November 2012 New Titles


BF 109   .A1 S49 2004

Fifty key thinkers in psychology / Noel Sheehy.
BF 176   .P75 2012
Psychological assessment / edited by Gregory J. Boyle, Donald H. Saklofske   and Gerald Matthews.
BF 575   .E55 E57 2011
Empathy : philosophical and psychological perspectives / edited by Amy Coplan   and Peter Goldie.
BL 240.3   .F35 2012
Faith and science / edited by Paul McCaffrey.
BQ 5020   .R69 2011
Bonds of the dead : temples, burial, and the transformation of contemporary   Japanese Buddhism / Mark Michael Rowe.
BX 2435   .S39 2011
By force and fear : taking and breaking monastic vows in early modern Europe   / Anne Jacobson Schutte.
BX 8481   .N46 B68 2011
St. Mark’s and the social gospel : Methodist women and civil rights in New   Orleans, 1895-1965 / Ellen Blue.


D 973   .G735 2010

Catholic pirates and Greek merchants : a maritime history of the   Mediterranean / Molly Greene.
DS 485   .P87 N344 2011
Changing homelands : Hindu politics and the partition of India / Neeti Nair.
DS 559.8   .W6 S78 2011
Beyond combat : women and gender in the Vietnam War era / Heather Marie Stur.


E 183.8   .J3 A927 2011

Pacific cosmopolitans : a cultural history of U.S. – Japan relations /   Michael R. Auslin.
E 744   .N497 2011
Promise and peril : America at the dawn of a global age / Christopher   McKnight Nichols.


G 156.5   .H47 G56 2012

Global tourism : cultural heritage and economic encounters / edited by Sarah   Lyon and E. Christian Wells.
GE 25   .C69 2013
Environmental communication and the public sphere / Robert Cox.
GN 282   .R42 2011
Missing links : in search of human origins / John Reader ; [foreword by Andrew   Hill]. [Enlarged and updated ed.]..
GN 495.2   .A567 2011
Anthropology at the front lines of gender-based violence / edited by Jennifer   R. Wies and Hillary J. Haldane.
GV 341   .C67 2012
Core concepts in athletic training and therapy / editor, Susan Kay Hillman.
GV 481   .R49 2012
The first 20 minutes / Gretchen Reynolds.


HD 5709   .U535 2011

Underemployment : psychological, economic, and social challenges / Douglas C.   Maynard, Daniel C. Feldman, editors.
HD 8081   .A65 B43 2011
Opting out : losing the potential of America’s young black elite / Maya A.   Beasley.
HF   5415.332 .W66 H83 2011
Consumer behavior : women and shopping / Patricia Huddleston, Stella Minahan.
HF 5549   .A23 E53 2012
The encyclopedia of human resource management / executive editor, William J.   Rothwell.
HF   5549.5 .M5 R44 2011
The diversity index : the alarming truth about diversity in corporate America   and what can be done about it / Susan E. Reed.
HM 1271   .L46 2011
The crises of multiculturalism : racism in a neoliberal age / Alana Lentin   and Gavan Titley.
HM 711   .B84 2011
Understanding social movements : theories from the Classical Era to the   present / Steven M. Buechler.
HM 811   .I53 2013
Deviance and social control : a sociological perspective / by Michelle   Inderbitzin, Kristin Bates, Randy Gainey.
HM 811   .M67 2011
Moral panic and the politics of anxiety / edited by Sean Hier.
HN 740   .Z9 C63783 2011
The politics of community building in urban China / Thomas Heberer and   Christian Göbel.
HN 90   .R3 A753 2011
Encyclopedia of right-wing extremism in modern American history / Stephen E.   Atkins.
HQ 1034   .U5 W46 2012
The nuptial deal : same sex marriage and neo liberal governance / Jaye Cee   Whitehead.
HQ 1181   .U5 L38 2011
Body language : sisters in shape, black women’s fitness, and feminist   identity politics / Kimberly J. Lau.
HQ   1236.5 .A65 M36 2011
The Arab State and women’s rights : the trap of authoritarian governance /   Elham Manea.
HQ   1236.5 .B33 S255 2011
Women, war, and the making of Bangladesh : remembering 1971 / Yasmin Saikia.
HQ 1518   .A485 2011
Destined for a life of service : defining African – Jamaican womanhood,   1865-1938 / Henrice Altink.
HQ 1769   .M36 J64 2011
Women of the conquest dynasties : gender and identity in Liao and Jin China /   Linda Cooke Johnson.
HQ   759.96 .H46 2011
Siblings : brothers and sisters in American history / C. Dallett Hemphill.
HQ 796   .C656 2011
Coming of age in America : the transition to adulthood in the twenty first   century / edited by Mary C. Waters … [et al.].
HV 6046   .F375 2013
The female offender : girls, women, and crime / Meda Chesney-Lind, Lisa   Pasko, editors.
HV   875.72 .U6 A36 2012
Adoption by lesbians and gay men : a new dimension in family diversity /   edited by David M. Brodzinsky [and] Adam Pertman.


