July 2011 New Titles


B 945 .R524 P55 2010
The philosophy of Richard Rorty / edited by Randall E. Auxier and Lewis Edwin Hahn.
BF 1028.5 .U6 B34 2010
Paranormal America : ghost encounters, UFO sightings, Bigfoot hunts, and other curiosities in religion and culture / Christopher D. Bader, F. Carson Mencken, and Joseph O. Baker.
BF 145 .A15 2010
50 great myths of popular psychology : shattering widespread misconceptions about human behavior / Scott O. Lilienfeld … [et al.].
BF 1765 .S76 2011
The ancient oracles : making the gods speak / Richard Stoneman.
BF 209 .M4 M5313 2002
Miserable miracle : mescaline / Henri Michaux ; translated from the French by Louise Varèse, Anna Moschovakis ; introduction by Octavio Paz.
BF 637 .M45 H36 2010
A handbook for women mentors : transcending barriers of stereotype, race, and ethnicity / Carole A. Rayburn … [et al.], editors ; foreword by Bonnie R. Strickland.
BF 720 .A83 H37 2011
The impact of attachment : developmental neuroaffective psychology / Susan Hart.
BF 723 .E93 D39 2010
Executive skills in children and adolescents : a practical guide to assessment and intervention / Peg Dawson, Richard Guare.
BJ 1251 .C4955 2010
Christian ethics : an introductory reader / edited by Samuel Wells.
BL 2017.45 .J48 2011
Sikhism today / Jagbir Jhutti-Johal.
BL 41 .R685 2010
The Routledge companion to the study of religion / edited by John R. Hinnells.
BL 624 .H3795 2010
The healing power of spirituality : how faith helps humans thrive / J. Harold Ellens, editor.
BP 136 .B76 2011
Muhammad : a very short introduction / Jonathan A. C. Brown.
BP 182 .R83 2010
Jihad and genocide / Richard L. Rubenstein.
BQ 7580 .W35 2009
Buddhism and empire : the political and religious culture of early Tibet / by Michael L. Walter.
BR 238 .N63 2009
Images, iconoclasm, and the Carolingians / Thomas F.X. Noble.
BV 4529 .B48 2011
The best love of the child : being loved and being taught to love as the first human right / edited by Timothy P. Jackson.
BX 1753 .G537 2006
Traditions in turmoil / Mary Ann Glendon.
BX 2350.2 .A8 1989
By way of the heart : toward a holistic Christian spirituality / Wilkie Au.


D 16 .W62 2007
The historian’s toolbox : a student’s guide to the theory and craft of history / Robert C. Williams.
D 521 .C5835 2010
A companion to World War I / edited by John Horne.
D 741 .M26 2010
Cry havoc : how the arms race drove the world to war, 1931-1941 / Joseph Maiolo.
DA 230 .P48 2010
Phillips, J. R. S. Edward II / Seymour Phillips.
DF 77 .C34 2009
Ancient Greece : a history in eleven cities / Paul Cartledge.
DG 77 .R53 2010
Why we’re all Romans : the Roman contribution to the Western world / Carl J. Richard.
DL 65 .V52 2010
The Viking age : a reader / edited by Angus A. Somerville and R. Andrew McDonald.
DS 119.76 .R794 2003
The Palestinians : in search of a just peace / Cheryl A. Rubenberg.
DS 19 .L35 2009
Genghis Khan and Mongol rule / George Lane.
DS 292 .D35 2010
The Muslim empires of the Ottomans, Safavids, and Mughals / Stephen Frederic Dale.
DS 32.9 .U5 R43 2011
Reading Asian art and artifacts : windows to Asia on American college campuses / edited by Paul K. Nietupski and Joan O’Mara ; image editor, Karil J. Kucera.


E 169.12 .C573 2010
Bring on the books for everybody : how literary culture became popular culture / Jim Collins.
E 184 .A1 G6 1997
Race : the history of an idea in America / Thomas F. Gossett.
E 184 .A1 S599 2010
American swastika : inside the white power movement’s hidden spaces of hate / Pete Simi and Robert Futrell.
E 445 .N8 H38 2010
The having of Negroes is become a burden : the Quaker struggle to free slaves in revolutionary North Carolina / [edited by] Michael J. Crawford.
E 872 .G534 2009
An outsider in the White House : Jimmy Carter, his advisors, and the making of American foreign policy / Betty Glad.
F 122.1 .J33 2009
The colony of New Netherland : a Dutch settlement in seventeenth century America / Jaap Jacobs.


