June 2012 New Titles


B 187.5 .T49 2010

The texts of early Greek philosophy : the complete fragments and selected testimonies of the major presocratics / edited and translated by Daniel W. Graham.  
B 395 .T212 2011
From the Old Academy to later neo-Platonism : studies in the history of Platonic thought / Harold Tarrant.  .  
B 765 .A82 E54 2008
The major works / Anselm of Canterbury ; edited with an introduction by Brian Davies and G.R. Evans.  
BF 575 .F66 W39 2011
Deep secrets : boys friendships / Niobe Way.
BF 637 .P36 D49 2011
An introduction to coaching / Janice Dexter, Graham Dexter and Judi Irving.  
BL 240.3 .C34 2006
Radical amazement : contemplative lessons from black holes, supernovas, and other wonders of the universe / Judy Cannato.  
BL 476 .F57 2008
Who are the real chosen people? : the meaning of chosenness in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam / Reuven Firestone.  
BL 624 .R85 2008
Open the door : a journey to the true self / Joyce Rupp.  
BL 65 .P4 J87 2008
Justice and mercy will kiss : the vocation of peacemaking in a world of many faiths / edited by Michael K. Duffey & Deborah S. Nash.  .  
BP 185.7 .L37 2011
Muslims and the new media : historical and contemporary debates / Göran Larsson.  
BR 195 .W6 D43 2011
Holy misogyny / April DeConick.
BR 1720 .A5 C66 1997
Nec timeo mori : atti del Congresso internazionale di studi ambrosiani nel XVI centenario della morte di Sant’Ambrogio : Milano, 4-11 aprile 1997 / a cura di Luigi F. Pizzolato, Marco Rizzi.  .  
BR 515 .M345 2012
The church for the world : a theology of public witness / Jennifer M. McBride.  
BR 763 .B38 S53 2011
Octavia, daughter of God : the story of a female messiah and her followers / Jane Shaw.  
BS 617 .F86 2010
Lectio matters : before the burning bush : through the revelatory texts of Scripture, nature and experience / Mary Margaret Funk.  
BS 651 .G253 2009
The garden of God : a theological cosmology / Alejandro Garcia-Rivera.  
BT 102 .S62313 2009
Man before God / Adrienne von Speyr ; translated by Nicholas J. Healy and D.C. Schindler.  
BT 703.5 .P33 1996
The quest for the male soul : in search of something more / Martin Pable.  
BT 736.4 .M45 2006
Cold War letters / Thomas Merton ; edited by Christine M. Bochen and William H. Shannon.  
BV 150 .T39 2005
How to read a church : a guide to symbols and images in churches and cathedrals / Richard Taylor.  
BV 1577 .P55 2011
The faith of girls : children’s spirituality and transition to adulthood / Anne Phillips.  
BV 210.2 .B2994 1990
Paying attention to God : discernment in prayer / William A. Barry.  
BV 210.3 .G728 2010
Experiencing God : the three stages of prayer / Thomas H. Green.  
BV 210.3 .G73 2006
Opening to God : a guide to prayer / Thomas H. Green.  
BV 4509.5 .K46513 2005
The art of discernment : making good decisions in your world of choices / Stefan Kiechle.  
BV 4647 .H8 F86 2005
Humility matters for practicing the spiritual life / Mary Margaret Funk ; forward by the Dalai Lama.  
BV 5082.2 .L6713 1976
The mystical theology of the Eastern Church / by Vladimir Lossky ; [translated from the French by members of the Fellowship of St. Alban and St. Sergius].  
BV 5082.3 .B38 2003
Why the mystics matter now / Frederick Bauerschmidt.  
BV 741 .T75 2012
Equality, freedom, and religion / Roger Trigg.  
BX 1415 .M3 F37 2012
Papist patriots : the making of an American Catholic identity / by Maura Jane Farrelly.  
BX 1491 .F57 2011
Firmly I believe and truly : the spiritual tradition of Catholic England, 1483-1999 / compiled, edited, and introduced by John Saward, John Morrill, Michael Tomko.  
BX 1746 .K66 2008
Ecclesiality and ecumenism : Yves Congar and the road to unity / Douglas M. Koskela.  
BX 1751.3 .G46 2009
The difference God makes : a Catholic vision of faith, communion, and culture / Francis George.  
BX 1751.3 .N53 2012
Chalice of God : a systematic theology in outline / Aidan Nichols.  
BX 1970 .T89 2010
Reynold Hillenbrand : the reform of the Catholic liturgy and the call to social action / Robert Tuzik.  
BX 1970 .U84 2010
Replenishing ritual : rediscovering the place of rituals in Western Christian liturgy / Anton Usher.  
BX 2179 .T53 K57 2008
Simply surrender / Thérèse of Lisieux ; foreword by Caroline Myss ; series editor, John Kirvan.  
BX 2347.8 .W6 H45 2012
Women and the Vatican : an exploration of official documents / Ivy A. Helman.  
BX 2349 .A4513 2008
Spiritual friendship / Aelred of Rievaulx ; the classic text with a spiritual commentary by Dennis Billy.  .  
BX 2350.2 .W526 1995
Seeds of sensitivity : deepening your spiritual life / Robert J. Wicks.  
BX 2350.3 .F535 2003
Merton’s Palace of Nowhere / [James Finley] ; foreward by Patrick Hart.  
BX 2350.3 .M255 2008
Prayer of the heart : the contemplative tradition of the Christian East / George Maloney.  
BX 2350.65 .C73 2008
Silence, love, and death : saying yes to God in the theology of Karl Rahner / Shannon Craigo-Snell.  
BX 324.3 .C54 2007
His broken body : understanding and healing the schism between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches : an Orthodox perspective / Laurent Cleenewerck.  
BX 324.3 .F34 1996
Orthodox and Catholic sister churches : East is West and West is East / Michael A. Fahey.  
BX 324.3 .M4713 2006
The Petrine ministry : Catholics and Orthodox in dialogue : academic symposium held at the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity / edited by Walter Kasper ; translated by the staff of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.  
BX 324.3 .W45 2006
Popes and patriarchs : an Orthodox perspective on Roman Catholic claims / by Michael Whelton.  
BX 4700 .T6 S398 2007
Aquinas 101 : a basic introduction to the thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas / Francis Selman.  
BX 4710.33 .R83 1992
The Eastern Catholic churches : an introduction to their worship and spirituality / Joan L. Roccasalvo.  
BX 8.3 .B75 2012
Sustaining the hope for unity : ecumenical dialogue in a postmodern world / Erin M. Brigham.

