August 2012 New Titles


B 944 .P67 L38 1999

Postmodernism rightly understood : the return to realism in American thought   / Peter Augustine Lawler.
BL 2525 .T49 2012
Theology and public philosophy : four conversations / [edited by] Kenneth L.   Grasso and Cecilia Rodriguez Castillo.
BL 65 .N35 M36 2012
Many heavens, one earth : readings on religion and the environment / edited   by Clifford Chalmers Cain.
BS 1199 .E35 G85 2012
Land, credit and crisis : agrarian finance in the Hebrew Bible / Philippe   Guillaume.
BT 83.57 .B59513 2009
Theology and praxis : epistemological foundations / Clodovis Boff ;   translated from the Portuguese by Robert R. Barr.


DR 603 .O39 2011

Turkey since 1989 : angry nation / Kerem Öktem.
DT 154.6 .S935 2011
The Sudan handbook / edited by John Ryle … [et al.].


E 185.62 .F37 2011

Mixing races : from scientific racism to modern evolutionary ideas / Paul   Lawrence Farber.


GF 80 .S37 2012

How to think seriously about the planet : the case for an environmental   conservatism / Roger Scruton.
GN 635 .S58 W46 2011
The peoples of Southeast Asia today : ethnography, ethnology, and change in a   complex region / Robert L. Winzeler.
GV 482.6 .V36 2010
Exercise and wellness for older adults : practical programming strategies /   Kay A. Van Norman.


HC 427.95 .L37 2012

Sustaining China’s economic growth after the global financial crisis /   Nicholas R. Lardy.
HC 427.95 .S862 2011
Eclipse : living in the shadow of China’s economic dominance / Arvind   Subramanian.
HD 2358.5 .U6 G65 2010
The store in the hood : a century of ethnic business and conflict / Steven J.   Gold.
HD 57.7 .L49 2011
Positive psychology at work : how positive leadership and appreciative   inquiry create inspiring organizations / Sarah Lewis.
HD 5724 .O764 2011
Good jobs America : making work better for everyone / Paul Osterman and Beth   Shulman.
HF 1379 .P3593 2011
Palgrave handbook of international trade / edited by Daniel Bernhofen …
HJ 8615 .R47 2012
Resolving the European debt crisis / [edited by] William R. Cline and Guntram   Wolff.
HQ 1061 .W49 2012
The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of adulthood and aging / edited by Susan Krauss   Whitbourne and Martin J. Sliwinski.
HQ 536 .F3346 2013
Families : traditional and new structures / edited by Paul McCaffrey.
HQ 759 .C54 2011
Tuning into mom : understanding America’s most powerful consumer / Michal   Clements, Teri Lucie Thompson.
HT 241 .H35 2011
The Routledge handbook of urban ecology / edited by Ian Douglas … [ et   al.].
HV 4708 .G78 2011
Ethics and animals : an introduction / Lori Gruen.
HV 6046 .M627 2010
Women on probation and parole : a feminist critique of community programs   & services / Merry Morash.
HV 6773 .W423 2012
Web of deceit : misinformation and manipulation in the age of social media /   edited by Anne P. Mintz.
HV 8705 .D78 2011
A plague of prisons : the epidemiology of mass incarceration in America /   Ernest Drucker.
HX 742.2 .A3 O54 2011
One hundred years of kibbutz life : a century of crises and reinvention /   [edited by] Michal Palgi, Shulamit Reinharz.


JC 153 .J3 1994

Political writings / King James VI and I ; edited by Johann P.   Sommerville.
JC 423 .C7165 2009
Conversations with Tocqueville : the global democratic revolution in the   twenty first century / edited by Aurelian Craiutu and Sheldon Gellar.
JK 216 .T71915 2009
Tocqueville on America after 1840 / Alexis de Tocqueville.
JK 1041 .O94 2011
The Oxford handbook of the American Congress / edited by Eric Schickler and   Frances E. Lee.
JK 1118 .H56 2011
Competitive interests : competition and compromise in American interest group   politics / Thomas T. Holyoke.
JK 1764 .J87 2010
The jury and democracy : how jury deliberation promotes civic engagement and   political participation / John Gastil, Philip J. Weiser … [et al.].
JZ 5538 .P358 2011
The Palgrave international handbook of peace studies : a cultural perspective   / edited by Wolfgang Dietrich … [et al.].
JZ 6385 .G35 2012
The Ashgate research companion to war : origins and prevention / by Hall   Gardner and Oleg Kobtzeff.
JZ 6392 .E75 2012
Ethics beyond war’s end / Eric Patterson, editor.