G 70.212 .G44553 2011
Geographic information systems & science / Paul A. Longley … [et al.].
G 80 .L2313 2010
Mapping the world : stories of geography / Caroline & Martine Laffon.
GE 60 .D45 2010
Deitche, Scott M. Green collar jobs : environmental careers for the 21st century / Scott M. Deitche ; foreword by Tim Center.
GF 71 .W43 2010
Climate change and security : a gathering storm of global challenges / Christian Webersik.
GV 707 .M665 2011
Scorecasting : the hidden influences behind how sports are played and games are won / Tobias Moskowitz and L. Jon Wertheim.
GV 883 .G73 2011
Historical dictionary of basketball / John Grasso.
GV 963 .M25 2011
Historical dictionary of golf / Bill Mallon, Randon Jerris.


H 62 .M23583 2010
An introduction to qualitative research synthesis : managing the information explosion in social science research / Claire Howell Major and Maggi Savin-Baden.
H 62 .W64 2009
Women fielding danger : negotiating ethnographic identities in field research / edited by Martha K. Huggins and Marie-Louise Glebbeek.
HB 3722 .M375 2011
A financial history of the United States / Jerry W. Markham.
HC 106.83 .W36 2010
The decline and fall of the U.S. economy : how liberals and conservatives both got it wrong / William McDonald Wallace.
HC 241 .E745 2010
The euro : the first decade / edited by Marco Buti … [et al.].
HC 79 .E47 B37 2011
Investing in kids : early childhood programs and local economic development / Timothy J. Bartik.
HD 2421 .W68 2010
The association guide to going global : new strategies for a changing economic landscape / Steven M. Worth.
HD 2746.5 .G38 2011
Mergers, acquisitions, and corporate restructurings / Patrick A. Gaughan.
HD 4903.5 .U58 P72 2011
Praeger handbook on understanding and preventing workplace discrimination / Michele A. Paludi, Carmen A. Paludi, Jr., and Eros R. DeSouza, editors ; foreword by D. Gayle Loftis.
HD 57.7 .A44 2010
The AMA handbook of leadership / Marshall Goldsmith, John Baldoni, Sarah McArthur ; foreword by James M. Kouzes.
HD 57.7 .F3523 2011
Real leadership : how spiritual values give leadership meaning / Gilbert W. Fairholm.
HD 58.9 .H89 2010
Metrics 2.0 : creating scorecards for high performance teams and organizations / Ruth A. Huwe.
HD 8736.5 .S65 2009
States’ gains, labor’s losses : China, France, and Mexico choose global liaisons, 1980-2000 / Dorothy J. Solinger.
HD 9518 .S6 R83 2010
Roots of steel : boom and bust in an American mill town / Deborah Rudacille.
HD 9710 .U54 G47574 2010
Sixty to zero : an inside look at the collapse of General Motors and the Detroit auto industry / Alex Taylor III ; foreword by Mike Jackson.
HF 5387 .M3345 2010
Managerial ethics : managing the psychology of morality / edited by Marshall Schminke.
HF 5389.3 .C6 T87 2010
Connecting with China : business success through mutual benefit and respect / by Joan Turley.
HF 5429 .L4854 2010
The new rules of retail : competing in the world’s toughest marketplace / Robin Lewis & Michael Dart.
HF 5549.5 .C35 B85 2010
Building workforce strength : creating value through workforce and career development / Ron Elsdon, editor.
HG 4529 .K564 2011
Technical analysis : the complete resource for financial market technicians / Charles D. Kirkpatrick, Julie Dahlquist.
HG 9383 .P68 2010
Deadly spin : an insurance company insider speaks out on how corporate PR is killing health care and deceiving Americans / Wendell Potter.
HM 1091 .A53 2010
Benign bigotry : the psychology of subtle prejudice / Kristin J. Anderson.
HM 1166 .H37 2010
Texture : human expression in the age of communications overload / Richard H. R. Harper.
HM 741 .G38 2011
Making is connecting : the social meaning of creativity from DIY and knitting to YouTube and Web 2.0 / David Gaunlett.
HQ 1064 .U5 A35 2010
Aging in America / John C. Cavanaugh and Christine K. Cavanaugh.
HQ 1236.5 .M653 W663 2010
Women’s rights in the Middle East and North Africa : progress amid resistance / Sanja Kelly, Julia Breslin, editors.
HQ 1236.5 .U6 L38 2010
It still takes a candidate : why women don’t run for office / Jennifer L. Lawless, Richard L. Fox.
HQ 1421 .U53 2010
What women want : the global marketplace turns female friendly / Paco Underhill.
HQ 76.2 .G7 G39 2007
A gay history of Britain : love and sex between men since the Middle Ages / edited by Matt Cook ; with H.G. Cocks, Robert Mills, and Randolph Trumbach.
HS 125 .L489 2010
The secret societies bible : the definitive guide to mysterious organizations / Joel Levy.
HV 3006 .A4 S383 2011
Homelessness, housing, and mental illness / Russell K. Schutt with Stephen M. Goldfinger.
HV 6250.25 .W35 2011
Rights for victims of crime : rebalancing justice / Irvin Waller.
HV 6250.4 .H35 S54 2010
Disability hate crimes : does anyone really hate disabled people? / Mark Sherry.
HV 640 .G73 2010
Weapons of mass migration : forced displacement, coercion, and foreign policy / Kelly M. Greenhill.
HV 6943 .T39 2010
Hooligans, harlots, and hangmen : crime and punishment in Victorian Britain / David Taylor.
JK 1994 .M66 2010
The myth of voter fraud / Lorraine C. Minnite.
JQ 1539.5 .A91 S43 2010
Competing Chinese political visions : Hong Kong vs. Beijing on democracy / Sonny Shiu-Hing Lo.
JV 6465 .B657 2010
Brokered boundaries : creating immigrant identity in anti immigrant times / Douglas S. Massey and Magaly Sánchez R.
KF 4749 .G54 1991
Rights talk : the impoverishment of political discourse / Mary Ann Glendon.
KF 8742 .M296 2010
The American Supreme Court / Robert G. McCloskey ; revised by Sanford Levinson.
KF 9731 .P3 2010
Constitutional rights of prisoners / John W. Palmer.


