July 2012 New Titles


B 111 .C37 2010

The Cambridge history of philosophy in late antiquity / edited by Lloyd P.   Gerson.
B 2798 .K2226535 2012
Kant and education : interpretations and commentary / Edited by Klas Roth and   Chris W. Surprenant.
BH 61 .S67 2012
An aesthetic education in the era of globalization / Gayatri Chakravorty   Spivak.
BL 311 .C274 1981
The mythic image / by Joseph Campbell ; assisted by M.J. Abadie.
BP 67 .U6 M35 2012
Islam and America : building a future without prejudice / Anouar Majid.
BR 127 .D5395 2010
The dialogue comes of age : Christian encounters with other traditions /   edited by John B. Cobb, Jr. and Ward M. McAfee.
BR 65 .A9 T55 2011
Tolle lege : essays on Augustine and on medieval philosophy in honor of   Roland J. Teske, SJ / edited by Richard C. Taylor, David Twetten &   Michael Wreen.
BR 67 .H255 2012
The gendered palimpsest : women, writing, and representation in early   Christianity / Kim Haines-Eitzen.
BS 1181.8 .F67 2008
Eve’s Bible : a woman’s guide to the Old Testament / Sarah S. Forth.
BS 1615.52 .J33 2001
The conceptual coherence of the book of Micah / Mignon R. Jacobs.
BS 1615.53 .W35 2007
A commentary on Micah / Bruce K. Waltke.
BS 1725.52 .K54 2012
The “whole truth” : rethinking retribution in the Book of Tobit /   Micah D. Kiel.
BS 447.5 .U6 B52 2011
The Bible and American culture : a sourcebook / edited by Claudia Setzer and   David A. Shefferman.
BT 265.3 .W43 2011
The nonviolent atonement / J. Denny Weaver. 2nd ed., greatly rev. and   expanded.
BT 55 .T48 2010
Faith : what it is and what it isn’t / Terrence W. Tilley.
BT 590 .P75 K74 2008
Jesus-shock / by Peter Kreeft.
BT 732.7 .R93 2011
God and the mystery of human suffering : a theological conversation across   the ages / Robin Ryan.
BT 738 .V66 2011
A public faith / Miroslav Volf.
BT 982 .D4 2011
The quest for the historical Satan / Miguel A. De La Torre and Albert   Hernández.
BV 205 .K513 1997
The art of prayer : an Orthodox anthology / compiled by Igumen Chariton of   Valamo ; translated by E. Kadloubovsky and E.M. Palmer ; edited with an   introduction by Timothy Ware.
BV 3780 .R63 2012
Out of the mouths of babes : girl evangelists in the flapper era / Thomas A.   Robinson and Lanette D. Ruff.
BV 800 .B64 2011
Heavenly participation : the weaving of a sacramental tapestry / Hans   Boersma.
BV 4596 .A78 P35 2011
The artist’s rule / Christine Valters Paintner.
BX 106.3 .N53 2010
Rome and the Eastern Churches : a study in schism / Aidan Nichols.
BX 134 .E3 J5 2011
The emergence of the modern Coptic papacy : the Egyptian Church and its   leadership from the Ottoman period to the present / Magdi Guirguis and Nelly   van Doorn-Harder.
BX 1406.3 .C85 2010
Things seen and unseen : a Catholic theologian’s notebook / Lawrence S.   Cunningham.
BX 1746 .O365 2011
A church fully engaged : Yves Congar’s vision of ecclesial authority /   Anthony Oelrich.
BX 1784 .C42 2012
Catholicism and interreligious dialogue / edited by James L. Heft.
BX 1795 .H82 C67 2011
Confronting the climate crisis : Catholic theological perspectives / Jame   Schaefer, editor.
BX 1912 .W58 2012
Gold tested in fire : a new Pentecost for the Catholic priesthood / Ronald D.   Witherup.
BX 2350.3 .N67 2007
Behold the beauty of the Lord : praying with icons / Henri J.M. Nouwen ;   foreword by Robert Lentz.
BX 3004 .Z5 K343 2012
Conversation with Saint Benedict : The rule in today’s world / Terrence G.   Kardong.