DA 937 .R47 2011

Reshaping Ireland 1550-1700 : colonization and its consequences : essays presented to Nicholas Canny / Brian Mac Cuarta, editor.  
DA 950.3 .I74 2011
Ireland, 1815-70 : emancipation, famine and religion / Donnchadh Ó Corráin & Tomás O’Riordan, editors.  
DA 957 .I64 2011
Ireland, 1870-1914 : coercion and conciliation / Donnchadh Ó Corráin & Tomás O’Riordan, editors.  

E 169.12 .C767 2012
Cult pop culture : how the fringe became mainstream / Bob Batchelor, editor.  
E 185.18 .M335 2012
Coming for to carry me home : race in America from abolitionism to Jim Crow / J. Michael Martinez.  
E 185.61 .M4777 2011
At the dark end of the street : black women, rape, and resistance- a new history of the civil rights movement from Rosa Parks to the rise of black power / Danielle L. McGuire.     
E 748 .K374 G34 2011
George F. Kennan : an American life / John Lewis Gaddis.  
F 128.9 .P85 S27 2006
When I was Puerto Rican : [a memoir] / Esmeralda Santiago.  


GR 148 .A45 C37 2008

Storytelling on the northern Irish border : characters and community / Ray Cashman.  
GT 2853 .U5 G37 2009
Gastropolis : food and New York City / edited by Annie Hauck-Lawson and Jonathan Deutsch ; foreword by Michael Lomonaco.  
GV 452 .M58 2012
Learning through movement and music : exercise your smarts / Debby Mitchell.  