LB 1025.3 .A755 2010
Teaching for student learning : becoming an accomplished teacher / Richard I. Arends, Ann Kilcher.
LB 1060 .H34575 2011
Handbook of research on learning and instruction / edited by Richard E. Mayer and Patricia A. Alexander.
LB 2866 .M94 2011
This is NOT a fire drill : crisis intervention and prevention on college campuses / Rick A. Myer, Richard K. James, Patrice Moulton.
LC 212.2 .C76 2011
Critical race theory matters : education and ideology / Margaret M. Zamudio … [et al.].


ML 1015 .G9 D43 2010
The new guitarscape in critical theory, cultural practice and musical performance / Kevin Dawe.
ML 1700 .S66 2009
The gilded stage : a social history of opera / Daniel Snowman.
ML 28 .N5 N384 2010
The New York Philharmonic : from Bernstein to Maazel / John Canarina.
ML 3088 .K56 2010
The cultural life of the early polyphonic Mass : medieval context to modern revival / Andrew Kirkman.
ML 3197 .R37 2010
Women, the recited Qur’an, and Islamic music in Indonesia / Anne K. Rasmussen.
ML 3800 .M236 2010
Musicologia : musical knowledge from Plato to John Cage / Robin Maconie.
ML 410 .H476 M68 2010
The words and music of Jimi Hendrix / David Moskowitz.


N 5970 .B46 2009
Materials, methods, and masterpieces of medieval art / Janetta Rebold Benton.
N 6923 .B9 S52 2010
Young Michelangelo : the path to the Sistine / John T. Spike.
NX 456.5 .S8 A87 2010
Historical dictionary of surrealism / Keith Aspley.


P 130.5 .B58 2010
The sociolinguistics of globalization / Jan Blommaert.
PA 227 .H76 2010
Greek : a history of the language and its speakers / Geoffrey Horrocks.
PA 3203 .C78 2010
Actors and icons of the ancient theater / Eric Csapo.
PG 3465 .A32 H47 2010
Childhood / Maksim Gorky ; translated from the Russian, with an introduction and notes, by Graham Hettlinger.
PL 739.6 .P68 2010
A beggar’s art : scripting modernity in Japanese drama, 1900-1930 / M. Cody Poulton.
PN 1999 .W27 G57 2010
The mouse that roared : Disney and the end of innocence / Henry A. Giroux and Grace Pollock.
PN 6014 .P75 2011
The PEN/O. Henry Prize stories. 2011 / chosen and with an introduction by Laura Furman ; with essays on the stories they admire most by jurors A. M. Homes, Manuel Munoz, Christine Schutt.
PQ 7081 .Y68 2011
Historical dictionary of Latin American literature and theater / Richard Young, Odile Cisneros.
PR 149 .A7 B64 2010
Animal characters : nonhuman beings in early modern literature / Bruce Thomas Boehrer.
PR 2894 .B28 2009
Soul of the age : a biography of the mind of William Shakespeare / Jonathan Bate.
PR 2991 .K46 2010
Women in the age of Shakespeare / Theresa D. Kemp.
PR 3546 .S65 2010
Andrew Marvell : the chameleon / Nigel Smith.
PR 4582 .N39 2011
The other Dickens : a life of Catherine Hogarth / Lillian Nayder.
PR 5907 .W18 2010
W.B. Yeats / editor, Edward Larrissy.
PR 6056 .L4 Z725 2005
Ian Fleming and James Bond : the cultural politics of 007 / edited by Edward P. Comentale, Stephen Watt, and Skip Willman.
PR 871 .L48 2008
How to read the Victorian novel / George Levine.
PR 8755 .K44 2009
Language, identity and liberation in contemporary Irish literature / Jennifer Keating-Miller.
PR 9619.3 .B7153 C36 2011
Caleb’s crossing / Geraldine Brooks.
PS 29 .K38 A3 2011
Alfred Kazin’s journals / selected and edited by Richard M. Cook.