DS 134.255 .L66413 2010

Holocaust : the Nazi persecution and murder of the Jews / Peter Longerich.
DS 135 .E5 K78 2011
Crafting Jewishness in medieval England : legally absent, virtually present /   Miriamne Ara Krummel.


E 176.1 .C494 2012

Chronology of the U.S. presidency / Mathew Manweller, editor.
E 184 .A1 F395 2010
The white racial frame : centuries of racial framing and counter-framing /   Joe R. Feagin.
E 184 .A65 H325 2011
Becoming American? : the forging of Arab and Muslim identity in pluralist   America / Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad.
E 185.615 .J87 2011
Just neighbors? : research on African American and Latino relations in the   United States / Edward Telles, Mark Q. Sawyer and Gaspar Rivera-Salgado,   editors.
E 185.86 .D38 2008
The disenfranchisement of African American males : analysis of an American   tradition / Dr. Ron Davis ; completed in association with the JAMAR Institute.
E 185.86 .H655 2011
Reimagining equality : stories of gender, race, and finding home / Anita   Hill.
E 441 .K59 2011
Stolen childhood : slave youth in nineteenth century America / Wilma King.


GV 428.7 .N37 2012

NASM essentials of personal fitness training / Micheal A. Clark, Scott C.   Lucett, Brian G. Sutton.


HB 2096.4 .A3 V45 2011

Islam, gender, and development : rural urban migration of women in Iran /   Masoumeh Velayati.
HD 58.8 .E98 2012
The evolution of organizations / edited by John Child.
HD 60 .S677 2010
Stakeholders / edited by Robert A. Phillips and R. Edward Freeman.
HD 6053 .G55 2012
Global women’s entrepreneurship research : diverse settings, questions, and   approaches / edited by Karen D. Hughes, Jennifer E. Jennings.
HD 9385 .A2 S56 2011
Creating wine : the emergence of a world industry, 1840-1914 / James Simpson.
HD 9696.8 .U64 G56 2011
I’m feeling lucky : the confessions of Google employee number 59 / Douglas   Edwards.
HF 1379 .G725 2012
The handbook of international trade and finance / Anders Grath.
HF 5387 .G656 2011
Good company : business success in the worthiness era / Laurie Bassi … [et   al.].
HF 5813 .U6 M53 2012
Mid-century ads : advertising from the Mad Men era / edited by Jim Heimann ;   introduction by Steven Heller.
HM 1271 .A747 2010
The Ashgate research companion to multiculturalism / edited by Duncan Ivison.
HM 851 .E23 2011
Digitally enabled social change : activism in the Internet age / Jennifer   Earl and Katrina Kimport.
HN 49 .C6 I588 2011
Introduction to community development : theory, practice, and   service-learning / edited by Jerry W. Robinson, Jr., Gary Paul Green.
HQ 1236 .I465 2012
The impact of gender quotas / Susan Franceschet, Mona Lena Krook, and   Jennifer M. Piscopo, editors.
HQ 767.87 .S73 2011
Childhood in world history / Peter N. Stearns.
HQ 801 .H7155 2011
Extravagant expectations : new ways to find romantic love in America / Paul   Hollander.
HV 11 .S58823 2012
Social work education and training / edited by Joyce Lishman.
HV 6046 .B825 2011
The gender of crime / Dana M. Britton.
HV 6046 .M627 2010
Women on probation and parole : a feminist critique of community programs   & services / Merry Morash.
HV 6191 .R33 2010
Race, crime and criminal justice : international perspectives / edited by   Anita Kalunta-Crumpton.
HV 6592 .W55 2012
Increased surveillance of sex offenders : impacts on recidivism / Lisa   Williams-Taylor.
HV 6626 .M543 2005
Victims as offenders : the paradox of women’s violence in relationships /   Susan L. Miller.
HV 7419 .A43 2012
Professional ethics in criminal justice : being ethical when no one is   looking / Jay S. Albanese.
HV 8073 .K668 2011
Genetic justice : DNA data banks, criminal investigations, and civil liberties   / Sheldon Krimsky and Tania Simoncelli.
HV 9065 .B47 2010
The cycle of juvenile justice / Thomas J. Bernard and Megan C. Kurlychek.
HV 9104 .N873 2010
Locked up, locked out : young men in the juvenile justice system / Anne M.   Nurse.