HD 30.28 .C6784 2011

Corporate strategy / edited by Margarethe Wiersema and Joseph Beck.  
HD 30.28 .D75 2011
Corporate strategy and firm growth : creating value for shareholders / Angelo Dringoli.  
HD 30.28 .H36635 2009
Handbook of research on strategy and foresight / edited by Laura Anna Costanzo, Robert Bradley MacKay.  
HD 31 .S5993 2010
Social capital in business / edited by Kenneth W. Koput and Joseph P. Broschak.  
HD 45 .T4275 2011
Technology strategy and innovation management / edited by Michael J. Leiblein and Arvids A. Ziedonis.  
HD 57.7 .A765 2012
What makes great leaders great : management lessons from icons who changed the world / Frank Arnold.  
HD 62.7 .S87 2011
Strategic innovation in small firms : an international analysis of innovation and strategic decision making in small to medium sized enterprises / edited by Tim Mazzarol, Sophie Reboud.  
HD 69 .S8 C66525 2010
Cooperative strategies : alliance governance / edited by Jeffrey J. Reuer, Shivaram Devarakonda and Elko Klijn.  
HD 69 .S8 S7765 2010
Strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions : the influence of culture on successful cooperation / edited by Jan Ulijn, Geert Duysters, Elise Meijer:
HD 9135 .H34 2011
Making tobacco bright : creating an American commodity, 1617-1937 / Barbara Hahn.  
HD 9999 .C9472 F58 2012
Corporations and cultural industries : Time Warner, Bertelsmann, and News Corporation / Scott W. Fitzgerald.  
HE 206.2 .U22 2012
U.S. national debate topic 2012-2013 : transportation infrastructure / edited by Tyler Weidler.  
HE 5614.2 .D57 2012
Distracted driving / Stefan Kiesbye, book editor.  
HF 5414 .S664 2012
Social marketing to protect the environment : what works / Doug McKenzie-Mohr … [et al.].  
HF 5718.3 .C365 2012
Business writing in the digital age / Natalie Canavor.  
HG 177 .B38 2011
The “how to” grants manual / David G. Bauer.
HM 1206 .M3759 2012
Greening the media / Richard Maxwell, Toby Miller.  
HQ 1061 .H3366 2009
Handbook of theories of aging / editors, Vern Bengtson … [et al.].  
HQ 18 .U5 K645 2012
America’s war on sex : the continuing attack on law, lust, and liberty / Marty Klein ; foreword by Nadine Strossen.  
HQ 76.3 .C6 M86 2012
Western queers in China : flight to the land of Oz / D.E. Mungello.  
HQ 789 .B45 2011
Promoting children’s rights in social work and social care : a guide to participatory practice / Margaret Bell ; foreword by Mary John.  
HQ 799.5 .P37 2012
Generation Y in consumer and labour markets / Anders Parment.  
HV 541 .G38 2011
Daughters of the Declaration / Claire Gaudiani.
HV 1451 .C44 2011
Group and individual work with older people : a practical guide to running successful activity based programmes / Swee Hong Chia, Julie Healthcote and Jane Marie Hibberd ; illustrated by Andrew J. Hibberd.  
HV 2391 .M257 2012
How deaf children learn : what parents and teachers need to know / Marc Marschark and Peter C. Hauser.  
HV 4708 .I47 2010
Improving animal welfare : a practical approach / edited by Temple Grandin.  
HV 4708 .W35 2011
Animal rights / Paul Waldau.
HV 5822 .H4 S36 2008
Smack : heroin and the American city / Eric C. Schneider.  
HV 6773 .C916 2011
Cyber criminology : exploring Internet crimes and criminal behavior / edited by K. Jaishankar.  
HV 9067 .S48 G53 2008
Juvenile sex offenders : what the public needs to know / Camille Gibson and Donna M. Vandiver.  
HV 9304 .M24 2006
What works in corrections : reducing the criminal activities of offenders and delinquents / Doris Layton MacKenzie.  


JK 1976 .S355 2011

The politics of disenfranchisement : why is it so hard to vote in America? / Richard K. Scher.  
JQ 1850 .A91 A74 2012
The Arab spring.


