September 2012 New Titles


BF 637 .B85 K584 2012

The bully society : school shootings and the crisis of bullying in America’s   schools / Jessie Klein.
BF 692 .S345 2012
The war of the sexes : how conflict and cooperation have shaped men and women   from prehistory to the present / Paul Seabright.
BJ 1251 .W2155 2012
Happiness and the Christian moral life : an introduction to Christian ethics   / Paul J. Wadell.
BP 172 .R462 2011
Islam and Christianity : theological themes in comparative perspective / John   Renard.
BP 601 .C47 2012
Historical dictionary of new religious movements / George D. Chryssides.
BR 141 .D63 2011
Documents of the Christian Church / original editions selected and edited by   Henry Bettenson ; third and fourth editions edited by Chris Maunder.
BP 188.5 .K37 2007
Sufism: the formative period. / Ahmet T. Karamustafa.
BR 145.3 .D8713 2011
The history of the church through 100 masterpieces / Jacques Duquesne and   François Lebrette ; translated by M. Cristina Borges.
BR 563 .N4 A27 2010
Moving the rock : poverty and faith in a Black storefront church / Mary E.   Abrums.
BS 1199 .W35 P57 1991
Plutocrats and paupers : wealth and poverty in the Old Testament / H.L.   Bosman,
BS 1545.53 .E99 2012
Ezekiel, Daniel / edited by Carl L. Beckwith ; general editor, Timothy George   ; associate general editor, Scott M. Manetsch.
BT 736.15 .V497 2012
Violence, transformation, and the sacred : “they shall be called children   of God” / Margaret R. Pfeil and Tobias L. Winright, editors.
BV 4501.3 .H395 2001
The great escape manual : a spirituality of liberation / Edward Hays.
BX 1912.9 .S387 2011
Sexual abuse in the Catholic Church : a decade of crisis, 2002-2012 / Thomas   G. Plante and Kathleen L. McChesney, editors.
BX 2347 .C87 2011
The social mission of the U.S. Catholic Church : a theological perspective /   Charles E. Curran.
BX 8065.2 .M37 2012
The Christian faith : from a Lutheran perspective / Peter W. Marty.


DA 959 .T87 2011

Turning points in twentieth-century Irish history / editor, Thomas E. Hachey.
DS 777.8 .S88 2011
Historical dictionary of Chinese foreign policy / Robert Sutter.


E 179 .E555 2011

Enacting history / edited by Scott Magelssen and Rhona Justice-Malloy.
E 184 .G3 H64 2011
We are the revolutionists : German speaking immigrants & American   abolitionists after 1848 / Mischa Honeck.
E 185.615 .F735 2011
Freedom rights : new perspectives on the civil rights movement / edited by   Danielle L. McGuire and John Dittmer.
E 185.615 .L5765 2011
How racism takes place / George Lipsitz.
E 185.625 .B66 2012
Meanings beneath the skin : the evolution of African Americans / Sherle L.   Boone.
E 185.97 .K5 W234 2012
Dreams and nightmares : Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and the struggle   for Black equality in America / Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson.
E 269 .N3 C68 2012
Enjoy the same liberty : Black Americans and the revolutionary era / Edward   Countryman.
F 1236.7 .E36 2012
Contemporary Mexican politics / Emily Edmonds-Poli and David A. Shirk.
F 1921 .H37 2012
Historical dictionary of Haiti / Michael R. Hall.


GV 1060.5 .M363 2012

Historical dictionary of track and field / Peter Matthews.
GV 706.5 .E567 2012
Fair and foul : beyond the myths and paradoxes of sport / D. Stanley Eitzen.
GV 706.5 .S644 2011
Sociology of sport / edited by Richard Giulianotti.
GV 867.64 .R85 2011
The Cambridge companion to baseball / edited by Leonard Cassuto, Stephen   Partridge.
GV 942.5 .D86 2011
Historical dictionary of soccer / Tom Dunmore.