JK 31 .K73 2012

The transformation of the American democratic republic / Stephen M. Krason.


KF 465 .D39 2011

The law is a white dog : how legal rituals make and unmake persons / Colin   Dayan.
KF 4754.5 .M64 2011
Queer (in)justice : the criminalization of LGBT people in the United States /   Joey L. Mogul, Andrea J. Ritchie, and Kay Whitlock.


LA 205 .P84 2013

The history and social foundations of American education / John D. Pulliam,   James J. Van Patten.
LA 217.2 .G54 2012
Education and the crisis of public values : challenging the assault on   teachers, students, & public education / Henry A. Giroux.
LA 227.4 .D455 2012
College : what it was, is, and should be / Andrew Delbanco.
LB 1027.23 .R63 2012
Beyond learning by doing : theoretical currents in experiential education /   Jay W. Roberts.
LB 1139.25 .A435 2012
All about child care and early education : a comprehensive resource for child   care professionals / Marilyn Segal … [et al.].
LB 2331.62 .H36 2012
Handbook on measurement, assessment, and evaluation in higher education /   edited by Charles Secolsky and D. Brian Denison.
LB 2805 .S2655 2012
Applied critical leadership in education : choosing change / Lorri J.   Santamaría and Andrés P. Santamaría.
LB 2822.82 .S87 2011
Surpassing Shanghai : an agenda for American education built on the world’s   leading systems / edited by Marc S. Tucker.
LB 3013.3 .S363 2010
Schools under surveillance : cultures of control in public education / edited   by Torin Monahan and Rodolfo D. Torres.
LC 1085.2 .A78 2012
The assault on public education : confronting the politics of corporate school   reform / edited by William H. Watkins ; foreword by Michael W. Apple.
LC 1091 .D36 2012
Debates in citizenship education / edited by James Arthur and Hilary Cremin.
LC 1091 .L35 2012
Teaching citizenship education : a radical approach / Ralph Leighton.
LC 1203 .G7 L417 2012
Leading on inclusion : dilemmas, debates and new perspectives / edited by   John Cornwall and Lynne Graham-Matheson.
LC 220.5 .E94 2011
Exploring cultural dynamics and tensions within service-learning / [edited   by] Trae Stewart, Nicole Webster.
LC 220.5 .F76 2007
From passion to objectivity : international and cross disciplinary   perspectives on service learning research / edited by Sherril B. Gelmon and   Shelley H. Billig.
LC 220.5 .S633 2011
Social responsibility and sustainability : multidisciplinary perspectives   through service learning / edited by Tracy McDonald ; foreword by Robert A.   Corrigan.
LC 2717 .R87 2012
The African American struggle for secondary schooling, 1940-1980 : closing   the graduation gap / John L. Rury, Shirley A. Hill.
LC 3986 .G7 W43 2012
Special educational needs, the basics / Janice Wearmouth.
LC 3993.9 .C665 2012
Confronting dogmatism in gifted education / edited by Don Ambrose, Robert   Sternberg, Bharath Sriraman.
LC 4019.3 .K75 2012
Foundations of assessment in early childhood special education / Effie P.   Kritikos, Phyllis L. LeDosquet, Mark E. Melton.
LC 4704 .C685 2012
Using playful practice to communicate with special children / Margaret Corke.
LC 5131 .U665 2012
Urban education : a model for leadership and policy / edited by Karen Symms   Gallagher … [et al.].
LC 65 .S865 2012
Surviving economic crises through education / edited by David R. Cole.