K 639 .H86 2011

The human rights of children : from visions to implementation / edited by Antonella Invernizzi, Jane Williams.  
KF 4119.85 .B58 2012
American public education law primer / David C. Bloomfield.  
KF 9779 .S36 2008
Rethinking juvenile justice / Elizabeth S. Scott, Laurence Steinberg.  


LA 227.4 .B72 2012

Saving higher education : the integrated, competency based three year bachelor’s degree program / Martin J. Bradley, Robert H. Seidman, Steven R. Painchaud.  
LB 1028.5 .B357 2012
Power up : a practical student’s guide to online learning / Stacey Barrett, Catrina Poe, Carrie Spagnola-Doyle.  
LB 2806 .O95 2012
Leadership and organizational behavior in education : theory into practice / William A. Owings, Leslie S. Kaplan.  
LB 45 .A823 2012
Anthropologies of education : a global guide to ethnographic studies of learning and schooling / edited by Kathryn M. Anderson-Levitt.  
LC 1090 .L279 2010
The global classroom : an essential guide to study abroad / Jeffrey S. Lantis, Jessica DuPlaga.  
LC 1099 .P635 2012
The politics of education : challenging multiculturalism / edited by Christos Kassimeris and Marios Vryonides.  
LC 225.3 .B47 2012
Parents as partners in education : families and schools working together / Eugenia Hepworth Berger, Mari Riojas-Cortez.  
LC 4717.5 .B34 2005
The autism social skills picture book : teaching communication, play and emotion / by Jed Baker.  
LC 4717.5 .B34 2006
The social skills picture book : for high school and beyond / by Jed Baker.  


M 1503 .B44 C36 2003

I Capuleti e i Montecchi : tragedia lirica in due atti di / Vincenzo Bellini ; [testi di] di Felice Romani ; riduzione per canto e pianoforte condotta sull’edizione critica della partitura a cura di Claudio Toscani.  
M 1503 .G711 R6 1925
Romeo and Juliet : opera in five acts / libretto by J. Barbier and M. Carré ; music by Charles Gounod ; the English version by Theo. Baker ; with an essay on the story of the opera by W.J. Henderson.  
M 1503 .R83 C46 2005
La Cenerentola : melodramma giocoso in due atti / Gioacchino Rossini ; [libretto] di Jacopo Ferretti ; a cura di Mario Parenti (1961).  
M 1503 .R83 I862 1982
L’Italiana in Algeri : dramma giocoso per musica in due atti = The Italian girl in Algiers : dramma giocoso for music in two acts di Angelo Anelli / Gioacchino Rossini ; new English version by Arthur Jacobs ; riduzione per canto e pianoforte di Azio Corghi condotta sull’edizione critica della partitura edita dalla Fondazione Rossini di Pesaro a cura di Azio Corghi.  
M 1503 .V47 A32 1963
Aïda : opera in four acts / music by Giuseppe Verdi ; libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni ; English translation by Walter Ducloux.  
M 1503 .V47 F32 2006
Falstaff : commedia lirica in tre atti / Giuseppe Verdi ; libretto di Arrigo Boito ; riduzione per canto e pianoforte di Carlo Carignani ; a cura di Mario Parenti ; English version by W. Beatty Kingston.  
ML 419 .A75 H37 2011
Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five and Hot Seven recordings / Brian Harker.  
ML 419 .D39 W38 2011
The studio recordings of the Miles Davis Quintet, 1965-68 / Keith Waters.  