K 3248   .L36 N38 2012

Native claims : indigenous law against empire, 1500-1920 / edited by Saliha   Belmessous.
KF 4758   .M39 2011
Reasoning from race : feminism, law, and the civil rights revolution / Serena   Mayeri.
KNS 4224   .K68 2011
Dangerous sex, invisible labor : sex work and the law in India / Prabha   Kotiswaran.
KRX 46   .M36 G48 2012
Abina and the important men : a graphic history / Trevor R. Getz, Liz Clarke.


LB 2331   .J34 2012

A guide to better teaching : skills, advice, and evaluation for college and   university professors / Leila Jahangiri and Tom Mucciolo.
LB 2341   .D523 2010
Prioritizing academic programs and services : reallocating resources to   achieve strategic balance / Robert C. Dickeson ; foreword by Stanley O.   Ikenberry.
LC 1756   .F34 2012
College women in the nuclear age : cultural literacy and female identity,   1940-1960 / Babette Faehmel.
LC 2781   .R65 2012
The Black campus movement : Black students and the racial reconstitution of   higher education, 1965-1972 / Ibram H. Rogers.


ML 3487   .A7 V54 2011

Troubling gender : youth and cumbia in Argentina’s music scene.
ML 3918   .P67 P66 2011
Popular music and human rights / [edited by] Ian Peddie.
MT 1   .M68 2011
Reaching and teaching all instrumental music students / Kevin Mixon.


N 8217   .C62 T79 2011

Picturing heaven in early China / Lillian Lan-ying Tseng.
NA 1469   .H33 A4 2009
Zaha Hadid : complete works.
NB 237   .H55 K46 2011
Races of mankind : the sculptures of Malvina Hoffman / Marianne Kinkel.
ND 1329   .R48 A4 2009
Gerhard Richter portraits : painting appearances / Paul Moorhouse.
ND 1329   .S29 A4 2005
Jenny Saville.
ND 1393   .S7 J67 1995
Spanish still life from Velázquez to Goya / William B. Jordan and Peter   Cherry.
ND 237   .C388 R45 2004
Vija Celmins / Lane Relyea, Robert Gober, Briony Fer.
ND 237   .M4165 A4 2006
Julie Mehretu : black city = ciudad negra / with texts by Lawrence Chua …   [et al.].
ND 588   .R48 R43 2011
Gerhard Richter : landscapes / edited by Dietmar Elger ; [translations, Fiona   Elliott, Allison Plath-Moseley].
ND 813   .M455 A4 2009
Luis Meléndez : master of the Spanish still life / Gretchen A. Hirschauer,   Catherine A. Metzger ; with Peter Cherry, Natacha Seseña.
NX 180   .H6 R44 2011
Art and homosexuality : a history of ideas / Christopher Reed.


PN 1009   .A1 B766 2011

Bridges to understanding : envisioning the world through children’s books /   edited by Linda M. Pavonetti.
PR 1583   .W55 2011
Beowulf and other Old English poems / edited and translated by Craig   Williamson ; with a foreword by Tom Shippey.
PR 5084   .V36 2010
William Morris and the idea of community : romance, history and propaganda,   1880-1914 / Anna Vaninskaya.
PS 310   .M57 P74 2011
Modernism’s mythic pose : gender, genre, solo performance / Carrie J.   Preston.