N 6537 .F37 A4 2011

Lyonel Feininger : at the edge of the world / Barbara Haskell ; with essays   by John Carlin … [et al.].
N 7433.3 .S74 2011
Bookwork : medium to object to concept to art / Garrett Stewart.


P 118 .H85 2011

Born to talk : an introduction to speech and language development / Lloyd M.   Hulit, Merle R. Howard, Kathleen R. Fahey.
P 94 .H354 2011
The handbook of global communication and media ethics / edited by Robert S.   Fortner and P. Mark Fackler.
P 94.6 .H358 2012
The handbook of intercultural discourse and communication / edited by   Christina Bratt Paulston, Scott F. Kiesling, and Elizabeth S. Rangel.
PJ 6074 .A76 2012
Arabic language and linguistics / Reem Bassiouney and E. Graham Katz,   editors.
PL 2308.5 .W65 O53 2010
Once iron girls : essays on gender by post Mao Chinese literary women /   edited by Hui Wu.
PN 6707 .S87 2012
The superhero book : the ultimate encyclopedia of comic-book icons and   Hollywood heroes / edited by Gina Misiroglu.
PN 849 .C3 C495 2012
From sugar to revolution : women’s visions of Haiti, Cuba, and the Dominican   Republic / Myriam J.A. Chancy.
PR 115 .W68 2012
Women writers and the artifacts of celebrity in the long nineteenth century /   edited by Ann R. Hawkins and Maura Ives.
PR 143 .G37 2012
Ecocriticism / Greg Garrard.
PR 149 .S64 F53 2012
Fictions of knowledge : fact, evidence, doubt / edited by Yota Batsaki, Subha   Mukherji and Jan-Melissa Schramm.
PR 275 .M34 W35 2011
The Virgin Mary in late medieval and early modern English literature and   popular culture / Gary Waller.
PR 418 .E45 M36 2012
Outlaw rhetoric : figuring vernacular eloquence in Shakespeare’s England /   Jenny C. Mann.
PR 418 .P3 H55 2011
What else is pastoral? : Renaissance literature and the environment / Ken   Hiltner.
PR 435 .I67 2011
The intellectual culture of Puritan women, 1558-1680 / edited by Johanna   Harris and Elizabeth Scott-Baumann.
PR 448 .P47 L36 2011
The things things say / Jonathan Lamb.
PR 468 .C3 T66 2011
British romanticism and the Catholic question : religion, history, and   national identity, 1778-1829 / Michael Tomko.
PR 468 .F74 C45 2011
Romances of free trade : British literature, laissez-faire, and the global   nineteenth century / Ayşe Çelikkol.
PR 468 .P55 K35 2012
The world in play : Portraits of a Victorian Concept / Matthew Kaiser.
PR 468 .W6 R37 2012
Giving women : alliance and exchange in Victorian culture / Jill Rappoport.
PR 478 .S26 R46 2012
Magic, science, and empire in postcolonial literature : the alchemical   literary imagination / Kathleen J. Renk.
PR 821 .S88 2012
Lives of the novelists : a history of fiction in 294 lives / John Sutherland.
PR 8722 .W45 W35 2011
Writing the Irish West : ecologies and traditions / Eamonn Wall.
PS 153 .N5 B669 2012
The Black female body in American literature and art : performing identity /   Caroline A. Brown.
PS 201 .D696 2012
Literary partnerships and the marketplace : writers and mentors in   nineteenth-century America / David Dowling.
PS 228 .P67 B63 2012
Reading up : middle class readers and the culture of success in the early   twentieth century United States / Amy L. Blair.
PT 2621 .A26 Z76745 2012
The mystical life of Franz Kafka : theosophy, cabala, and the modern   spiritual revival / June O. Leavitt.


QC 981.8 .C5 D69 2011

The atlas of climate change : mapping the world’s greatest challenge /   Kirstin Dow and Thomas E. Downing.
QP 303 .H354 2009
Biomechanical basis of human movement / Joseph Hamill, Kathleen M. Knutzen.