N 6758.5 .M63 A93 2011

Avant-garde art in everyday life : early twentieth century European modernism / edited by Matthew S. Witkovsky ; with essays by Jared Ash … [et al.].    
N 6767.5 .A3 C85 2011
The cult of beauty : the Victorian avant-garde 1860-1900 / edited by Lynn Federle Orr and Stephen Calloway ; assisted by Esmé Whittaker.   [U.S. edition].  
N 7432.5 .A78 C74 2012
Creation story : Gee’s Bend quilts and the art of Thornton Dial / contributions by Paul Arnett, William Arnett, Joanne Cubbs, Phillip March Jones ; edited by Mark Scala.  :.  
NA 6750 .A2 U6 2012
Corn palaces and butter queens : a history of crop art and dairy sculpture / Pamela H. Simpson.  
NC 997 .A1 G75 2012
100 best in design ….  
ND 237 .O5 L57 1997
Portrait of an artist : a biography of Georgia O’Keeffe / Laurie Lisle.  
ND 2590 .M35 2010
Trespass : a history of uncommissioned urban art / edited by Ethel Seno ; by Carlo McCormick in collaboration with Wooster Collective’s Marc & Sara Schiller ; additional texts by Banksy, Anne Pasternak, and J. Tony Serra.  
ND 623 .C26 G73 2011
Caravaggio : a life sacred and profane / Andrew Graham-Dixon.  
NK 1264 .B3 1973
Celtic art : the methods of construction / by George Bain.  
NX 650 .F45 R53 2011
Facing beauty : painted women & cosmetic art / Aileen Ribeiro.  


P 107 .B65 2011

Babel’s dawn: a natural history / Edmund Bolles.
PA 3621 .A585 2004
Anthology of classical myth : primary sources in translation / edited and and featuring new translations by Stephen M. Trzaskoma, R. Scott Smith, and Stephen Brunet ; with additional translations by other scholars ; an appendix on Linear B sources by Thomas G. Palaima.  
PE 1478 .D37 2012
The Rowman & Littlefield guide to writing with sources / James P. Davis.    
PM 155 .B73 2012
Queequeg’s coffin : indigenous literacies & early American literature / Birgit Brander Rasmussen.  
PN 4500 .K59 2010
The made-up self : impersonation in the personal essay / Carl H. Klaus.  
PN 4888 .I53 S77 2012
Mightier than the sword : how the news media have shaped American history / Rodger Streitmatter.  
PN 6725 .C666 2011
Marvel Comics in the 1970s : an issue by issue field guide to a pop culture phenomenon / by Pierre Comtois.  
PN 81 .B5449 2011
The anatomy of influence : literature as a way of life / Harold Bloom.  
PQ 6006 .W67 2011
World literature in Spanish : an encyclopedia / Maureen Ihrie and Salvador A. Oropesa, editors.    
PQ 7082 .R46 P68 2012
Pushing the boundaries of Latin American testimony : meta morphoses and migrations / edited by Louise Detwiler and Janis Breckenridge.  .  
PR 149 .I8 G37 2011
Islam and the English enlightenment, 1670-1840 / Humberto Garcia.  
PR 3534 .S26 2012
Samuel Johnson in context / edited by Jack Lynch.  
PR 428 .M63 E93 2012
Colonial virtue : the mobility of temperance in Renaissance England / Kasey Evans.  
PR 4484 .B365 2010
Coleridge’s play of mind / by John Beer.  
PR 478 .P66 M53 2012
Middlebrow literary cultures : the battle of the brows, 1920-1960 / edited by Erica Brown and Mary Grover.  
PR 5263 .H495 2009
Ruskin on Venice : ‘the paradise of cities’ / Robert Hewison.  
PR 591 .C76 2012
Reading Victorian poetry / Richard Cronin.  
PR 830 .G57 B63 2012
The myth of Persephone in girls’ fantasy literature / Holly Virginia Blackford.  
PR 8769 .H38 2011
Modern Poetry and Ethnography : Yeats, Frost, Warren, Heaney, and the Poet as Anthropologist / Sean Heuston.  
PR 878 .M63 E77 2012
Unseasonable youth : modernism, colonialism, and the fiction of development / Jed Esty.  
PR 878 .P53 R63 2010
The novel as event / by Mario Ortiz Robles.  
PS 208 .C64 2012
The fabrication of American literature : fraudulence and antebellum print culture / Lara Langer Cohen.  
PS 228 .G38 D38 2012
Queer commodities : contemporary US fiction, consumer capitalism, and gay and lesbian subcultures / Guy Davidson.  
PS 323.5 .D87 2012
Purple passages : Pound, Eliot, Zukofsky, Olson, Creeley, and the ends of patriarchal poetry / Rachel Blau DuPlessis.  
PS 3568 .O3125 W47 2012
When I was a child I read books / Marilynne Robinson.  
PS 3569 .C5533 Z46 2011
My dyslexia / Philip Schultz.  
PS 3569 .H394 A6 1983
Fool for love / Sam Shepard.
PS 3569 .H394 G63 2005
The god of hell / Sam Shepard.
PS 3569 .H394 S56 1996
Simpatico: a play / Sam Shepard.
PS 3619 .M5955 L54 2011
Life on Mars : poems / Tracy K. Smith
PS 374 .C57 B45 2012
No accident, comrade : chance and design in Cold War American narratives / Steven Belletto.  