Q 141 .D44 2010
The Madame Curie complex : the hidden history of women in science / Julie des Jardins.
Q 172 .S64 2011
In defense of science : why scientific literacy matters / Frank R. Spellman and Joni Price-Bayer.
QA 76.9 .C659 H54 2010
High-tech tots : childhood in a digital world / edited by Ilene R. Berson and Michael J. Berson.
QB 501 .W45 2011
How old is the universe? / David A. Weintraub.
QB 843 .B55 B44 2010
Gravity’s fatal attraction : black holes in the universe / Mitchell Begelman, Martin Rees.
QH 447 .M355 2010
Drawing the map of life : inside the Human Genome Project / Victor K. McElheny.
QH 541.5 .F7 M67 2010
Ecology of freshwaters : a view for the twenty first century / Brian Moss.
QH 75 .J47 2010
Conservation : a beginner’s guide / Paul Jepson and Richard Ladle.
QL 644.7 .C65 2009
Extinction in our times : global amphibian decline / James P. Collins, Martha L. Crump.


R 853 .O87 W46 2010
Tracking medicine : a researcher’s quest to understand health care / John E. Wennberg.
RC 1211 .P73 2011
Praeger handbook of sports medicine and athlete health / Claude T. Moorman III, editor-in-chief ; Donald T. Kirkendall, volume editor.
RC 423 .S23 2010
The mind’s eye / Oliver Sacks.
RC 443 .H57 2011
History of psychotherapy : continuity and change / edited by John C. Norcross, Gary R. VandenBos, and Donald K. Freedheim.
RC 514 .S33468 2009
Schizophrenia : cognitive theory, research, and therapy / Aaron T. Beck … [et al.].
RJ 505 .P6 V35 2010
Child-centered play therapy / Risë VanFleet, Andrea E. Sywulak, Cynthia Caparosa Sniscak ; foreword by Louise F. Guerney.
RT 82 .W44 2010
When chicken soup isn’t enough : stories of nurses standing up for themselves, their patients, and their profession / edited by Suzanne Gordon.


TA 633 .D425 2010
Super structures : the science of bridges, buildings, dams, and other feats of engineering / Mark Denny.
TA 656 .P488 2010
Lessons amid the rubble : an introduction to post disaster engineering and ethics / Sarah K.A. Pfatteicher.
TC 502 .N85 G89 2010
Where the dragon meets the Angry River : nature and power in the People’s Republic of China / R. Edward Grumbine.
TH 6024 .B58 2009
The indoor environment handbook : how to make buildings healthy and comfortable / Philomena M. Bluyssen.
TL 788.5 .E68 2010
Space flight : history, technology, and operations / Lance K. Erickson.
TT 504.6 .C5 T75 2010
China fashion : conversations with designers / Christine Tsui.


Z 682.35 .V62 K37 2011
Working in the virtual stacks : the new library & information science / Laura Townsend Kane.


REF GV 863 .A1 S23 2007
The SABR baseball list & record book : baseball’s most fascinating records and unusual statistics / edited by Lyle Spatz.
REF HD 62.7 .H553 2011
Encyclopedia of small business.
REF S 494.5 .B563 E53 2011
Encyclopedia of biotechnology in agriculture and food / edited by Dennis R. Heldman, Matthew B. Wheeler, Dallas G. Hoover.


SPEC. COLL. BR 1720 .A5 G73 2011
Saint Ambrose of Milan : a primer / Rev. Robert L. “Bud” Grant.

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