August 2011 New Titles



B 1247 .S7713 2011
Hobbes’s Critique of religion & related writings / Leo Strauss ; translated and edited by Gabriel Bartlett & Svetozar Minkov.
B 131 .G275 2011
The lost age of reason : philosophy in early modern India 1450-1700 / Jonardon Ganeri.
B 2430 .T374 L385 2011
The legacy of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin / edited by James Salmon and John Farina.
B 288 .T45 2011
Plato’s counterfeit Sophists / by Håkan Tell.
B 395 .P3865 2011
Socrates and philosophy in the dialogues of Plato / Sandra Peterson.
BD 225 .B66 2010
In praise of copying / Marcus Boon.
BD 418.3 .J39 2011
Philosophy of mind : a comprehensive introduction / William Jaworski.
BF 378 .A87 A27 2010
The act of remembering : toward an understanding of how we recall the past / edited by John H. Mace.
BF 531 .R687 2011
The Routledge handbook of emotions and mass media / edited by Katrin Döveling, Christian von Scheve, and Elly A. Konijn.
BF 692 .B73 2010
Monogamy : the untold story / Marianne Brandon.
BF 723 .T53 R68 2011
Becoming who we are : temperament and personality in development / Mary K. Rothbart.
BJ 1212 .S63 2011
Christian grace and pagan virtue : the theological foundation of Ambrose’s ethics / J. Warren Smith.
BL 624 .K55 2010
To see God, to see the Buddha : an exploration of seeing spirituality with Meister Eckhart, Nāgārjuna, and Huang Po / Ha Poong Kim.
BL 626.4 .D58 2010
Divine love : perspectives from the world’s religious traditions / [by] William C. Chittick … [et al.] ; edited by Jeff Levin and Stephen G. Post ; foreword by Seyyed Hossein Nasr.
BL 98 .K56 2011
Teilhard de Chardin and Eastern religions : spirituality and mysticism in an evolutionary world / Ursula King ; foreword by Joseph Needham.
BM 535 .L795 2010
The Jewish people, the Holy Land, and the state of Israel : a Catholic view / Richard C. Lux.
BR 1720 .A5 L54 2011
Ambrose and John Chrysostom : clerics between desert and empire / J.H.W.G. Liebeschuetz.
BS 1130 .C37 2010
An introduction to the Old Testament : sacred texts and imperial contexts of the Hebrew Bible / David M. Carr.
BS 1136 .C435 2011
Changes in Scripture : rewriting and interpreting authoritative traditions in the second temple period / edited by Hanne von Weissenberg, Juha Pakkala and Marko Marttila.
BT 199.5 .H37 2010
Historical dictionary of Jesus / Daniel J. Harrington.
BV 15 .S65 2009
The Spirit in worship, worship in the Spirit / edited by Teresa Berger and Bryan D. Spinks.
BX 2178 .S28 2010
The new spiritual exercises : in the spirit of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin / Louis M. Savary.
BX 2350.57 .C68 1997
Call to holiness : reflections on the Catholic charismatic renewal / Paul Josef Cordes ; foreword by Raniero Cantalamessa.
BX 2350.65 .S45 2010
Explorations in spirituality : history, theology, and social practice / Philip F. Sheldrake.


D 157 .M32 2008
The crusades and the Christian world of the East : rough tolerance / Christopher MacEvitt.
DA 821 .C36 2010
Impaled upon a thistle : Scotland since 1880 / Ewen A. Cameron.
DS 119.76 .B745 2006
Bridging the divide : peacebuilding in the Israeli, Palestinian conflict / edited by Edy Kaufman, Walid Salem, and Juliette Verhoeven.
DS 558 .L54 2010
Light at the end of the tunnel : a Vietnam War anthology / edited by Andrew J. Rotter.
DT 38.9 .C5 T394 2009
China’s new role in Africa / Ian Taylor.


E 165 .D16 2010
Tocqueville’s discovery of America / Leopold Damrosch.
E 180.5 .N98 2010
Nearby history : exploring the past around you / David E. Kyvig and Myron A. Marty.
E 185.6 .G79 2009
To ask for an equal chance : African Americans in the Great Depression / Cheryl Lynn Greenberg.
E 744 .J669 2008
Crucible of power. A history of American foreign relations from 1897 / Howard Jones.
E 842.9 .C46 2010
Head shot : the science behind the JFK assassination / G. Paul Chambers.
F 379 .N557 R37 2011
American uprising : the untold story of America’s largest slave revolt / Daniel Rasmussen.
F 68 .B936 2011
Making haste from Babylon the Mayflower pilgrims and their world: a new history / Nick Bunker.