Q 183.3 .A1 B466 2012

Creating the market university : how academic science became an economic engine / Elizabeth Popp Berman.  
QA 37.3 .B74 2011
Essential maths for engineering and construction : how to avoid mistakes / Mark Breach.  
QA 76.758 .C57 2011
Making sense of agile project management : balancing control and agility / Charles G. Cobb.  
QA 466 .P67 2012
The glorious golden ratio / Alfred S. Posamentier.
QB 15 .N486 2012
The astronomy revolution : 400 years of exploring the cosmos / edited by Donald G. York, Owen Gingerich, Shuang-Nan Zhang.  
QC 903 .P44 2011
Adaptation to climate change : from resilience to transformation / Mark Pelling.  
QE 871 .F43 2012
Riddle of the feathered dragons / Alan Feduccia.
QH 13.45 .E67 2012
The maximum of wilderness : the jungle in the American imagination / Kelly Enright.  
QP 411 .D43 2012
Incomplete nature / Terrence William Deacon.


RA 1151 .H245 2011

Handbook of forensic assessment : psychological and psychiatric perspectives / [edited by] Eric Y. Drogin … [et al.]. 
RA 395 .A3 E844 2012
Essential health benefits : balancing coverage and cost / Cheryl Ulmer … [et al.], editors.
RA 440.5 .C685 2012
Principles & foundations of health promotion and education / Randall R. Cottrell, James T. Girvan, James F. McKenzie.  
RC 280 .O8 G83 2012
Memoir of a debulked woman / Susan Gubar.
RC 388.5 .O33 2010
Occupational therapy and stroke / edited by Judi Edmans, on behalf of the Stroke Clinical Forum of the College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section Neurological Practice.  
RC 423 .M275 2010
Management of motor speech disorders in children and adults / Kathryn M. Yorkston … [et al.].  
RC 451.4 .A5 M433 2011
Mental health and later life : delivering an holistic model for practice / edited by John Keady and Sue Watts.  
RC 487 .C65 2012
Group dynamics in occupational therapy : the theoretical basis and practice application of group intervention / Marilyn B. Cole.  
RC 537 .D4455 2012
Depression sourcebook : basic consumer health information about the symptoms, causes, and types of depression, including major depression, dysthymia, atypical depression, bipolar disorder, depression during and after pregnancy, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, schizoaffective disorder, and seasonal affective disorder; along with facts about depression and chronic illness, treatment resistant depression and suicide, mental health medications, therapies, and treatments, tips for improving self esteem, resilience, and quality of life while living with depression … / edited by Amy L. Sutton.  
RC 553 .A88 B34 2003
Social skills training for children and adolescents with Asperger syndrome and social communication problems / Jed E. Baker ; chapter 2 by Brenda Smith Myles.
RC 554 .T718 2010
Treating personality disorder : creating robust services for people with complex mental health needs / edited by Naomi Murphy and Des McVey.  
RE 91 .U53 2011
Understanding and managing vision deficits : a guide for occupational therapists / Mitchell Scheiman.  
RF 297 .J64 2011
Introduction to auditory rehabilitation : a contemporary issues approach / Carole E. Johnson.
RG 518 .C6 J64 2011
Childbirth in republican China : delivering modernity / Tina Phillips Johnson.
RJ 496 .L35 N46 2010
Language and literacy disorders : infancy through adolescence / Nickola Wolf Nelson.  
RJ 53 .O25 O23 2010
Occupation-centred practice with children : a practical guide for occupational therapists / edited by Sylvia Rodger.  
RM 735 .A635 2011
An occupational therapist’s guide to home modification practice / Elizabeth Ainsworth, Desleigh de Jonge.  
RM 735 .C668 2008
Occupational therapy and inclusive design : principles for practice / Maggie Conway ; illustrations by Kasia Halota.  
RM 735 .C744 2010
The core concepts of occupational therapy : a dynamic framework for practice / Jennifer Creek ; foreword by Anne Lawson-Porter.  
RM 735 .H18 2011
Foundations for practice in occupational therapy / edited by Edward A.S. Duncan ; foreword by Elizabeth Townsend.  
RM 735 .I67 2009
International handbook of occupational therapy interventions / Ingrid Söderback, editor.  
RM 735 .M49 2010
Community practice in occupational therapy : a guide to serving the community / Susan K. Meyers.  
RM 735 .O218 2011
Occupation analysis in practice / edited by Lynette Mackenzie and Gjyn O’Toole.  
RM 735 .P34 2013
Pedretti’s occupational therapy : practice skills for physical dysfunction / [edited by] Heidi McHugh Pendleton, Winifred Schultz-Krohn.  
RM 735.4 .S23 2012
Introduction to occupational therapy / Jane Clifford O’Brien, Susan M. Hussey, Barbara Sabonis-Chafee.  
RM 735.7 .H35 D73 2012
Crafts and creative media in therapy / Carol Crellin Tubbs, Magaret Drake.  