HA 29 .K58 2012

Just plain data analysis : finding, presenting, and interpreting social   science data / Gary M. Klass.
HD 38.2 .Z94 2011
The new CEOs : women, African American, Latino and Asian American leaders of   Fortune 500 companies / Richard L. Zweigenhaft and G. William Domhoff.
HD 4975 .B63 2011
Wage theft in America : why millions of working Americans are not getting   paid, and what we can do about it / Kim Bobo.
HD 6053 .B47 2012
Sex and the office : a history of gender, power, and desire / Julie   Berebitsky.
HD 7256 .U5 B868 2011
The declining work and welfare of people with disabilities : what went wrong   and a strategy for change / Richard V. Burkhauser and Mary C. Daly.
HD 8081 .H7 C43 2011
Everyday injustice : Latino professionals and racism / Maria Chávez.
HD 9581 .U52 B73 2011
Edison to Enron : energy markets and political strategies / Robert L.   Bradley, Jr.
HF 1359 .N4685 2011
The new economic diplomacy : decision making and negotiation in international   economic relations / edited by Nicholas Bayne and Stephen Woolcock.
HG 4751 .S594 2011
Entrepreneurial finance : strategy, valuation, and deal structure / Janet   Kiholm Smith, Richard L. Smith, and Richard T. Bliss.
HM 621 .B57 2011
More : the vanishing of scale in an over the top nation / Ronald Bishop.
HM 742 .P75 2011
Privacy online : perspectives on privacy and self disclosure in the social   web / Sabine Trepte, Leonard Reinecke, editors.
HN 28 .J29 2011
Governing for the long term : democracy and the politics of investment / Alan   M. Jacobs.
HN 28 .R87 2011
Double standard : social policy in Europe and the United States / James W.   Russell.
HN 90 .P8 B37 2012
Public opinion : measuring the American mind / Barbara A. Bardes and Robert   W. Oldendick..
HQ 1061 .L453 2012
Occupational therapy practice guidelines for productive aging for   community-dwelling older adults / Natalie Leland, Sharon J. Elliott, Kimberly   J. Johnson.
HQ 1061 .P6625 2011
Population aging and the generational economy : a global perspective /   [edited by] Ronald Lee, Andrew Mason.
HQ 27 .S2567 2011
Not under my roof : parents, teens, and the culture of sex / Amy T. Schalet.
HQ 799.7 .M55 2011
The hippies and American values / Timothy Miller.
HT 1506 .B87 2011
Color in the classroom : how American schools taught race, 1900-1954 / Zoë   Burkholder.
HV 636 2005 .G85 W66 2012
The women of Katrina : how gender, race, and class matter in an American   disaster / edited by Emmanuel David and Elaine Enarson.
HV 6570 .H356 2012
Handbook of child sexual abuse : identification, assessment, and treatment /   edited by Paris Goodyear-Brown.
HX 843.7 .G65 F57 2011
Emma Goldman : political thinking in the streets / Kathy E. Ferguson.


JK 2261 .G55 2012

Challengers to duopoly : why third parties matter in American two party   politics / J. David Gillespie.
JK 275 .O33 2011
The Obama presidency in the constitutional order : a first look / edited by   Carol McNamara and Melanie M. Marlowe.
JZ 1318 .S335 2012
Globalization and citizenship / Hans Schattle.


KF 3775 .E473 2011

Environmental law handbook.
KF 855 .D53 2011
Outsourcing war and peace : preserving public values in a world of privatized   foreign affairs / Laura A. Dickinson.


LC 1095 .I575 2011

International students and global mobility in higher education : national   trends and new directions / edited by Rajika Bhandari and Peggy Blumenthal.
LC 213 .E377 2011
America’s urban crisis and the advent of color-blind politics : education,   incarceration, segregation, and the future of U.S. multiracial democracy /   edited by Curtis L. Ivery and Joshua A. Bassett.
LC 220.5 .K76 2011
Experiencing service-learning / Robert F. Kronick, Robert B. Cunningham, and   Michele Gourley.


ML 128 .B45 C38 2012

A catalog of music written in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. / compiled and   edited by Anthony McDonald.
ML 3001 .D685 2011
Christian music : a global history / Tim Dowley ; [contributors, Sugu J.M.   Chandy … et al.].
ML 3800 .S885 2011
Extraordinary measures : disability in music / Joseph N. Straus.
ML 3920 .T54 2012
Therapeutic uses of rap and hip hop / edited by Susan Hadley and George   Yancy.
ML 394 .R387 2011
I am hip-hop : conversations on the music and culture / Andrew J. Rausch.
ML 397 .B35 2012
At the piano : interviews with 21st century pianists / Caroline Benser.
ML 410 .S385 A3 2011
Gunther Schuller : a life in pursuit of music and beauty / Gunther Schuller ;   with an introduction by Joan Shelley Rubin.
MT 1 .E485 2012
Engaging musical practices : a sourcebook for middle school general music /   edited by Suzanne L. Burton.
MT 1 .L516 2011
Learning from young children : research in early childhood music / edited by   Suzanne L. Burton and Cynthia Crump Taggart.
MT 50 .T98 2011
A geometry of music : harmony and counterpoint in the extended common   practice / Dmitri Tymoczko.