GE 70 .F74 2009
Free-choice learning and the environment / edited by John H. Falk, Joe E. Heimlich, and Susan Foutz.
GV 1787 .H58 2010
Apollo’s angels : a history of ballet / Jennifer Homans.


H 62.5 .U5 G73 2010
A most human enterprise : controversies in the social sciences / Donald O. Granberg and John F. Galliher.
H 62.5 .U5 S37 2010
Ethical imperialism : institutional review boards and the social sciences, 1965-2009 / Zachary M. Schrag. 
HC 110 .C3 U215 2011
U.S. infrastructure / edited by Paul McCaffrey. Ipswich, Mass. : H.W. Wilson Co., 2011.
HC 125 .E3923 2010
Left behind : Latin America and the false promise of populism / Sebastian Edwards.
HC 60 .R482 2011
Brand aid : shopping well to save the world / Lisa Ann Richey and Stefano Ponte.
HD 41 .S54125 2010
Copycats : how smart companies use imitation to gain a strategic edge / Oded Shenkar.
HD 60 .Y85 2010
Building social business : the new kind of capitalism that serves humanity’s most pressing needs / Muhammad Yunus with Karl Weber.
HD 6054.3 .C73 2010
Cracking the highest glass ceiling : a global comparison of women’s campaigns for executive office / Rainbow Murray, editor ; foreword by Pippa Norris.
HD 7293 .B675 2010
The creation of a federal partnership : the role of the states in affordable housing / Margaret M. Brassil.
HD 8574 .G7313 2011
Work without boundaries : psychological perspectives on the new working life / Michael Allvin … [et al.].
HE 7583 .U6 I57 2008
The Internet and American business / edited by William Aspray, Paul E. Ceruzzi.
HF 5383 .S247 2011
Step-by-step cover letters : build an [i.e. a] cover letter in 10 easy steps using personal branding / Evelyn U. Salvador.
HF 5383 .S25 2011
Step-by-step resumes : build an outstanding resume in 10 easy steps! / Evelyn U. Salvador
HF 5384 .S53 2011
The sequel : how to change your career without starting over / Laurence Shatkin.
HF 5415.5 .P87 2010
America’s service meltdown : restoring service excellence in the age of the customer / Raul Pupo.
HF 5548.2 .A227 2011
Modeling business processes : a petri net oriented approach / Wil van der Aalst and Christian Stahl.
HF 5548.2 .S44843 2010
Data mining for business intelligence : concepts, techniques, and applications in Microsoft Office Excel with XLMiner / Galit Shmueli, Nitin R. Patel, Peter C. Bruce.
HM 791 .K73 2010
Organizational socialization : joining and leaving organizations / Michael W. Kramer.
HQ 1426 .F8443 C66 2011
A strange stirring : the Feminine mystique and American women at the dawn of the 1960s / Stephanie Coontz.
HQ 759 .A436 2010
The monster within : the hidden side of motherhood / Barbara Almond.
HV 1568.2 .S535 2010
Disability aesthetics / Tobin Siebers.
HV 2380 .O88 2003
Oxford handbook of deaf studies, language, and education / edited by Marc Marschark and Patricia Elizabeth Spencer.
HV 4765 .M53 P45 2010
How shelter pets are brokered for experimentation : understanding pound seizure / Allie Phillips.
HV 6626.2 .D685 2009
Domestic violence sourcebook : basic consumer health information about warning signs, risk factors, and health consequences of intimate partner violence, sexual violence and rape, stalking, human trafficking, child maltreatment, teen dating violence, and elder abuse : along with facts about victims and perpetrators, strategies for violence prevention, and emergency interventions, safety plans, and financial and legal tips for victims, a glossary of related terms, and directories of resources for additional information and support / edited by Joyce Brennfleck Shannon.
HV 6626.52 .C557 2009
Child abuse sourcebook : basic consumer health information about the maltreatment of children, including statistics, risk factors, symptoms, therapies, and the long-term consequences of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and neglect, featuring facts about Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP), abusive head trauma, corporal punishment, parental substance abuse, incest, and child exploitation ; along with information about Child Protective Services, reporting abuse and neglect, legal protections, Juvenile Court, foster care and adoption, and parenting strategies, a glossary of related terms, and directories of resources for additional help and information / edited by Joyce Brennfleck Shannon.