SB 472.45 .B68 2010

Illustrated history of landscape design / Elizabeth Boults and Chip Sullivan.  


Z 658 .F7 B5713 2012

Royal censorship of books in eighteenth-century France / Raymond Birn.  
Z 665 .L36 2011
The atlas of new librarianship / R. David Lankes.
Z 675 .J64 G86 2012
Joint libraries : models that work / Claire B. Gunnels, Susan E. Green, and Patricia M. Butler.  
Z 683.2 .U6 M38 2012
Grant money through collaborative partnerships / Nancy Kalikow Maxwell.


REF B 809.3 .B83 2010

A dictionary of critical theory / Ian Buchanan.  
REF BX 4659 .I7 O737 2011
A dictionary of Irish saints / Pádraig Ó Riain.  
REF E 169.1 .T475 2011
The thirties in America / editor, Thomas Tandy Lewis.  
REF E 169.1 .T84 2012
The twenties in America / editor, Carl Rollyson.  
REF E 169.12 .F498 2005
The fifties in America.
REF E 169.12 .F676 2011
The forties in America / editor, Thomas Tandy Lewis.  
REF E 169.12 .S447 2006
The seventies in America / editor, John C. Super ; managing editor, Tracy Irons-Georges.  
REF E 18.75 .I74 2008
Ireland and the Americas : culture, politics, and history : a multidisciplinary encyclopedia / edited by James P. Byrne, Philip Coleman, Jason King.  
REF GT 2850 .F666 2011
Food cultures of the world encyclopedia.
REF HD 4482 .E53 2012
Encyclopedia of consumption and waste : the social science of garbage / Carl A. Zimring, general editor ; William L. Rathje, consulting editor.  
REF HF 3021 .H67 2009
Historical encyclopedia of American business / edited by Richard L. Wilson.  
REF HM 741 .E53 2011
Encyclopedia of social networks / George A. Barnett, editor.  
REF N 328 .G73 2011
Graduate programs in the visual arts : the CAA directory / [editors, Alexandra Gershuny, Betty Leigh Hutcheson, Erika Suffern].  
REF PA 2365 .E5 O9 2012
Oxford Latin dictionary / edited by P.G.W. Glare.  
REF Q 123 .D537 2011
Dictionary of scientific principles / Stephen Marvin.  
REF RC 681 .R36 2011
The encyclopedia of the heart and heart disease / Otelio S. Randall, Nathan M. Segerson, Deborah S. Romaine.  
REF RC 802 .M567 2011
The encyclopedia of the digestive system and digestive disorders / Anil Minocha, Christine Adamec.  
REF RC 902 .W397 2012
The encyclopedia of kidney diseases and disorders / I. David Weiner, Christine Adamec.  
REF T 39 .G75 2010
Great lives from history. Inventors & inventions / editor, Alvin K. Benson.  
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