N 8243 .S576 M35 2011

Slaves waiting for sale : abolitionist art and the American slave trade /   Maurie D. McInnis.
NC 703 .M236 2012
Design by nature : using universal forms and principles in design / Maggie   Macnab.
ND 613 .N383 2011
The Italian paintings before 1400 / Dillian Gordon.


P 92 .U5 M68 2011

A moment of danger : critical studies in the history of U.S. communication   since World War II / edited by Janice Peck & Inger L. Stole.
P 94.5 .M552 U652 2011
Racial spectacles : explorations in media, race, and justice / Jonathan   Markovitz.
PL 1117 .C3748 2012
Cultural Chinese : readings in art, literature, and history / Zu-yan Chen and   Hong Zhang.
PN 1993.5 .U6 B653 2011
Historical dictionary of American cinema / M. Keith Booker.
PN 1995.9 .I67 R48 2012
Emerald Illusions : the Irish in early American cinema / Gary D. Rhodes.
PN 1995.9 .S695 S49 2012
Sex, politics, and religion in Star wars : an anthology / edited by Douglas   Brode, Leah Deyneka.
PN 2091 .S8 B6675 2011
Fundamentals of theatrical design / Karen Brewster, Melissa Shafer.
PN 4888 .R3 G66 2011
News for all the people : the epic story of race and the American media /   Juan González and Joseph Torres.
PR 2823 .C73 2001
Of philosophers and kings : political philosophy in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and   King Lear / Leon Harold Craig.
PR 2976 .S3445 2011
The Routledge guide to William Shakespeare / Robert Shaughnessy.
PR 3091 .D63 2011
Shakespeare and amateur performance : a cultural history / Michael Dobson.
PR 5363 .M3 1962 Booklet
Man and superman : [a comedy and a philosophy] / by George Bernard Shaw ;   introduced by Lewis Casson ; illustrated by Charles Mozley.
PR 9619.3 .B7153 P46 2008
People of the book / Geraldine Brooks.
PR 9619.3 .B7153 Y4 2002
Years of wonder / Geraldine Brooks.
PS 2957 .B49 2011
Beyond Uncle Tom’s cabin : essays on the writing of Harriet Beecher Stowe /   edited by Sylvia Mayer and Monika Mueller.
PS 3604 .A43975 D48 2011
Detroit : a play / by Lisa D’Amour.


QH 588 .S83 S7497 2011

Stem cells : scientific facts and fiction / written and edited by Christine   Mummery … [et al.].
QK 617 .M644 2011
Mushroom / Nicholas P. Money.
QP 301 .S535 2012
Motor control : translating research into clinical practice / Anne   Shumway-Cook, Marjorie Woollacott.