R 853 .C55 B76 2012

Clinical trials : study design, endpoints and biomarkers, drug safety, FDA   and ICH guidelines / Tom Brody.
RA 395 .C3 F53 2011
Health care in Canada : a citizen’s guide to policy and politics / Katherine   Fierlbeck.
RC 281 .W65 W67 2011
Women’s cancers / edited by Alison Keen and Elaine Lennan ; foreword by Stan   Kaye.
RC 424.7 .B378 2012
Articulatory and phonological impairments : a clinical focus / Jacqueline   Bauman-Waengler.
RC 428 .K46 2012
What every speech-language pathologist/audiologist should know about   service-learning / Jennifer Kent-Walsh.
RC 521 .H34 2011
The handbook of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias / edited by Andrew E.   Budson and Neil W. Kowall.
RC 553 .A88 S846 2012
Asperger syndrome in adulthood : a comprehensive guide for clinicians / Kevin   P. Stoddart, Lillian Burke, Robert King.
RJ 496 .L35 K34 2011
Language disorders in children : fundamental concepts of assessment and   intervention / Joan N. Kaderavek.


TX 361 .A8 B45 2012

Advanced sports nutrition / Dan Benardot.


Z 675 .U5 B327 2011

Convergence of libraries and technology organizations : new information   support models / Christopher Barth.
Z 711 .M82 2012
Fundamentals of reference / Carolyn Mulac.
Z 711 .S57 2012
Fundamentals of managing reference collections / Carol A. Singer.
ZA 3075 .C64 2012
Information need : a theory connecting information search to knowledge   formation / Charles Cole.
ZA 3075 .S28 2011
Information literacy as a student learning outcome : the perspective of   institutional accreditation / Laura Saunders ; foreword by Peter Hernon.
ZA 4225 .P44 2011
The cybrarian’s web : an A-Z guide to 101 free Web 2.0 tools and other   resources / Cheryl Ann Peltier-Davis.


REF G 1046 .E1 S4 2009

The Penguin atlas of women in the world / Joni Seager.
REF G 1046 .E59 B38 2010
The atlas of world hunger / Thomas J. Bassett and Alex Winter-Nelson.
REF HF 54.52 .U5 D567 2012
The directory of business information.
REF HF 1010 S7796 2012
Strauss’s handbook of business information : a guide for librarians,   students, and researchers / Rita W. Moss and David G. Ernsthausen.
REF HM 626 .C843 2012
Cultural sociology of the Middle East, Asia, & Africa : an encyclopedia.
REF KF 3941 .A68 U88 2011
Encyclopedia of gun control and gun rights / Glenn H. Utter, Robert J.   Spitzer.
REF P 96 .S5 E53 2012
Encyclopedia of gender in media / Mary Kosut, editor.
REF PN 1655 O8 2011
Ottemiller’s index to plays in collections : an author and title index to   plays appearing in collections published since 1900.
REF R 733 .C66 2012
Complementary & alternative medicine / editors, Richard P. Capriccioso,   Paul Moglia.
REF RC 660 .P424 2011
The encyclopedia of diabetes / William A. Petit, Jr., Christine Adamec.
REF RD 97 .S736 2012
Sports injuries sourcebook : basic consumer health information about sprains,   fractures, tendon injuries, overuse injuries, and injuries to the head,   spine, shoulders, arms, hands, trunk, legs, knees, and feet, and facts about   sports specific injuries, injury prevention, protective equipment, children   and sports, and the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports   injuries … / edited by Laura Larsen.


MEDIA PN 1995.9 .B28 B56 2001

The Bingo Long traveling all-stars & motor kings [videorecording].
MEDIA PN 1997 .F53 1998
Field of dreams [videorecording].


CHILD LIT PS 3554.E3552 Lib 2012

The library dragon / Carmen Agra Deedy
CHILD LIT PZ7 .S855627 Und 2012
Under the baobab tree / Julie Steigemeyer.
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