K  — LAW

KZ 7145 .W55 2011

Writing history in international criminal trials / Richard Ashby Wilson.


LB 1025.3 .T4393 2011

Teaching with vision : culturally responsive teaching in standards based   classrooms / edited by Christine E. Sleeter, Catherine Cornbleth ; foreword   by Bill Bigelow, Linda Christensen.
LB 1181 .L67 2011
Pedagogy of multiliteracies : rewriting Goldilocks / Heather Lotherington.
LB 1590.3 .R63 2011
Making Thinking Visible : How to Promote Engagement, Understanding, and   Independence for All Learners / Ron Ritchhart, Mark Church, Karin Morrison.
LB 2806.22 .M38 2011
High-stakes reform : the politics of educational accountability / Kathryn A.   McDermott.


ML 128 .J3 G56 2012

The jazz standards : a guide to the repertoire / Ted Gioia.
ML 3800 .M894413 2010
Music in German philosophy : an   introduction / edited by Stefan Lorenz Sorgner and Oliver Fürbeth ;   translated by Susan H. Gillespie ; with a preface by H. James Birx and with   an introduction to the English-language edition by Michael Spitzer.
MT 1 .M444 2011
MENC handbook of research on music learning / edited by Richard Colwell,   Peter Webster.


N 5975 .C36 1992

Image on the edge : the margins of medieval art / Michael Camille.
ND 467.5 .A3 P74 2007
Art for art’s sake : aestheticism in Victorian painting / Elizabeth   Prettejohn.


PJ 6123 .B78 2010

Alif baa : introduction to Arabic letters and sounds / Kristen Brustad,   Mahmoud Al-Batal, Abbas Al-Tonsi.
PN 6714 .D53 2011
War, politics and superheroes : ethics and propaganda in comics and film /   Marc Di Paolo.
PN 6728 .C34 H45 2012
Imagination and meaning in Calvin and Hobbes / Jamey Heit.
PR 3007 .B43 1995
Virtue’s own feature : Shakespeare and the virtue ethics tradition / David N.   Beauregard.
PR 3011 .S34 2003
Shakespeare and the culture of Christianity in early modern England / edited   by Dennis Taylor and David Beauregard.
PR 5238 .M375 1994
Christina Rossetti : a literary biography / Jan Marsh.
PS 3552 .A393 O84 2011
Other desert cities : a play in two acts / John Robin Baitz ; introduction by   Honor Moore.
PS 705 .B84 2011
Joel Barlow : American citizen in a revolutionary world / Richard Buel Jr.


QA 76.585 .B3813 2011

Cloud computing : web based dynamic IT services / Christian Baun … [et   al.].
QA 76.76 .C672 G774 2012
Real-world Flash game development : how to follow best practices and keep   your sanity / Christopher Griffith.
QA 76.9 .H85 H84185 2011
Human attention in digital environments / edited by Claudia Roda.
QC 355.3 .P47 2011
Slow light : invisibility, teleportation and other mysteries of light /   Sidney Perkowitz.
QH 81 .G85 2002
A field guide to the Norton book of nature writing, college edition / Lilace   Mellin Guignard.
QH 81 .N67 2002
The Norton book of nature writing / edited by Robert Finch and John Elder.   College ed.
QM 151 .D45513 2010
Delavier’s stretching anatomy / Frédéric Delavier, Jean-Pierre Clémenceau,   Michael Gundill.
QP 86 .T29 2008
Physiology of exercise and healthy aging / Albert W. Taylor, Michel J.   Johnson.