QA 248   .S35 2011

A course on set theory / Ernest Schimmerling.
QA   276.45 .R3 E37 2012
The R primer / Claus Thorn Ekstrøm.
QC   173.59 .S65 A4 2012
Black holes, wormholes, and time machines / Jim Al-Khalili.
QC 24.5   .A8513 2012
The wonders of physics / Andrey Varlamov, Lev Aslamazov; scientific editor,   A.A. Abrikosov, Jr. ; translators, A.A. Abrikosov, Jr., J. Vydryg, & D.   Znamenski.
QC 9 .U5   C36 2011
A short history of physics in the American century / David C. Cassidy.
QH 513   .E56 2012
Solid biomechanics / Roland Ennos.
QH 585   .S54 2012
Synthetic biology : science, business, and policy / Lewis D. Solomon.
QH 75   .B53244 2011
Biodiversity hotspots : distribution and protection of conservation priority   areas / Frank E. Zachos, Jan Christian Habel, editors.
QL 751   .D27 2011
Animal friendships / Anne Innis Dagg.
QL 776   .B73 2011
Principles of animal communication / Jack W. Bradbury, Sandra L. Vehrencamp.
QL 776   .L63 2009
How animals talk / William J. Long ; with a new Introduction by William   Young.
QL 933   .B27 2011
Beyond the brain : how body and environment shape animal and human minds /   Louise Barrett.
QP 376   .O94 2011
The Oxford handbook of neuroethics / edited by Judy Illes and Barbara J.   Sahakian ; assistant editors, Carole A. Federico and Sharon Morein-Zamir.
QP 458   .S44 2012
Neurogastronomy : how the brain creates flavor and why it matters / Gordon M.   Shepherd.
QP 86   .M84 2011
Does aging stop? / Laurence D. Mueller, Casandra L. Rauser, and Michael R.   Rose.


RC 343   .O94 2011

The Oxford handbook of social neuroscience / edited by Jean Decety, John T.   Cacioppo.
RC 376.5   .M37 2012
Marsden’s book of movement disorders / Ivan Donaldson … [et al.].
RC 409   .M36 2012
Management of compressive neuropathies of the upper extremity / guest editor,   Asif M. Ilyas.
RT 55   .P66 2011
Good thinking : test taking and study skills for nursing students / by Susan   G. Poorman, Melissa L. Mastorovich, Karen L. Molcan, Terri L. Liberto.


SB   123.34 .G7 F79 2011

The last great plant hunt : the story of Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank / Carolyn   Fry, Sue Seddon and Gail Vines.
SD 421.3   .P96 1997
Fire in America : a cultural history of wildland and rural fire / Stephen J.   Pyne ; with a foreword by William Cronon ; and a new preface by the author.


TJ 181   .S28 2011

Mechanisms and mechanical devices sourcebook / Neil Sclater.
TJ 810   .T57 2011
Solar technology : the Earthscan expert guide to using solar energy for   heating, cooling, and electricity / David Thorpe.
TN 274   .R36 2011
Minerals, metals and sustainability : meeting future material needs / W.J.   Rankin.
TX 644   .M386 2012
Aesthetic pleasure in twentieth-century women’s food writing : the innovative   appetites of M.F.K. Fisher, Alice B. Toklas, and Elizabeth David / Alice Lee   McLean.


UA 15   .S55 2011

A handbook of military conscription and composition the world over / Rita J.   Simon and Mohamed Alaa Abdel-Moneim.


Z 716.3   .P68 2012

The library marketing toolkit / Ned Potter.


MEDIA B   2430 .D483 D47 2003

Derrida [videorecording].
MEDIA BD   431 .L54 2010
Examined life [videorecording].
MEDIA E   873 .J56 2006
American Experience: Jimmy Carter [videorecording].
MEDIA F   595 .D87 2012
The dust bowl [videorecording].
MEDIA HV   4506 .N6 D37 2011
Dark Days [videorecording].
MEDIA N   6494 .T73 W37 2011
Waste land [videorecording].
MEDIA N   6537 .B233 J43 2010
Jean-Michel Basquiat [videorecording] : the radiant child.
MEDIA ND   212.5 .A25 P35 2010
Painters painting [videorecording] : a candid history of the New York art   scene, 1940-1970.
MEDIA ND   2590 .E95 2010
Exit through the gift shop [videorecording].
MEDIA PN   1995.9 .C55 A78 2006
Art school confidential [videorecording].
MEDIA PN   1995.9 .F36 P367 2007
Pan’s labyrinth [videorecording].
MEDIA PN   1995.9 .M45 S773644 2008
Strange culture [videorecording].
MEDIA PN   1995.9 .P42 Z59 2006
The pervert’s guide to cinema [videorecording].
MEDIA PN   1997 .Y47 2005
The Yes Men [videorecording]
MEDIA TD   195 .E4 G5 2006
Green, green water [videorecording].


REF DS   428.2 .I535 2011

India today : an encyclopedia of life in the Republic / Arnold P. Kaminsky   and Roger D. Long, editors.
REF LC   2781 .B755 2011
Historically Black colleges and universities : an encyclopedia / F. Erik   Brooks and Glenn L. Starks.
REF Q   121 .M3 2012
McGraw-Hill encyclopedia of science & technology.


CHILD LIT HC 105.6 .H66 2011

Home front and the economy / [managing editor, Tim Cooke].
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