JC 328.3 .V65 2007
Voices of protest : documents of courage and dissent / edited by Frank Lowenstein, Sheryl Lechner, and Erik Bruun ; [forward by Bill McKibben].
JC 596 .M2713 2010
The globalization of surveillance : the origin of the securitarian order / Armand Mattelart ; translated by Susan Gruenheck Taponier and James A. Cohen.
JK 1896 .V67 2002
Votes for women : the struggle for suffrage revisited / edited by Jean H. Baker.
JZ 1306 .S5 2010
International ethics : a critical introduction / Richard Shapcott.
JZ 1318 .G556614 2010
The global fight for climate justice : anticapitalist responses to global warming and environmental destruction / edited by Ian Angus.


KD 1629.6 .E27 2011
E-commerce and convergence : a guide to the law of digital media / general editor, Mike Butler.
KF 9630 .C75 2010
Criminal procedure and the Supreme Court : a guide to the major decisions on search and seizure, privacy, and individual rights / edited by Rolando V. del Carmen and Craig Hemmens ; contributing authors, Valerie Bell … [et al.].
KZ 1203 .M55 A76 2010
Twilight of impunity : the war crimes trial of Slobodan Milosevic / Judith Armatta.


LB 1044.87 .M44 2010
Instruction and technology : designs for everyday learning / Brad Mehlenbacher.
LB 2831.82 .G76 2011
Women and educational leadership / Margaret Grogan, Charol Shakeshaft ; foreword by Beverly Hall.
LC 1072 .I58 P47 2011
Intern nation : how to earn nothing and learn little in the brave new economy / Ross Perlin.
LC 3981 .K68 2004
Modern methods of middle school teaching : reaching special education students / by Karl M. Knutson.
LC 3981 .M55 2009
Validated practices for teaching students with diverse needs and abilities / Susan Peterson Miller.
LC 5800 .T66 2010
Lexicon of online and distance learning / Lawrence A. Tomei.


ML 3470 .A84 2009
The Ashgate research companion to popular musicology / edited by Derek B. Scott.
ML 3508 .D473 2011
Jazz : essential listening / Scott DeVeaux, Gary Giddins.
ML 3521 .P34 1982
Deep blues / Robert Palmer.
ML 410 .M5 L57 2010
Mendelssohn and the organ / Wm. A. Little.
ML 410 .M595 M488 2010
Messiaen the theologian / edited by Andrew Shenton.


PA 4414 .A7 R3913 2011

Sophocles’ Antigone : a new translation / [Sophocles] ; translated and edited by Diane J. Rayor.
PJ 7538 .A7313 2010
Arabic literature : postmodern perspectives / edited by Angelika Neuwirth, Andreas Pflitsch, Barbara Winckler.
PL 8014 .A355 C44 2010
Gender and identity in North Africa : postcolonialism and feminism in Maghrebi women’s literature / Abdelkader Cheref.
PQ 2605 .A3734 Z52 2010
Notebooks / by Albert Camus.
PR 6060 .A32 F56 2010
The Finkler question / Howard Jacobson.
PR 6102 .A765 A13 2009
The 39 steps / adapted by Patrick Barlow ; from the novel by John Buchan ; from the movie of Alfred Hitchcock, licensed by ITV Global Entertainment Limited ; and an original concept by Nobby Dimon and Simon Corble. Samuel French acting ed.
PR 65 .H33 2010
Romantic moderns : English writers, artists and the imagination from Virginia Woolf to John Piper / Alexandra Harris.
PS 1631 .W37 2010
Critical companion to Ralph Waldo Emerson : a literary reference to his life and work / Tiffany K. Wayne.
PS 3563 .I42175 L68 2009
Love in infant monkeys / Lydia Millet.
PS 3603 .A43 C57 2010
City of tranquil light / Bo Caldwell.
PS 3611 .A72 S64 2008
Speech & debate / by Stephen Karam.
PS 508 .H57 N65 2011
The Norton anthology of Latino literature / Ilan Stavans, general editor ; [editors], Edna Acosta-Belén … [et al.].