R 726.8 .A15 2011

End-of-life care : a practical guide / editors, Barry M. Kinzbrunner, Joel S.   Policzer.
RA 969.9 .I5 2012
Health IT and patient safety : building safer systems for better care /   Committee on Patient Safety and Health Information Technology, Board on   Health Care Services.
RC 280 .B8 I535 2012
Breast cancer and the environment : a life course approach / Committee on   Breast Cancer and the Environment: The Scientific Evidence, Research   Methodology, and Future Directions, Board on Health Care Services, Board on   Health Sciences Policy.
RC 553 .A88 G72 2012
Different– not less : inspiring stories of achievement and successful   employment from adults with autism, Asperger’s, and ADHD / Temple Grandin ;   [foreword by Tony Attwood].
RC 702 .P76 2012
Cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy : evidence to practice /   [edited by] Donna Frownfelter, Elizabeth Dean.
RC 78.7 .D53 E375 2011
A patient’s guide to medical imaging / Ronald L. Eisenberg, Alexander R.   Margulis.
RC 925.7 .R44 2012
Muscle and sensory testing / Nancy Berryman Reese.
RJ 506 .A9 K35 2011
Autism : educational and therapeutic approaches / Efrosini Kalyva. English   language ed.


TA 167 .H36 2011

The handbook of human-machine interaction: a human centered design approach /   edited by Guy A. Boy.
TD 299 .C47 2011
Water : Asia’s new battleground / Brahma Chellaney.
TL 858 .N387 2011
Recapturing a future for space exploration : life and physical sciences   research for a new era / Committee for the Decadal Survey on Biological and   Physical Sciences in Space ; Space Studies Board ; Aeronautics and Space   Engineering Board, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, National   Research Council of the National Academies.
TX 361 .A8 A97 2011
Performance nutrition : applying the science of nutrient timing / Krista Austin, Bob Seebohar.


REF E 185 .B537 2011

Black America : a state by state historical encyclopedia / Alton Hornsby, Jr., editor.
REF G 1021 .S65 2008
The Penguin state of the world atlas / Dan Smith, [maps and graphics by Isabelle Lewis].
REF HC 10 .I59
Industrial commodity statistics yearbook.
REF HF 5382.5 .U5 S87 2012
Survey of American industry and careers / the editors of Salem Press.
REF HV 6250.4 .S78 E53 2011
Encyclopedia of school crime and violence / Laura L. Finley, editor ; foreword   by Evelyn Ang.
REF JV 6450 .A67 2011
Anti-immigration in the United States.
REF JV 7590 .E4913 2011
The encyclopedia of migration and minorities in Europe : from the seventeenth   century to the present / edited by Klaus J. Bade … [et al.] ; editorial   assistance Corrie van Eijl … [et al.]. 1st English ed.
REF JZ 1318 .E626 2012
Encyclopedia of global studies / editors, Helmut K. Anheier, Mark   Juergensmeyer.
REF RA 565 .S64 2012
Spellman, Frank R. Environmental health and science desk reference / Frank R.   Spellman and Revonna M. Bieber.
REF RC 112 .I4577 2012
Infectious diseases & conditions / editor, H. Bradford Hawley.


SPEC. COLL. BR 1720 .A5 G73 2012
Saint Ambrose of Milan : a primer / Rev. Robert L. “Bud” Grant. 2nd ed.


MEDIA BL 245 .B48 2008

Den Bevægede Jord [videorecording] = Moving earth.
MEDIA N 5220 .S785 F36 2011
La famille Stein [videorecording] : la fabrique de l’arte moderne = The Stein   family : the making of modern art.
MEDIA N 5220 .V6 H47 2009
Herb and Dorothy [videorecording].
MEDIA N 6537 .W4 W45 2006
Whistler [videorecording].
MEDIA N 6538 .N5 C65 2011
Colored frames [videorecording] : a visual art.
MEDIA N 675 .A78 2010
The art of the steal [videorecording]
MEDIA ND 237 .H75 E39 2007
Edward Hopper [videorecording].
MEDIA PN 1997 .L423 P39 2001
Pay it forward [videorecording].
MEDIA PN 1997.2 .A447 2004
American splendor [videorecording].
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