Wildlife Society.
REF RC 41 .M34 2011
Magill’s medical guide / medical editors, Brandon P. Brown … [et al.].


MEDIA PN 1997 .S828 2006
Suddenly, last summer [videorecording] .
MEDIA RC 554 .P468 2008
Personality disorders [videorecording].

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