QA 76.73 .J38 S435 2005
Java precisely / Peter Sestoft.
QA 76.76 .D47 J29 2006
Software abstractions : logic, language and analysis / Daniel Jackson.
QA 76.76 .D47 S593 2011
Social modeling for requirements engineering / edited by Eric Yu … [et al.].
QA 76.76 .S46 K67 2011
Handbook of open source tools / Sandeep Koranne.
QA 76.9 .D343 H38 2001
Principles of data mining / David Hand, Heikki Mannila, Padhraic Smyth.
QA 9 .V3 2002
From Frege to Gödel : a source book in mathematical logic, 1879-1931 / Jean van Heijenoort.
QB 63 .B35 2010
1,001 celestial wonders to see before you die : the best sky objects for star gazers / Michael E. Bakich.
QC 787 .P73 H35 2010
Collider : the search for world’s smallest particles / Paul Halpern.
QC 981.8 .C5 P377 2010
Coming climate crisis? : consider the past, beware the big fix / Claire L. Parkinson.
QK 9 .B44 2010
The Kew Plant glossary : an illustrated dictionary of plant terms / Henk J. Beentje ; illustrations by Juliet Williamson.
QL 84.6 .K4 C664 2011
Conserving wildlife in African landscapes : Kenya’s Ewaso ecosystem / edited by Nicholas Georgiadis.
QP 301 .M375 2010
Exercise physiology : nutrition, energy, and human performance / William D. McArdle, Frank I. Katch, Victor L. Katch.


R 118.4 .U6 A43 2011
ALA guide to medical & health sciences reference.
R 864 .K56 2011
Protecting your health privacy : a citizen’s guide to safeguarding the security of your medical information / Jacqueline Klosek.
RA 418.3 .U6 B36 2010
Social movements and the transformation of American health care / Jane C. Banaszak-Holl, Sandra R. Levitsky, Mayer N. Zald.
RA 776.75 .F75 2011
The longevity project : surprising discoveries for health and long life from the landmark eight-decade study / Howard S. Friedman and Leslie R. Martin.
RA 793.5 .R45 2010
Health tourism : social welfare through international trade / David Reisman.
RC 425 .A615 2011
Aphasia and related neurogenic language disorders / [edited by] Leonard L. LaPointe.
RC 454 .M326 2011
What is mental illness? / Richard J. McNally.
RC 512 .C355 2010
Understanding psychosis : issues and challenges for sufferers, families, and friends / Donald Capps.
RC 521 .L48 2010
Defying dementia : understanding and preventing Alzheimer’s and related disorders / Robert Levine.
RC 554 .D63 2010
Understanding personality disorders : an introduction / Duane L. Dobbert.
RC 565 .B463 2010
Understanding the high-functioning alcoholic : breaking the cycle and finding hope / Sarah Allen Benton.
RM 706 .P48 2011
Teaching and learning in physical therapy : from classroom to clinic / Margaret M. Plack, MaryAnne Driscoll.
RT 4 .D357 2010
American nursing : a history of knowledge, authority, and the meaning of work / Patricia D’Antonio.
RT 48.6 .N325 2011
NOC and NIC linkages to NANDA-I and clinical conditions : supporting critical thinking and quality care / Marion Johnson … [et al.].


T 14.5 .C92 1999
Cyberfeminism : connectivity, critique and creativity / edited by Susan Hawthorne and Renate Klein.
TJ 211 .R55726 2010
Robotics / Tadej Bajd … [et al.].
TK 1087 .L96 2010
Electricity from sunlight : an introduction to photovoltaics / Paul A. Lynn.
TK 7882 .I6 W37 2010
Interactive data visualization : foundations, techniques, and applications / Matthew Ward, Georges Grinstein, Daniel Keim.
TR 267.5 .A3 A37 2010
Adobe Photoshop CS5.
TR 655 .W645 2010
The digital eye : photographic art in the electronic age / Sylvia Wolf.


U 240 .G8234 1982
Guerrilla strategies : an historical anthology from the Long March to Afghanistan / edited, with an introduction, by Gérard Chaliand.
UB 270 .D83 1983
Great true spy stories / edited by Allen Dulles.
UB 357 .S47 2009
Serving America’s veterans : a reference handbook / Lawrence J. Korb .. [et al.].

Z 253 .U69 2010
The Chicago manual of style.
Z 678 .L83 2010
“Leading from the middle,” and other contrarian essays on library leadership / John Lubans Jr.


REF HA 1107 .E87 2011
European marketing data and statistics
REF HF 1008 .T7 2010
Trade and development report : report by the Secretariat of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.
REF JC 571 .F66 2010
Freedom in the world.
REF RC 386.6 .N48 S67 2006
A compendium of neuropsychological tests : administration, norms, and commentary / Esther Strauss, Elisabeth M.S. Sherman, Otfried Spreen.


MEDIA HQ 75.6 .C9 G38 1995
Gay Cuba [videorecording].
MEDIA HV 6046 .G563 2004
Girl trouble [videorecording] .


AUDIO M 1366 .N69 2011
The Norton Jazz recordings.

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