R 724 .S3936 2011

Wrong medicine : doctors, patients, and futile treatment / Lawrence J.   Schneiderman and Nancy S. Jecker.
R 727.45 .J36 2011
Improving healthcare through advocacy : a guide for the health and helping   professions / Bruce S. Jansson.
RA 1213 .O88 2011
The dose makes the poison : a plain language guide to toxicology / Patricia   Frank, M. Alice Ottoboni.
RA 563 .M56 T46 2011
Deluxe Jim Crow : civil rights and American health policy, 1935-1954 / Karen   Kruse Thomas.
RA 638 .I57 2012
Adverse effects of vaccines : evidence and causality / Committee to Review   Adverse Effects of Vaccines, Board on Population Health and Public Health   Practice ; Kathleen Stratton … [et al.], editors.
RA 639 .A55 2011
Animals, diseases, and human health : shaping our lives now and in the future   / Radford G. Davis, editor.
RA 783.5 .C45 2012
Health information for international travel.
RC 1220 .F6 M84 2011
Football fatalities and catastrophic injuries, 1931-2008 / Frederick O.   Mueller, Robert C. Cantu.
RC 487 .H66 2011
Homelessness in America : perspectives, characterizations, and considerations   for occupational therapy / Kathleen Swenson Miller, Georgiana L. Herzberg,   Sharon A. Ray, editors.
RG 137.5 .P74 2011
The morning after : a history of emergency contraception in the United States   / Heather Munro Prescott.
RG 600 .D83 2011
Ourselves unborn : a history of the fetus in modern America / Sara Dubow.
RG 661 .G375 2011
Birth matters : a midwife’s manifesta / Ina May Gaskin.
RJ 255.5 .G76 2011
Testing baby : the transformation of newborn screening, parenting, and policy   making / Rachel Grob.
RM 301.25 .R38 2011
The evolution of drug discovery : from traditional medicines to modern drugs   / Enrique Raviña.
RT 82 .R45 2011
The resilient nurse : empowering your practice / [edited by] Margaret   McAllister, John B. Lowe.
RT 85.6 .S426 2012
Second generation QSEN / guest editors, Joanne Disch, Jane Barnsteiner ;   consulting editor, Suzanne S. Prevost.
RT 86.7 .C65 2011
The future of nursing : leading change, advancing health / Committee on the   Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing, at the   Institute of Medicine.


SB 317 .T48 V3413 2004

Tequila : a natural and cultural history / Ana Guadalupe Valenzuela-Zapata   and Gary Paul Nabhan.


TR 73 .G84 2012

Through amateur eyes : film and photography in Nazi Germany / Frances Guerin.
TR 820.5 .B655 2012
Photography as activism : images for social change / Michelle Bogre.
TX 360 .U6 H33 2003
From hardtack to home fries : an uncommon history of American cooks and meals   / Barbara Haber.


Z 674.75 .W67 J66 2013

Learning from libraries that use WordPress : content management system best   practices and case studies / Kyle M.L. Jones and Polly-Alida Farrington.
Z 711.6 .B87 R67 2013
Making sense of business reference : a guide for librarians and research   professionals / Celia Ross.
ZA 3075 .T73 2012
Transforming information literacy programs : intersecting frontiers of self,   library culture, and campus community / Carroll Wilkinson and Courtney Bruch,   editors.


CHILD PR 6059 .B3 One 2012

One dog and his boy / Eva Ibbotson.
CHILD LIT PS 3503 .I766 Gr 2011
Green Eyes / A. Birnbaum.
CHILD LIT PS 3554 .A585 Get 2003
Get ready for second grade, Amber Brown / Paula Danziger.
CHILD LIT PS 3561 .L525 Sta 2010
Stand straight, Ella Kate / Kate Klise.
CHILD LIT PS 3563 .A6326 Mar 1999
I, Crocodile/ Fred Marcellino.
CHILD LIT PZ7 . K2253 Kit 2002
Kitten for a day / Ezra Jack Keats.
CHILD LIT PZ7 .K6768 Gre 2008
The green glass sea / Ellen Klages.


REF BX   8007 .G37 2011

Historical dictionary of Lutheranism / Günther Gassmann ; in cooperation   with Duane H. Larson and Mark W. Oldenburg.
REF DS 557.7 .F735 2011
Historical dictionary of the war in Vietnam / Ronald B. Frankum, Jr.
REF GT 507 .L49 2011
The complete costume dictionary / Elizabeth J. Lewandowski.
REF GV 697 .A1 B5534 2012
The sports hall of fame encyclopedia : baseball, basketball, football,   hockey, soccer / Dave Blevins.
REF GV 721.5 .B83 2011
Historical dictionary of the Olympic movement / Bill Mallon, Jeroen Heijmans.
REF M 1627 .E53 2011
Encyclopedia of national anthems / edited by Xing Hang.
REF QM 25 .A38 2013
Grant’s atlas of anatomy / Anne Agur, Arthur F. Dalley II.
REF QM 25 .R55 2011
Color atlas of anatomy : a photographic study of the human body / Johannes W.   Rohen, Chihiro Yokochi, Elke Lütjen-Drecoll.


MEDIA PN 1997 .F74 2004

Freaks [videorecording].
MEDIA PN   6737 .M66 M5637 2008
The mindscape of Alan Moore [videorecording] : a psychedelic journey into one   of the world’s most powerful minds
MEDIA QP   251 .M57 2004
The miracle of  life [videorecording].
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